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Adam had never thought about sex in much more depth than man, woman and hump. He had masturbated a fair amount of times, as any teenage boy would, but his mind was innocent, no fetishes ate away at his thoughts, at least that was until after his 16th birthday. You see Adam had also never had a dog and his parents felt he was now responsible enough to take care of his own, however, only a full grown one, a German Shepherd to be precise. Upon recieving his German Shepherd for his birthday he named him Champ, he thought the name suited the well built powerful and stunning looking dog. As his parents worked from Monday till Thursday until 7 o'clock, Adam was left to look after Champ from when he get home from school until the came back home. Adam loved this time however, running around with Champ, rolling around with him, just acting like a boy does with his pet. One day while Adam was petting Champ he noticed that Champs penis had started to come out of its skin, he knew enough to know this meant Champ was getting horny the way dogs do. Just seeing Champs dick out of its covering and long like that awoke something inside Adams gut, he had an incredible urge to grab hold of it, stroke it, give pleasure to the dog he had waited so long to get, and he acted on that urge. The smoothness of Champs cock under his fingers felt so soothing, it wasn't long before Adam's cock started to erect just like Champs. Things didn't go much further than that for many weeks until one day Adam kept stroking longer than usual and a ball started to grow at the base of Champs dick and Champ started to hump into Adams hand. Soon Champ started to whine and doggy sperm shot our of his dick and all over the floor and Adams hand. Champ walked some distance away to clean himself while Adam had an idea, he bent over and licked all of Champs cum off the floor and licked the rest off his hands. To Adam, it tasted wonderful, a hot salty present from his dog lover. After that day Adam knew what he wanted, it appeared in his mind like it was his fate, he was going to be Champs bitch, let Champ use him as he wants. He was going to be Champs female pussy, well, his ass was anyway. He decided on the day and prepared, going home from school as early as he could, buying a lubricant on the way.

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   As we walked through the front door he quickly stripped and threw his clothes every which way, by the time he was completely naked, Champ was standing in front of him wagging his tale happily. Adam went to grab the lube out of his bag and started stroking Champ with it, lubing him up for what was about to happen and giving him that doggy boner Adam so wanted inside of him. When it seemed enough, Adam got down on all fours in front of Champ. Champ begun by sniffing Adams butt hole and cock. The scent of Adams precum sent Champ into his instinct mode. Knowing exactly what to do, Champ mounted Adams back. Champ humped away at the empty air until Adam guided his cock to his little boy pussy. Jabbing away at the rim of his ass Champ finally penetrated into Adams virgin ass. "AAAAAAHHHHH" Adam screamed, he had expected it to hurt but it was killing him. Despite the lubrication, Adam definetly felt something tear, and looking between his arms he saw blood running down his legs. Yes Adam was in pain, but it was part of the parcel of being Champs bitch. Eventually the pain receded and Adam really began to enjoy himself. Champ furiously pounded away at Adams butt hole, his doggy cock sliding in and out. "Goood boooy! Fuck your dirty little bitch! Fill my male pussy with your doggy of Champs furry stomach lying on his back, his doggy paws squeezing his waist, but most of all he loved the feeling of that cock, hurting his ass 'oh so good'. Adam barked like the happy little bitch he was and squeezed Champs dick with his anus.

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  After pounding away for what seem like hours but was really minutes, Champs knot started to force its way into Adams flower. "YEEEES, fuck me, stick you huge cock right in me!" Champ went insane with his humping and shot rope after rope of his doggy cum into Adams ass. To Adam it felt like the sperm was shooting all the way into his stomach, it even looked like his stomach had become bloated, in fact he almost felt as if the little dog sperm were swimming around in his stomach. Adam collapsed under Champ and stayed knotted to him for around 20 minutes until they detached and sperm leaked out of his abused bleeding ass. It didn't seem right though, the sperm that leaked out was nowhere near the amount that came our of Champs dick. When he had recuperated Adam eventually gathered all evidence of their encounter so it seemed almost non-existent. Besides the bruising around his anus. Adam decided to wait a few weeks to recover his butt hole for another session with Champ when he realised something strange. He seemed to be gaining weight alarmingly fast, yet he had developed a tendency to have morning sickness. Then the thing he had hoped wouldn't happen did, his flat chest was suddenly endowed with C sized breasts. Despite his common sense he knew in his heart what had happened. The sperm shot into his stomach had somehow been fertilised and he was now pregnant with one, or most likely many, puppies. In his mind he knew this was his duty all along, to carry Champs puppies, and he had no plan to abort them. Using carefully picked clothes and spending most of his time in his room pretending to be sick Adam was able to keep his pregnancy hidden by his parents. Eventually there came the say when Adam was all alone and his butt hole started to feel weird, almost painful at times, he took no notice at first but after a couple of hours he felt something leaking down his legs.

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   He knew it was time, his water had broken. Setting himself a somewhat nest of towels he relaxed onto his back with his butt leveraged into the air. His hole began to stretch wider and wider, till he was sure that it was twice the size it had been when Champ had impregnated him. After a few hours of his ass mucles contracting he started pushing until he felt what must be he first of many puppies being born out of his male vagina. After this had happend 5-6 times, Adam passed out from the pain and effort of giving birth. He awoke to the sight of 2 puppies suckling milk at his bulbous tits and the rest curled at his stomach for warmth. To be continued depending on reviews!If you want me to write about a particular fantasy of yours or have any idea you can Email me at : fire_hearts_soul@hotmail. com

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