A night of fear and pleasure


Topic: Fear from the beginningI worked late last night and after a long and exhausting day at work, headed for home.   I got home and parked in the garage and came in the back door.   After many years of living alone, I was used to walking into an empty house with  no lights on and no one to greet me at the door.   All I wanted to do was take my shoes off and take a nice hot bath before bed.   I turned on a small lamp in the living room and proceeded to the bedroom to undress.   As I was taking off my clothes I had a strange feeling like I was being watched.   I checked the curtains and blinds and they were closed.   I thought to  myself that this is what a long day at work gets you.   I finished undressing and walked into the bathroom and drew a hot bath.   I slowly stepped into the steaming water allowing my skin to adjust to the temperature.   I sat back and closed my eyes letting the days stress leave me.   I layed there for 10 minutes or more and was starting to feel relaxed and my mind left work and started to think about the toys I had in the chest in my bedroom. I had just bought a new vibtator and was anxious to try it out.   That sounded like the perfect way to end my day.  
I sat in the tub with my eyes closed and was immediately stricken with fear when i felt someone grab my arms and pull me from the bathtub.   I was drug to the bedroom, dripping water everywhere as i went.

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    The man who had me was huge.   At least 6'4" and 250lbs.  He was so strong that he didnt appear to be the least bit phased by dragging me through the house. I struggled against his grip and even with me soaking wet, he held firm.   I couldnt get away.   He through me on the bed and everytime I tried to rise he would take one hand and shove me back down on the bed.   I was surprised and scared by his strength. I had taken self defense classes but there was no way i was any match for this man.   He was about to have his way with me and there was nothing I could do about it.   As that realization set in, I started to panic.   I screamed, I cried, I begged him to let me go.   i told him to take anything he wanted, just dont hurt me.   His only reply was that "I" was the only thing he wanted.   He had been watching me and knew he wanted me for his own.   Watching me? How could I have not noticed this man watching me? How did he get in the house? How could I get away? 
As all of this was going through my head, he was holding me down on the bed with one hand.

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    With the other hand he was unzipping his pants.   "Oh, God" I thought.   He is going to rape me.   I have to find something to say or do to get through to him.   Panic was setting in and I struggled against his hold on  me.   The more I struggled the harder he held me. I could feel his fingers digging into my skin.  
As he finally freed himself, I found myself shocked by his size.   Not only was he big in height and weight, but apparently in other areas as well.   I had never seen a cock so big.   And this man intended to shove it inside me.   I found myself intrigued at what it would feel like and couldnt take my eyes off of it as he moved to mount me.   He must have sensed the change in my demeanor, cause his grip on my arms eased slightly.
He climbed on top of me and pressed the head of his massive cock against the mouth of my now wet pussy.   Wet? How could I be wet?  I was just attacked in my own home and was about to be raped and here i was turned on and wet with excitement.

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    What was wrong with me?
He held both of my arms above my head in one hand.   And with the other he shoved his massive dick into my pussy.   I screamed. From pain and pleasure both.   He pounded into me with force and I thought I might die from the shear pleasure of the feel of the pain.   The found myself moaning and panting.   I could feel the orgasm build within me with every thrust.   The harder he held me down and the harder and faster he pound into me the better it felt.  
Finally I could take no more and the orgasm shook my body.   He kept pounding and thrusting and i felt the next orgasm building.   I wanted to yell stop, but my body wanted more.   With one final thrust he filled my pussy with his hot cum while my body arched with the second orgasm.  
He released my arms and slowly stood up.   As he zipped his pants up, all I looked up at him and all I could say was "Thank you".   He smiled and left.

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I layed on the bed for hours last night looking at the bruises on my arms.   Even today I can close my eyes and feel  him pressed on top of me, holding  me down and filling every inch of my pussy with his cock.   Just the thought makes me shiver.   I wonder if I will come home to find him here again.   I wonder if I will ever be the same.   I think that man may have given  me the best night of my life.