Alexis and Maddie, the Loser and her nipple rings, part 6


The short time between Tuesday and Thursday was a productive time. The loser of the contest was not only going to have her nipples pierced, but it was going to happen when they showed up Thursday morning. It took a little doing, butlove to barter and guys love to fuck, so I found a tattoo artist who would pierce her nipples, using a barbell with special ends to accommodate a chain and weight, allow himself to be taped, and do it for the price of fucking my little slave—if she was hot enough!There were two things I knew—1) Maddie was extremely hot and 2) Maddie would shit a brick when she realized that a very large black man was going to fuck her!
Thursday morning rolled around and Jerome showed up a little early. He was actually dressed like he was going clubbing—skin tight shirt showing off his physique, and his skin tight jeans already showing a major package. As he carried his little box into the house, I took him to the guest bedroom to get set up. (After putting together the tapes, the lighting and the multiple cameras gave the best results in the guest bedroom. )
When Alexis and Maddie showed up, I sat them on the couch and got straight to business. “OK girls, we have a winner and we have a slave. When I give you your rolls, you will be in that role for the next year. While I won’t be with you 24/7, you will be in your role 24/7 because I could show up at any time, or call you at any time and you better be ready. One year from today, you will be released and no longer will have to perform, I will turn over the tapes to you and you will have paid the price totally and completely. If there are no questions, both of youstand up, strip the other’s clothes off, get ready for your new life, and the slave, well get ready for your nipple piercing.
Both girls stood up and Alexis began undressing her friend Maddie. That tight little body with the perky B cups would always remind me of a high school cheerleader and that particular fantasy would be fulfilled soon. And, when I saw her clit ring in person, I just smiled knowing it was about to be put to good and extensive use! When Maddie was completely naked, she began to remove Alexis’ clothes. Damn, those long legs and slender torso, those C+ cups, that shaved little pussy with her new clit ring—they all were wonderful, but that ass—oh my God—that ass would forever, instantly turn my dick hard everytime I saw it.

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As they both stood there completely naked, I asked them to share a kiss before I showed them the pictures. I thought I was going to have to tell them to stop as they really got into the kiss and Maddie’s hands began to caress Alexis’ breasts, but when they finished I showed them the pictures and the sequence. Alexis just smiled being declared the winner and my personal assistant for the year and Maddie just shook her head. “You cunt! That’s why you were late to the appointment Tuesday. That’s not fair!”
“Maddie, what’s done is done. Here is the first part of your permanent wardrobe—the lock and chain necklace/collar. I didn’t think a spike collar would be very professional day to day, so the lock will always remind you that you are no longer in charge. Alexis, put it on her, lock it, wear one key around your neck and give me the other one. ”I could see tears in Maddie’s eyes as Alexis put the lock collar on her. “Alexis, go to the guest bedroom and your black leather outfit is laid out on the bed. When you are dressed, come back and get our slave. ” Alexis disappeared to the bedroom.
“Maddie, this really can be a lot of fun so don’t fight it. And, while I know there will be pain, there will be a lot of pleasure. Now place your hands behind your back.

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  ” Maddie obeyed, still with tears in her eyes. I took her face with one hand and began to kiss her as the other hand started playing with her clit ring. “Does my little slave like it when I gently tug on her ring?” “Yes Master, that feels good”. “Does she like it when I flick it hard and apply a lot of pressure?” “That kinda hurts Master. ” I just glared at her. “I mean yes Master. That feels good too. ” “That’s better you little cum slut. You do realize that’s all you are for the next year don’t you?” “Yes Master”.
Alexis reappeared wearing her new leather outfit, black fishnet hose, black 5 inch pumps, and holding the black crop. I intentionally got the outfit with no crotch, and where the breasts were totally exposed as I wanted to make access very easy for me and sometimes the slave. “Did you meet our new friend Alexis?” “Yes Master, he is quite the looker”. Maddie was confused. “Maddie, I mean Cum Slut, I told you that the loser had to have her nipple pierced and it is time. Get on all fours and let Alexis lead you to the bedroom.

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Seeing this naked girl on all fours and watching her ass wiggle as she crawled behind my beautiful Alexis was a wonderful sight. Once getting to the bedroom, I instructed her to sit on the bed and introduced both of them to Jerome. “Jerome said it help if the nipples are good and hard. Alexis, take a couple of those ice cubes and put them in your mouth as you suck Maddie’s nipples and get them good and cold and hard. Jerome, do you want to suck on the other nipple?” Maddie’s eyes shot open wide. “Of course, it would be my pleasure” he replied as he joined Alexis with the ice.
When Maddie’s nipples were good and ready, Jerome got his tools, laid out the bars, and pierced both nipples. The pain was sharp, but only momentary and even though she didn’t scream, Maddie had even more tears in her eyes. “Jerome, show her how they work”. Jerome took a 6 inch chain and attached one end to the barbell. “You can either attack one end and put a weight on the other end, or, you can attach both sides of the chain to each end of the barbell and use it to pull. “Alexis” I said, “do one nipple each way and let’s see how she likes it.
Alexis attached a weight to one chain and looped the other. “Maddie, we are going to take your mind off of your nipples. I want you on all fours on the bed.

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  Alexis, put on the small strap on. Jerome, why don’t you get ready and disrobe. “ Oh my god, Jerome dropped his jeans and out popped a cock like I had only seen in the movies. I’m no slackard, packing a good 7 ½ inches, but his guy was HUNG!At least a good 9 – 10 inches but the damn thing must have been between 3 and 4 inches around! Holy huge penis Batman!
“Part of Jerome’s payment is getting to fuck Maddie. Alexis, why don’t you get her ready, then get Jerome hard to make his job easier. ” Alexis went over and began to kiss Maddie’s ass and pussy. As her tongue worked, I walked around to the front of Maddie and began playing with her nipples while my cock was positioned in front of her mouth. She didn’t need to be told what to do as she started sucking my cock as I made the hanging weight swing back and forth. Alexis switched from Maddie to Jerome and the poor thing couldn’t get but about half of his cock in her mouth.
When Jerome was hard, he nodded and not taking it easy on her, he held her ass apart and shoved his monster in her furiously. Maddie gasped, but couldn’t say anything since my cock was stuffed in her mouth. The look in her eyes was priceless—a combination of fear and pain as the big, black snake spread her pussy to a new level. Jerome was smiling as Alexis began taunting her friend. “Does Maddie like a big, black cock in her?Does it remind her of the first black cock her Junior year in High School?” “What, this isn’t her first black cock?” I asked. Alexis said, “Hell no, she was a cock lover in High School and pretty much did every black guy on the basketball team.

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  ”As he was fucking furiously, Jerome piped in, “Bet them little nigger boys didn’t have anything like this. How does the little white cheerleader slut like a big black cock?You ready for the rest of it?I only got about 2/3’s in you right now missy. ”
I told Jerome to lay down and let Maddie mount him. When she did, I had Alexis mount her from behind so that she could feel two cocks in her at the same time. As they began working this poor little slut, I stood in front of Maddie and forced my cock back into her mouth again. “What do you think cum slut? Do you like three cocks at once?” My taunting was interrupted as I felt a hand play and squeeze my balls. Jerome piped in, “Dude, pretty nice sack you got hanging there, do you like it to be played with like I do?” Holy shit! Jerome was massaging my balls and it sent me over the edge, exploding into Maddie’s mouth!“I didn’t mean to startle you, it was just my way of saying thanks for the great piece of white ass today. ”
I got down from the bed and just looked at my beautiful girls—Alexis working up a sweat fucking her friend in the ass with a strap on and Maddie who had surpassed the pain stage and was taking all 10 inches of the black monster in her little white pussy. “Alexis, should Jerome explode inside her cunt and deposit all of his little black baby making spunk inside her, or do you want her to swallow it?” “Lets see how much she can swallow!” Alexis replied. “Jerome, when you are about ready to explode, pull out and give it to her orally. Alexis, pull out of her ass and let me see how far up and down Jerome can make Maddie bounce. Let me see her totally impaled on his cock. ” With that, it was a solo act as Jerome took Maddie by the hips and would lift her, then slam her down all the way on his cock. She shrieked the first time, but by the third and fourth impalement, she was getting into it. ” She gasped everytime she went down—the nipple weight thrashing around wasn’t even noticeable now.

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Jerome yelled, “OFF WHITE BITCH, I’M COMING” and with that, he jerked her off of him, throwing her on the bed and unleashing what appeared to be a half a gallon of spunk all over her face—with only half getting into her mouth. She was fucking covered with his jizz from her hair all the way down to her newly pierced nipples!I quickly grabbed my camera and shot a couple of pictures as I said, “Jerome, thanks for the show—I’ll email these to you so you can remember this day forever. ” “Ain’t no way Jerome will ever forget this white slut—best piece of ass that I have had in a long time!”
“Alexis, help your cum slut get clean and help her insert this before you help her get dressed. ” I held up a small, wireless, vibrating egg. “Alexis, you will carry the remote and anytime I call you and tell you to activate, you will do so, do you understand?” Alexis smiled as she looked up from licking Jerome’s jizz off her friend. “With pleasure master. ”

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