Sex Under the Drums


Topic: Sex Under the Drums2,000 screaming girls moshed and fireworks exploded as my band raced across the stage. We were opening for Flogging Molly, the most brilliantly wickedly sick band on the planet, and as the crowd screamed in front of us and Flogging cheered from offstage and the drums beat time. . . I thought my brain would melt with awesomeness. My cock was as hard the microphone. Before I tell you who sang into my mic that night, I'll introduce my band, Pyro Tyro -    * Qiana Pyles, 21, black, a classically trained pianist with the grooves of Stevie Wonder and the voice of Alicia Keys    * Devon Luther James, 20, black, a drummer who cracks at least one drum head every show    * Fly Tyler, 17, white, our wonderboy bass player    * Josh Tyler, 20, Fly's brother, the soulful but always half-naked frontman    * and me, Byrne. I'm 19, Korean-Italian, 6'2", and I play four different guitars during the showThe first song in our set is this punk-funk number "Rip The Page. "  We all rip our shirts off in the second chorus. (Even Qiana). The girls roared. Josh hollered, "Let me hear you scream!!!!!!!!!!!" I was killing it - cheering for Devon's drum solos, high-fiving the girls at the edge of the stage, doing flips and harmonies. . .  . .

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  . then I saw her. We had just hit the chorus of our third song, a Bob Schneider cover called Superpowers. Fly was conducting the crowd in the "La La La" harmonies. I suddenly saw her through his slow-motion arms. A girl I knew in high school. Some ridiculous name. Tara. She lived in a world above me back then - cheerleading, synagogue, student council. Everywhere. The girl you fantasized about. And now she's half-baked at my show? We kissed one night before senior baccalaureate. Imagine thick auburn hair, soft skin and lips so smooth you have to close your eyes. I dropped to my knees and wailed on the guitar. Within three chords, I had a plan.

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  Qiana loves to end on this hip-hop-influenced number she wrote: "Lips Unlocked. " It's all Qiana's voice and my guitar while the other three guys run through the crowd (they've stripped nearly all their clothes off by this point). As the girls crowded around me, I played two choruses and deliberately avoided Tara's eye. Then I stripped of my guitar, yelled, "Qiana Pyles ladies and gentlemen!" and reached for Tara's hand.  I'm told Qiana played that guitar like a pack of lesbians. I'm told the crowd went wild. All I saw was Tara's 4-leaf clover necklace dip into her breasts as she climbed onto the stage. We turned and ran back behind Devon's huge drumset while Pyro Tyro said their thank-yous. I couldn't go backstage. . . Flogging Molly had about fifty people working there. So I pulled Tara under the drum platform. For a moment we stared at each other. Before Dave King slammed the first chord, I was gorging on Tara's lips.

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   We lay side by side under there for the whole set. I had never had sex before, but the thumping bass and screaming crowds drove me wild. I parted Tara's V-neck shirt and sucked and hummed and licked and kissed those C-cup breasts. My fingers dived into her skirt. Although I was wearing only my San Antonio Spurs boxer shorts (embarrassing. . . ), I tried to keep Tara's skirt on. No telling if security would throw us out. Her lips squeezed my tongue til it hurt. All of a sudden she grabbed my cock. My brain screamed. This was really happening. I slid down her body. "Byrne," she panted, "Rubbers.

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  . . in my purse. . . AAAA!!!!!!!" My tongue snaked up her gorgeous pussy and flicked her clitoris. No mercy. She screamed so loud I thought Flogging would hear her, but I kept plucking that fat clit like a guitar string, over and over and over. "BYRNE! Byrne oh. . . "   "Let me hear you scream," I whispered. She screamed every chord she knew as I strummed that sensuous pussy. My tongue massaged every inch of her clit, exploring the tip, driving her wild at the edges – but sucking and sweeping my tongue up and down gave her so much pleasure she fluttered like a leaf, so I held her down and suckled. .

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  . and suckled… The song ended abruptly. With two fingers slowly swirling in her pussy, I reached for her purse. Tara's eyes rolled back in her head as she rolled the rubber down my throbbing 7. 5" piece. "Let me do it," she said, and suddenly this sweet girl shoved me down and climbed on top of me. The scorching heat from the pyrotechnics drenched us with water and sweat. Suddenly. . . I was inside her. Noise disappeared.   I lay on my back, bucking frantically. Her pussy clung to me. It smacked my balls.

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   Her thick red hair burned like the sun above me. Tara's fingers probed my ass, my nipples, my neck. Thump Thump Thump Thump. The snare drum crackled with our rhythm. And then, like a rocket, we came. My entire body gushed underneath Tara soft flesh. When I revived, Flogging had just started their seventh song, "Between a Man and a Woman. " I pulled my pants up and held Tara for the rest of the set. We watched the huge crowd show some love for Molly, but I thought only of Tara’s incredibly warm body wrapped in mine. That night, I wrote my first song: “She’s beautiful and she screams. ”Thanks for reading!.