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Topic: for my MasterShe was nervous but excited at the same time. This was her first time, and she wanted it all to go well. She definitely didn't want to disappoint this man they called Master! He was tall, dark and mysterious, but so handsome and from his pictures, he was very well endowed which she couldn't wait to feel inside her. Shawna had been talking to him for months on line on that bondage site, but she had been afraid to make her dreams a reality. Since puberty, she had fantasies of being someone's sex slave. As a young girl, she would fuck her pillow at night pretending to be ravished by her Master and cum over and over again into the soft material as it rubbed her pussy lips raw. As she got older, and could use toys, she would pretend to be forcefully taken over and over again in every hole on her body. But this was no fantasy, this was reality and she could feel her juices flowing between her thighs as she came closer and closer to the meeting place they had designated. As she walked into the club, she knew that the stares she was receiving were from her exposed breasts, which were plump and bursting out of the demi cup bra she wore. She was a 38C and felt her breasts were one of her best assets. Judging from the stares she was getting, others thought so too. The bustier that she wore under the halter-top was causing Shawnas breasts to protrude even more than usual, and caused her waist, to curve down to her ample bottom, which was barely covered by the mini skirt he had sent for her to wear. This night was all planned out and she had to do exactly as he said, and whatever he wanted her to do without any questions. She took a deep breath, licked her lips, and glanced at the mirror on the wall beside her. She was wearing thigh high black leather boots that zipped up in the back, the heels were at least 6" tall, and she had agreed to wear no panties under the mini skirt. She felt the juices flow some more as she assessed herself in the mirror and then felt a slight tap on her right shoulder turned around and glanced up into his smoldering green eyes.

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   Master, was wearing all black and looking very handsome and mysterious as he kissed her lightly on the cheek. Welcome to club erotica he said. And she blushed a crimson red. He laughed wickedly and then said relax and this will be a night you will never forget. He asked her if she would like a drink and she ordered a straight up shot of tequila. Again, He laughed wickedly, and watched as Shawna gulped down the golden liquid as it burned her throat and that familiar warmth over took her body. She took a deep breath and mumbled to him, "let the games begin". This time he wrapped his arms around her and gave her a squeeze as he whispered in her ear, "they already have my pet". He then caressed and nuzzled her neck sending shivers of pleasure down her entire body. She swooned against him and he cupped her bare ass under the mini skirt. They found a table near the cage, and watched as the players inside stalked and attacked each other. His hands were all over Shawna and she was dizzy from the excitement his touches and caresses were causing. He ran his fingertips up her inner thigh until he was right above her pussy, but he would not touch her there. She wanted him so badly right now that he could have taken her right there in front of everyone and she wouldn't have cared less. But the games were still being played and He was anticipating the right time to take her upstairs.

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   After two more shots of tequila, Shawna was getting more and more relaxed and turned on by the sounds, smells, and touches in the room. She was ready for whatever he had planned and wanted it to begin. She whispered into his ear, "I think I am ready Master". He said, as he smiled down at her, "patience my pet, we do not want to rush this". She sighed a heavy sigh and he looked down at her again and raised an eyebrow. She knew she was not to question anything he did or said, but she was so frustrated and just wanted to proceed. Finally, after another hour, he said to her in a stern voice, "Let's Go Now". His change in voice, startled her, but somehow she was excited by it at the same time. He grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet, Shawna stumbled a little forward and he caught her roughly before she hit the floor. He then reached in his pocket and pulled out a leather collar with a leash. He placed it around Shawnas neck and fastened it to the leash, then he lead his "pet" outside to the waiting car. Shawna started to protest about the leash and the collar by saying "is this necessary?" but His crack across her bare ass shut her up. Now she was beginning to think she had made a mistake and was contemplating ending it when He reached around grabbed her hair and yanked her head back. He kissed her deeply and thoroughly and she lost all train of thought. She was his for the taking and he could do to her as he pleased.

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   Shawna's loins began to pulsate at the thoughts of this treatment she would endure for the next couple of hours. He told her before hand, that she could stop the scene anytime by saying her "safe words". She knew she had that out, and would take it if necessary, but for now, she was wanting more and more of this treatment he was giving her. He began again caressing her softly probing her mouth with his tongue and giving her light touches all over her body.  She was moaning and writhing against the attacking hands and wanting more when he slipped a blindfold over her eyes and told her to trust him. She could not see anything and the car began to move. It seemed like hours had gone by, as she sat there reveling in his touch, kiss and smell. Finally, the car rolled to a stop and He got out he reached into the car and placed cuffs on her wrists with a small chain between them. He attached the chain to the loop on her collar and now her hands were bound as well. He yanked on the leash and said, "Come my Pet". She did as she was told, as she didn't really have a choice. He placed a hand on the small of her back and led her up a flight of stairs. As they got to the top of the stairs, she heard a key chain against a lock and the click as it released. Her sense of hearing was heightened from the lack of her sense of sight. He gave Shawna a little shove into the room and then closed the door and latched it behind him.

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   Shawna was standing there, bound, blindfolded, and trembling from the excitement he was causing her. He gave her another shove and she fell forward and assumed the kneeling position he had told her about. She could sense he was staring at her and he once again grabbed her hair from behind and pulled her neck up so he could kiss her again. Shawna felt the juices dripping down her thighs and puddling on the floor beneath her knees. He whispered into her ear at this time "remember your safe word, my pet". She said yes, and then he said, "the night will begin now. You are mine to do as I please. You will not ask me for anything and you will do as I say. Understand"? She said "yes master". Good he said. He left Shawna in the kneeling position for what seemed like an eternity to her. Her knees were aching and her back was starting to hurt when all of the sudden he said "on your feet". She jumped up and he said "follow me". He led her with the leash and sat her down on the edge of what felt like a bed. He then told her to relax and he undid her leash and asked her if she wanted something to drink.


   She said yes and he gave her a cold bottle of water and she sipped it slowly. He then placed something around her ankles that felt like straps and she heard the clicking of metal as he fastened her legs to the sides of the bed. He then began exploring her body with his fingertips and she felt shivers of desire run through her veins. He told her he was going to bring her so much pleasure tonight but first she must be punished for disobeying him in the club. Shawna nodded and she bowed her head down in the submissive posture. He told her that the pain would be intense, but he promised her that he would make the pleasure even better. Shawna sat still for a moment and then was yanked up to a standing position with her legs spread apart. Her arms were raised above her head and the clicking noise of metal told her she was being attached to something. Then he kissed her softly on the lips and caressed the side of her cheek with his hand. He unbuttoned the skirt and pulled it off her and exposed her round ass cheeks for the first time. She heard him draw a breath and then WHACK! She felt his hand as it cracked her left buttocks. She gasped and then started to open her mouth to protest. He quickly placed a ball inside her open mouth and tied it firmly around her head. Now she could not make a sound except to mumble against the ball gag. Shawna began to cry softly and He brought his hand firmly across her ass again this time harder.

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   She struggled to free her hands, but they held firmly and she again began to tremble. This time, when He cracked a whip near her ear, she was screaming inside and at the same time was excited more than she ever had been. He lashed her with the whip across the bottom half of her bottom and did it repeatedly until she was murmuring into the ball gag and moaning with delight. Shawna felt the sting and warmth from her lashing and her bottom was tingling all over. He ran an ice cube over her red ass and she felt the splash of her juices as it poured out of her! He then released her hands and she feel forward softly onto the bed. He then took her arms and attached them again to more clips. She was firmly bound now still blindfolded, still trembling from the lashing and the intense orgasm it caused. He then began exploring her body with his tongue and hands. Hee instinctively knew where all of Shawna's sweet spots were. He probed his tongue in and around her brown button, her pussy, her ears, the back of her neck, the backside of her knees, and her pulse points. She was so aroused and ready for him to take her, but He was not ready to complete her yet. Shawna heard the buzzing noise before she knew what was happening. The warm lube was dripped on her ass and thoroughly drenched her brown button. Then with deft fingers, He prepared her ass for the first session with the "plug". At first, it hurt a little, but then as he pressed the rubber further, she relaxed and Shawna began to moan.

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   She could feel the plug as it expanded into her ass and it felt so good. While He was placing the butt plug up Shawna's ass, he was using his other hand to torture her clit. He took his forefinger and thumb and gently squeezed her clit until Shawna was moaning louder and louder even with the gag. This pressure he was applying to her clitoris was something she had never felt before. It felt so good that she forgot all about the sensations in her ass with the butt plug. Until all of the sudden, the pleasure turned into pain! The slight pressure on her clitoris was replaced with a piercing pain that was unbearable at first. She was ready to stop when the butt plug began to pulsate and vibrate in her ass. This caused extreme pleasure and sensations to her g-spot area and she found herself gushing cum again and again. The piercing pain began to dull but the pressure was still there on her clit. Then she felt the same slight pressure being applied to her nipples, which were now exposed from the bustier. The clamps were applied to her nipples in the same way as her clit and the pain was almost unbearable, but then the vibrating and pulsating in her ass quickened and she was rocked with yet another giant orgasm as it ripped through her body like liquid heat. The pain on her clit came rushing back as the pressure was released and the blood engorged the clitoris again. At the same time, He was kissing her again and using his tongue to explore her thoroughly. Shawna didn't know what to do, feel pain or pleasure and soon the two started to melt into one. It was at that moment that He entered her with such a fierce thrust that it took her breath away.

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   He began grinding his cock deeper and deeper and at the same time, the vibrating butt plug worked its magic on her g-spot. Shawna began to struggle against the restraints and He knew it was time to take her completely. He slowly released the clips on her breasts, as he continued to pound her from behind. He would pull his cock almost all the way out of Shawna and then slam it back in. She exploded into another mind-blowing orgasm and then he knew she was his forever. He grunted twice and then exploded his jismm deep inside her and collapsed on top of her. Once his breathing slowed down, he undid the wrist restraints and leg restraints. He then deflated the butt plug and released it from her ass. Shawna was limp, but very, very satisfied. He removed the ball gag and Shawna was crying tears rolling down her cheeks. He asked her if she was all right, but he knew she was. She had finally released the inner demons inside her. She was totally and completely his pet and he kissed her gently at first, but then deeper. And they laid there for hours and slept peacefully and contently in each other arms. .

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