Virgin Fantasies Become Reality, Part II


Topic: Virgin Fantasies Become Reality, Part IIKasey felt like a new woman now filled with confidence. She liked this newly found effect that she had on men. She and Mark decided to get together the next Friday night for “dinner” again- and maybe this time they’d actually get to the dinner part. All week she teased him with little written notes saying, “Just wait till Friday night. There are so many things I want to do to you. ” So by the time Friday night finally came around, they were both impatiently waiting to get together again. At seven o’clock Friday evening, Mark ran to answer the knock at his door. Kasey stood there wearing a tight black leather dress that looked like it was made around every curve of her body. He could also tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra by the way her breasts threatened to fall out of her dress. The minute he saw her, his cock came straight to attention. “Mmmm, looks like someone is ready to get this night started,” she murmured as she stroked his hard cock. Moaning, he captured her mouth with his and slipped his hand up her dress to find that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. In a low growl he whispered, “Damn you little slut. You were ready to get this night started before you even got over here weren’t you?” Completely forgetting that they were standing in the doorway of his apartment where anyone walking by could see, she answered him with a low moan as she deepened their kiss. After they had rubbed their hands up and down each others bodies trying to rediscover every curve, Kasey slid down to her knees, undid his pants, and took the end of his hard cock between her lips. Slowly she sucked his huge erection while she flicked the tip of her tongue against the end of it.

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   She took him in more and more until finally she had him all the way in her throat. Kasey used her hands to lightly tickle his balls while she sucked him off. After a few minutes he pulled himself out of her mouth and pulled her to her feet. One more second of her mouth working its magic and he would have cum deep in her throat, but he wasn’t ready to give her that satisfaction quite yet. He wanted to fuck her tight pussy so that they could cum together. He pulled her to her feet and picked her up as she wrapped her legs around him. Carrying her in to the kitchen and forgetting to close the door, he set her ass on the edge of the table and slipped his hard cock all the way inside her tight little pussy. Gasping for a breath, she clung to him and pushed her body up to meet his. After fucking her nice and hard for a few minutes, they both found their release together. Their concluding kiss was interrupted by a moan coming from the doorway, and when they both turned to look they saw two young men standing there watching them and playing with themselves. This turned Kasey on so much that she decided to give them a good show. She dropped to her knees again and set to get him back to attention. Her dress was already pulled up to her waist from their last fuck so the guys watching had a full view of her juicy ass as she sucked Mark off again. Now both of the men were moaning and stroking their hard cocks as they watched them. After having her suck him for a few more minutes he pulled out of her mouth and positioned himself behind her.

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   “Okay you dirty little slut, lets give these guys a show. We’ll let them watch me fuck that tight, wet pussy of yours. ” With that he pushed himself into her from behind and fucked her hard and fast until she came several times while she was down on all fours. Mark finally felt himself get to the edge and pulled out of her to shoot his cum all over her ass. At this the men were still jacking off but neither one had cum yet. Suddenly an idea came to him and he decided to see if Kasey would go for it. He inserted two fingers inside her pussy with one hand and with the other hand he started to spread his cum around her ass whole. He carefully stuck a finger in her ass and continued moving his other fingers in and out of her pussy. Kasey lifted her ass to meet his finger and let it slide all the way inside. Given this reassurance, he decided to continue. He pulled his finger out and started to lightly rub his cock up and down her crack. He could feel her hole start to spasm and decided to try and enter her. He immediately started talking dirty to her to try and get her mind off what he was doing. “You fucking slut. You like this don’t you.

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   Those guys watching me fuck your nice little pussy, and now your tight ass. You got two dicks hard already just from watching you. ”Finally he pushed all the way in her ass and heard her moan as she pushed her ass firmly against him. Stopping for a minute he let her adjust to him being in there and he waited for her to move. “You like that don’t you, having my huge cock up your ass. It makes you feel nice and dirty. I’m sure these boys would love to watch you finger that tight little pussy of yours while I fuck your ass. ”At this her fingers immediately went to her pussy as she balanced herself with one hand. She slowly started to move her ass up and down his hard cock while she played with her wet little pussy. After a few minutes they picked up speed and Kasey started cuming over and over again. Right after she’d cum it would hurt for a second and then she’d start to cum again. She really wanted him to cum deep in her ass so she pushed him along with her. “Oh yeah, fuck my tight ass baby. You know you like it just as much as I do. Fill this tight ass with your sweet, hot cum.

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   “Of course, he was happy to oblige. When he finally found his release he noticed that the men did, too. The two of them smiled, zipped up their pants, and continued on to their destination. Kasey and Mark burst into laughter as their eyes met one another’s. “That was interesting,” Kasey stated. “Very,” he replied. “I don’t know about you but I sure have worked up an appetite. I made some grilled shrimp and salmon, would you like some?”“Mmmm. Ya know, they say that seafood fuels your sex drive,” she said with a laugh. Laughing, he replied in his most sophisticated voice, “Precisely, my lady, which is exactly why I decided that shrimp and salmon paired with a glass of Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling would be the most ideal choice for our dinner this evening. ” They laughed together and went to the kitchen to enjoy their delicious diner. At the conclusion of their meal, Kasey looked over at him with a mischievous sparkle in her eyes and said, “I don’t know about you, but this wine and seafood sure has helped me work up an appetite. Think you could help me take care of that, too?”He smiled, pulled her up into his arms, and carried her back to his bedroom. Hungrily, they took each other again and again until at last they fell asleep wrapped in one another’s arms.

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