Amber 2


Topic: Amber Part 2
“Hey Amber, there is a party at mine tonight, wanna come?” Janine called out so everybody could hear.     Amber flummoxed for a second didn\'t catch the drift, but after realising she could be in no harm agreed to it whole heartedly.   Janine smiled as Amber turned away. “Bring a bottle” she called louder so Amber turned and smiled at her.      Amber was so excited, her first real adult party, well, she had been to Adult parties before, but always with an Adult.     She rushed home after school and after grabbing a quick shower, where she as usual run her hands over her flat stomach, she changed into a black silky number, that made her look both mature, and innocent at the same time.      
  She felt tonight was going to be a night to Janice had everything planned perfectly, she had stolen some of her mums sleeping pills and had persuaded her to go out for the evening. She fully intended to spike Ambers drink and let the dumb football player to have his way with Amber while she slept.  
       She felt herself aroused by it just by thinking about it, she run her hands slowly into her underwear and felt the tight slit giving way as she pushed a finger inside slowly. Her juices seemed to leap to attention at simple touch. Maybe she could watch them going at it?    This thought was too much and she felt wave after wave of orgasm rush through her body. Her legs shook as her head tilted back and she moaned with pure pleasure.  Lucky her mum was out, she thought.
       Amber had grabbed a bottle of vodka and rushed out the house with a big coat wrapped around her, explaining that she was going round a friends house to revise, and it may turn into a sleepover. Her mother noticed the black dress poking from under the coat and smiled, remembering her days of sneaking out because of her over protective parents.  “Ok dear, just make sure you text me when you get there.

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  . . yada yada yada. You know the drill” Amber nodded, her lip was between her teeth as she chewed in anticipation. Was she really going to get away with it? She turned to walk away. “Amber…. ” She turned and smiled at her mother. Sure the game was lost. “Just be careful yeah?”Amber was shocked, but hid it well. “Of course mum, I’m always careful”She turned and trotted out of the house, sure her mother would call her back at any minute. She didn\'t. Amber smiled to herself.  “Let the party begin” .