Petting My Teacher


Professor Greene was one of the sexiest men I had ever met. He wasn’t like the other professors at the University. He didn’t take himself so seriously and he was a real friend to each and every one of his students. I was lucky enough to have him as my academic advisor and over the past three years I had come to regard him as a very close confidant.
I had just turned 21 and was at the end of my third year of college. I was average height; I had a slim frame, large breasts, hazel eyes, full lips and long light brown hair with golden streaks.
I was very attracted to Professor Greene and he was the subject of many of my darkest fantasies. I had a boyfriend at the time and we had been together for a little over a year. I never thought that I would have the courage to act on my fantasies with Professor Greene, but I had no idea what was about to happen.
I awoke one Monday morning and dressed in a simple tank, skirt and flip flops. I grabbed my jacket and book bag and walked out the door, I was running late for class. The day progressed as usual, three morning classes, lunch, and one evening class.
After my last class, I returned to my apartment to freshen up, I was suppose to meet my boyfriend for an early dinner. I tried to call him before I left to go to his apartment but he didn’t answer; I just assumed that he was in the shower and I decided to go ahead and walk over to his apartment.
I arrived at his apartment and unlocked the door with my key. As I entered the living room, I heard music coming from his bedroom, but I thought nothing about it because he was a music major and typically had music playing throughout the house at all times.

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I dropped my purse on the kitchen counter and stopped at the couch to scratch his dog, Rusty, on the head. I then walked down the hall to his bedroom, I opened the door and then I saw him. He was on his back on the bed with a girl that I had never met on top of him. I didn’t give him time to notice me; I simply turned around walked out of the room, grabbed my purse, walked out the door and locked it back.
Without really even knowing how I got there I ended up at Professor Greene’s office door. Before I knew it I was sitting on his couch, he was beside me and looking at me concerned.
“What’s wrong?”
“I just found my boyfriend in bed with another woman”
“Well, it’s better you find out what he’s really like now, before you made a major commitment to him”
“Yeah, I guess”
“Listen, I know it seems like the end of the world now, but it will get better with time…. I promise”
“I know”
And with that I broke down into tears. He moved closer to me and put his arm around me and held me close. All of the sudden something came over me. I felt his body close to mine and heat started to build up inside me and I leaned up and kissed him.
Surprisingly, he returned my and kiss and we sat there for several minutes holding each other and kissing. Suddenly he pulled away.
“I feel like I’m taking advantage of you, I can’t lie, I am extremely attracted to you, but you’re vulnerable right now and I don’t want it like that. ”
I kissed him again.

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“This isn’t just a whim…. it’s something I’ve wanted from the first moment I saw you”
He smiled and kissed me again. We started kissing passionately and I began to unbutton his shirt as he started to pull off my tank top. We leaned back on the couch and he started to kiss down my body as he reached behind and unclasped my bra releasing my large breasts.
He groped my breasts and sucked on my nipples as I pushed his head into my breasts and moaned. He kissed down my body and pulled my skirt off and then my thong and place a kiss on my freshly shaven mound.
By this point my juices were flowing freely and I gasped as I felt his tongue graze across my swollen clit. He spread my lips apart and licked up and down my slit stopping to slip his tongue in my wet hole. He fucked me with his tongue as I kneaded my breasts and moaned uncontrollably. He soon had me bucking wildly against his face and returned to my clit and sucked it into his mouth. I felt the tension beginning to build in my stomach and I pulled his head into my pussy as I filled his mouth with my juices.
After taking a moment to recover, I sat up and finished removing his jeans and boxers. He began kissing me again and I grabbed his cock and started to stroke it; I was a little nervous once I felt his size but I knew that there was no stopping now. As I was stroking his cock he whispered in my ear, “I want to fuck you so bad right now. ”
With that I jumped on his lap and slowing eased his large cock into my dripping pussy.

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   I sat still for a moment while I got used to his size and then slowly began to move up and down on his cock.
As I fucked him, he was sucking on my nipples and rubbing my clit. I gradually picked up my pace and I could sense that we were both close to climax.
He grabbed me and threw me back on the couch as he plunged his cock back into my pussy and began to pound me mercilessly. His cock stretched every inch of my pussy and easily rubbed against my g-spot.
It wasn’t long before I exploded in my second orgasm. I knew that he was close to his orgasm as well so after I recovered I got on my knees and pulled his cock into my mouth and sucked him as deep into my throat as I could. I bobbed my head up and down as I massaged his balls and before long I was rewarded with load after load of cum be shot down my throat. I lapped up all of his cum and then got up and lay beside him on the couch.
As I lay in his arms I wasn’t even thinking of my boyfriend and I knew that this wouldn’t be the last time that I sought out Professor Greene for a little counseling.
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