Virgin Fantasies Become Reality, Part III


Topic: Virgin Fantasies Become Reality, Part IIINow more than ever Kasey’s head was filled with daydreams and sexual fantasies. Mark was the only thing her mind could focus on. Even in Biology as her teacher went on about how “survival of the fittest in Biology refers to the survival of those that reproduce the most” she kept thinking about sex. She even found images of animals having sex pop into her head. No matter what she did, she just couldn’t get enough of it. It was a drug that she felt she needed to survive.
The next Friday started their college’s two week fall break. Of course Kasey’s head had already become overloaded with fantasies of all that she and Mark would do, so when she heard that he had to return to his home for the entire two week period she was more than bummed out, she was devastated.   He felt bad, too, because he wanted to stay with her just as much as she wanted him to but he hadn’t seen his family in almost two months.  He held her close and kissed her deeply as he assured her that he would more than make up for his absence when he returned.
Although time dragged by so slowly for those two weeks, Kasey decided to take advantage of the time she had alone. First, she searched through several porn and erotica literature sites to get some ideas for more things to experiment with. Then, she went to her local adult bookstore and bought some toys for her to play with.   And the last thing she did to occupy her time was read through some of Mark’s stories that he had left with her to figure out more of what turned him on. With so much to learn and so little time, Kasey devoted herself to being a full time student of sex for the entire two weeks. This left her more than ready, hot, and waiting for his return.

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Mark called her as soon as he got back and settled into his apartment on Saturday. Kasey was more than ready for their night together. Before getting dressed to meet him, she lubed up her new anal plug and slipped it deep into her ass. Juices immediately started flowing from her pussy as she anticipated the coming hours they’d spend together.
Running to answer his door, Mark was greeted once again with a breathtaking sight. This time she was wearing a short, spandex black skirt with a low-cut, skin tight red lace top that you could see right through and tell she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. He forced himself not to kiss her yet because if he did he’d never make it off his porch and she wouldn’t get to experience the surprise he had set up for her.
So, instead of pulling her into his arms like he desperately wanted, he smiled mischievously and took her hand as he led her inside. She was immediately greeted with the alluring smell of vanilla, soft jazz music, and a candlelit room. Traveling from the door back to his bedroom was an imaginary path lined with small candles and sprinkled rose petals. He led her by the hand through his romantically adorned apartment to his candlelit bedroom. Where his old blue and white plaid bedspread had been now laid a white satin comforter with red rose petals scattered on top. Kasey felt tears come to her eyes as she looked up at Mark. This was every girl’s fantasy- finding a man that cared enough to take the time and show her. A man that wasn’t afraid to be a cheesy romantic to please his woman.

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“Oh Mark,” she whispered as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in for a deep, passionate kiss. “This is amazing. ”
Smiling, he deepened their kiss as his hands began their rediscovery of her body. Her nipples were hard beneath the lace as his fingers rubbed lightly over them. They pleaded for his attention. Slowly, he lifted the lace from her body and took her full breast in his mouth as his fingers massaged the other one. He slowly ran his tongue around her hardened nipple till he felt a shiver run through her. Then he lightly nibbled it and began to suck harder. Pulling away he slowly blew his cold breath over it making her shiver more. After paying proper reverence to one, his mouth sought her other breast to do the same. This drove Kasey wild with passion. Not only could she feel his breath and tongue against her breasts, but she also had the anal plug in her ass that he was unknowingly pushing in and out as he squeezed her ass with his free hand. As she reached her first orgasm she clung to him to keep her balance.
Feeling her orgasm tremble through her body, Mark became even more aroused. He slipped her skirt down her perfectly shaped legs to reveal her sexy, black lace underwear beneath.

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   Her underwear was similar to boy shorts, except they were made completely of lace. The way they clung to her perfect curves was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen. Running his fingers lightly over them, he discovered that they were entirely soaked with her precious juices. He lightly kissed her stomach and worked his way down as he slid the panties to the floor. Capturing her sopping pussy with his mouth he flicked his tongue against her clit as his hands slid around to her ass to pull her closer. It wasn’t until now that he discovered the toy she had hidden. As his hands felt the wide rubber toy his eyes grew wide and he momentarily lost his breath. Looking up at her he saw her devilish grin and let out a deep moan. Teasingly, she turned around and rubbed her hand over her ass as she bent over. Then she slowly started moving the toy in and out of her ass. The toy started with small ripples at the tip and worked outward to form bigger ripples at the base, and as each ripple slipped slowly in and out of her ass, Kasey brought herself closer to another orgasm.
Driven wild with desire, Mark pushed aside her hand as he grabbed the toy and continued as she had. Then, without any warning, he slid the toy from her ass and pushed his now throbbing cock inside as a replacement. Apparently it was a good replacement because Kasey immediately came as he pushed inside her. He then pulled himself out and pushed his cock into her hot, sodden pussy.

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   Slowly he moved himself in and out of her as he held her hips for deeper penetration. Soon she began pushing herself faster and faster against him, quickly approaching yet another orgasm. Just as she was about to reach it he held her hips tightly so she couldn’t slide back on his cock and finish. He waited a second and then pushed all the way inside her, pulled out, and held her hips again. He did this for a minute until she was literally cursing at him and pleading for him to fuck her and let her cum. Finally, as he realized he was getting really close himself, he fucked her like she’d been begging and they found their sweet release together.
As they both came down from their high, Mark stood and said, “Come here, I’ve got another surprise for you. ”
Taking her hand he helped her to her feet and led her to the bathroom. Here she found his huge Jacuzzi tub lined with candles and prepared with a nice, warm bubble bath just for the two of them.
“The perfect way to wrap up a perfect night,” claimed Mark as he smiled and kissed her.
Kasey was sure she was in heaven. The rest of the world felt so far away that it seemed to never have existed. Here with Mark she felt alive and complete. After enjoying a wonderful bubble bath together they fell into bed feeling happy, exhausted, and loved.

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