The Party: Casual Ending


We’re at a friend’s place on a Saturday night, enjoying a party they’re throwing. The music is on and people are crowded everywhere…. Drinking, dancing, and having an all-around good time.
You’re sitting on the couch and I’m seated on your lap as we observe all the entertainment around us. I’m wearing my favourite pair of jeans and a white tank top with a black bra underneath. (Of course, you were the one who gave me the permission to wear it like this).
You gently pull my shoulders so that I lay back to rest against your chest and kiss my neck lovingly. Then you coyly begin to snake your hand over my breasts and tummy and sneak it down the front of my pants.
I gasp at your openness because there are so many people around, but no one seems to be paying attention to us anyway. As your hand disappears deeper between my legs, I feel my pussy grow wet because you’re going to touch me with all these people around us. Then you stop.
“What’s this, young lady? Why aren’t you wearing panties?” you demand in a firm but low voice to avoid drawing attention to ourselves.
My heartbeat begins to race. “I didn’t want any panty lines”, I respond.
“You know very well that you have to ask my permission before going out like this! What a dirty girl you are! I have no choice but to punish you, Krissy. ”
You withdraw your hand from my jeans and push me to my feet.

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   You stand up with me and grab my arm at the elbow, squeezing a little more firmly than you need to. I can tell by this action that you’re not happy with me one bit.
“Please go and tell the Host that we’ll be leaving now and be sure to tell them WHY we have to leave”, you growl to me, disappointed.
“Yes, Sir”.
Then you release my arm and I rub the pinched feeling out as I weave my way through the crowd to find the house’s owner.
“Excuse me, Sir. I’m just informing you that we’ll be leaving. I was a very naughty girl and showed up to the party without my panties. I’m going to be taken home, punished and then put to bed. I just wanted to apologize for being so indecent in your home”, I informed the owner once I found him.
“Well, you’re being a very big girl for letting me know. Thank you”.
He nods and scans the crowded room to find you, to acknowledge that I’ve completed the task that you’ve requested of me. You nod and then motion me towards the front door, grabbing our coats on the way out.
The drive home begins in uncomfortable silence for me, my bottom is beginning to tingle in anticipation of how you’re gong to punish it when we get home.


“I bet your naughty pussy is wet, isn’t it? Being rubbed all night long with the inside seam of your jeans…” you finally say as you break the silence. “You probably want to cum, don’t you?”
I think about lying to you, but I know that if I deny my wetness, you’ll only pull the car over and have me pull my pants down to check for yourself.
“Yes, Sir. I’m very wet there. I didn’t mean to do it… I just wanted to look good for the party…” I try to explain myself, but I know it will do no good.
“I’m not interested in hearing your excuses for your inappropriate behaviour, young lady. Now, when we get home, I want you to go straight to your room and sit at your homework desk. ”
“Yes, Sir”, I say as we pull into the driveway.
I’m now sitting at my little school desk. I love to sit here and colour pictures for you and do my homework for university. But right now I don’t like this desk. I know what’s going to happen.
“Stand up, Krissy. Pull down your pants to your knees, but no further. Lean over the desk”, you instruct me as I watch you undo your belt and pull it free of the loops in your jeans.

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I gulp in anticipation and do as you say. ‘I hope I can keep my pants around my knees this time. I don’t wanna get more spanks it I can’t’, I think to myself as I bend over, trying to push my knees apart of far as they’ll go with my pants like this to give them extra support to stay up.
I watch you fold your black leather belt in half and stand behind me. I feel the leather begin to rub between my cheeks, teasing me. I’m just beginning to enjoy it when you crack the strap down over my bare cheeks. I flinch and kick my legs in surprise. Luckily, my pants settle around my knees again.
Over and over it connects with my tender flesh, and I’m trying not to kick. The tears pour from my eyes and as the blows continue, my legs kick less and less because the crying is draining my energy.
You finally stop and let me stand there, my ass on fire! Once my sniffling has calmed, you dangle the pair on panties I was suppose to wear tonight in front of my eyes.
“Put these on, Little One. We’re going to go back to the party”, you inform me.
I stand up shakily and reach for them. I ease out of my pants and wince as I slip the thin cotton material over my fiery cheeks.

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   The jeans are even worse!
‘I don’t know HOW I’m going to sit on the drive back to the party!’ I think to myself as you grab my arm and begin to pull me towards the door.