My First Time


Topic: My First TimeI had been dating Linda for about 6 weeks, She was living at home with her Dad, Mother and little brother.   Linda's mother was on an extended holiday in Europe visiting her family.   It was home comming night for Linda's Mom, her 2 older sisters, whom I did not know, were also going to be joining the get together.   It was about 8:00 P. M. when I arrived, I rang the bell, the door was opened by a very beautiful woman, who was this beauty, one of the older sisters or the mother?  This lady exclaimed "You must be Jay!" and with that she through her arms around my neck and planted an unforgetable lip lock on me.   At that moment Linda arrived at the door to announce that this was her mother.   Wow! She was certainly very attractive.  
 Over the next few weeks I got better acquainted with Melinda (the mother), she was witty and very sexy.   One Friday night when I went to see my gal friend Melinda opened the door, invited me in, and told me that she and her brother had gone on a 2 week vacation with there dad.   When I inquired as to why she hadn't gone along she informed me that she and her hubby had just been diviorced a few days earlier.
 I excused myself to leave but Melinda ask me to stay, as we talked she told me that her exhusband was a very abusive guy and had throwin her down a flight of stairs a few years before and from that time she had not let him touch her.
Melind was dressed in a three botton satin evening gown to sit arouond in while she watched TV prior to bed.   As we sat talking the botton button had popped open which revealed the crotch of her lacy white panties, I could also see her matching bra as the top gapped open.   We teased and touched and kissed until suddenly Melinda got up and left the room.   Damn I must have pissed her off, I thought.

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    In a few minutes she returned and sat back down right next to me as before.   We picked up with the teasing, touching and kissing.   It wasn't long until the bottom button popped open again, this time I saw her neatly trimmed pubic hair, shit! did I get hard quick.   I also took a look down the front of the gown, no bra, Wow!  Was this a dream or was I looking mt my girl friends mothers tits and bush?
I decided to push it and see if she was teasing or wanting something.   I placed my hand on her thigh and slowly slid it up until I touched her pussy lips, Melinda melted when I flicked her clit.   She stood and pulled me up and yo the bedroom.   As she dropped the robe I found out just what a great body she had, she was a nice 36 firm 'C' cup with a nice trim waist and narrow hips.    Melinda lay on the bed and told me to hurry as I undressed.   She didn't need any forplay all she wanted was my cock inside her pussy.   As I got on the bed she said "Go in me now" and repeated it two more times as I was sliding my virgin cock into her wantin cunt.   She was so hot to fuck that as I slid inside her she exclaimed "It's been 7 long years,  oh please fuck me!"  And she shuttered and climaxed!  Good thing thats all it took to help her to a climax because this was my first time and I shot my load inside her just as quickly.
 Melinda and I quickly became regular fuck buddies, she taught me a lot about what and how she wanted to get fucked.   We screwed on the local golf course in the middle of the day, we did it in her car, mostly she wanted to do it in her bed.   Sometimes I would slip over at 2 in the morning and climb through her bedroom window and slide into bed beside her naked body and we' would fuck, she was so hot and beautiful, it was hard to believe that I was fucking a beautiful, sexy mature woman who was my former girl friends mother.
This is a true recap of my first time, I was just out of high school, Melinda was 22 years older that me with 2 daughters older than me.


    I think that qualifies her as a Hot Mama!

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