Ancient Adventures CH 2


When we got to his house I was amazed.   At first I thought it was the castle.   Or perhaps it was a house for a lot of families.   I was wrong.   He lived there alone with his wife and his son.   There was a small shack at the back of the land that Ella and I were going to live in.   He had many servants but we were his only slaves.   The servants lived in the house with him but we were made to live in the shack in the back.   I made clothes for myself and Ella with the skills I had learned from my mother and scraps of fabric and old clothing from my mistress.   I used the softest fabrics to make beds for us out of straw and with the small fire place and my knowledge of wild plants we managed to get by with what scraps the master of the house give to us.   The years passed with me tending to the livestock and gardens while the house servants took care of the Earl of Kinwick and his family.
Before I knew it I was going to be 18 years old.   Had I been a servant I could have left my master to pursue a craft or wed a man of my choice.   But I was a slave and resigned myself to my fate.   Ella was now 13 and was still calling me Mama.   I had never mustered the courage to correct her and I was, after all, the only mother she remembered.

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    (When she was ten I had explained to her as best I could that I was not her mother but she was welcome to call me whatever she liked as each was the only family the other had. )  Ella had blossomed into a beautiful young woman.   Even at her young age I could see the men watching both of us as we ran errands for our master.   I had attracted much interest myself.   Years of hard labor had kept me slender and muscular and I had my mother to thank for my womanly curves.   My hair was very blonde due to my life in the sun and it contrasted my tanned skin.   It was also rare to see someone in Lalicland with blonde hair.   As they were a people of dark hair and brown eyes, Ella and I charmed the men of the city with my deep green eyes and her pale blue ones.
The master of the house had been fairly kind to us.   Especially as my body began to take the form of a woman.   He would visit often and entertain Ella with adventurous stories.   And he would make sure we were well fed and clothed for the season.   On the eve of my eighteenth year the master came to visit.   He told Ella to go visit the servants in the kitchen to get her evening meal.   As Ella left he closed the door behind her and locked it.

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    This was something he had never done during his visits.   I was a little surprised but part of me hoped he was here to discuss setting us free but my hopes were dashed as he grabbed me and pulled me to him.
“Master, what have I done?”“Nothing Jayna.   It’s what I want you to do for me. ”“You know I’ve always done as requested, Sire. ”“I know.   But what I ask of you now will be difficult for you to give to me. ”
My brow furrowed as I wondered what it was he could possibly want.   He turned me against the wall and lifted my skirts.   His hand began at my knee and traveled up my inner thigh.   I snapped my legs together and turned on him.   “What are you doing?!  Sire, please!”  I was in fact a virgin but had witnessed and heard enough in this vile city to know what he was after.   I knew I had taken favor with the Earl among his servants but I hadn’t realized why.   He pinned me against the wall and pushed his lips against mine.
“No, sire, PLEASE!”  I begged him to stop as he sucked against my lips.

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    It was not that I hadn’t thought about him in a sexual nature but my young mind had always imagined him taking me as his wife and making love to me.   I had never imagined he would take me forcefully.
I fought desperately against him but he was strong.   His muscles bulged as he grabbed at me.   His hands were everywhere.   He clawed at me and once again pulled my skirts up as his hand slipped between my legs.   I had never been touched there by a man.   I had never even touched myself there.   His touch sent a shiver up my virgin spine.   He pressed his head into my chest and began to kiss and nibble my breasts.
“Your body is so ripe, Jayna.   I want to be the first to experience it. ”  He moaned into my neck.   His hot breath was against my throat as his fingers continued to work my moistening slit.   I threw my head back as pleasure began to overtake me.

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    Suddenly I wanted him to be the first.   I wanted him to be inside me.  
I began to moan as he rubbed against me.   He removed my shirt and took my nipples into his mouth.   I didn’t know what was happening to my body.   Waves of heat ran through me and my hips rocked against him.
“Master, I don’t know how to please you. ”  I breathed softly into his ear.   My breathing becoming shallow and my voice turning to a velvety whisper.
“I will show you. ”  He grunted back to me.   His fingers began to work faster as he bit and sucked on my nipples.   The moisture between my legs turned into a wet ribbon running down my leg.   I moaned louder and begged him to allow me to please him.   “Get on your knees.

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  ”  He told me.   I did as instructed and he pulled himself out of his pants.   His manhood was large and I was in awe.  
“I won’t hurt you Jayna.   Now take it in your hand. ”  He said.
His penis twitched as I took hold of it.   The skin was like silk against the hard shaft.   I remembered Tanna from my village and I placed my mouth around his member and looked up at him for approval.   He looked down upon me and stroked my face as I sucked against his cock.
“Your mouth feels so good Jayna.   Suck harder and move your tongue back and forth.   Ahhhhhh.   Yes, like that. ”  Encouraged by his words (and moans) I became more eager and rapidly moved my tongue along his shaft.

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    “Now, move up and down as you move your tongue. ”  I did as told and he moaned louder.   I sucked harder and moved my tongue for him.   He arched into me and told me that my mouth was talented.   I began to increase my rhythm when he stopped me.   He took my chin in his hand and drew me up.
“I’m sorry, Master, did I do something wrong?”  I couldn’t figure out why he asked me to stop.   He seemed to be enjoying himself.
“I want to taste you, Jayna.   Is that alright with you?”  No one had ever asked me if something was alright with me.   No one had ever asked my permission to do something to me.   I was worried it would hurt.   Then I remembered he said he wouldn’t hurt me.   I nodded my acceptance and he once again lifted my skirt but this time he climbed beneath it.   I didn’t know what he was doing until I felt his mouth between my legs.

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His tongue moved slowly at first.   It tickled throughout my entire body.   My pink lips felt as though they were swelling to meet his eager mouth.   He slid his tongue to the front of my opening and a shock ran through me.   My legs began to wobble and I placed my hands on his head.   I wanted to pull him closer and push him away at the same time.   He began to work his way deeper and reached up to massage the backs of my thighs and up my buttocks.   I moaned and leaned into him.   He placed his tongue inside my slit and my legs gave out.   A loud moan escaped my lips as the wave of pleasure took over me.   I fell atop him and tried desperately to climb off as the explosion subsided.   My thighs were soaked with the juices that flowed out of me.
“Sire, I don’t know what happened.   I’m sorry!  Please, forgive me!”  I pleaded with him.
He grabbed me, rolled me on top of him and began to laugh.

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    It was my favorite laugh; from inside his soul I could tell he was truly humored.   “It’s supposed to feel like that, young one. ”  He managed to get out as he noticed my confusion.   He pulled me against him and hugged me.   I could feel his still hard cock against my thigh.
“I have another way to make you feel like that, Jayna.   It will please me as well.   Will that be alright with you?”
“Yes, Sire!”  I replied, a broad smile crossing my face.   He laughed again and told me to remove my skirts and lay on the bed.   As before, I did as told.
He moved my legs apart and laid beside me.   His hand ran along my inner thigh until he was against my womanhood.   His finger worked along my lips.   He rested his finger along my pink buldge and began to rub.   It felt amazing!  He began to pinch and pull lightly and I moved my hips in response.

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    Then he ran his finger down and slowly pushed it inside.   I rocked against him.   He then added another finger and I exploded again.   He didn’t stop.   He began pushing his fingers in and out.   Slow and shallow at first then deeper and faster.
Then he climbed on top of me.   His penis rest against my thigh and he told me he was going to enter me.   I was terrified.   His cock was much bigger than his fingers and I was afraid it would hurt.   He rubbed himself against me wetting his cock and then pressed the head against my opening until it disappeared between my pink folds.   He drew back and pushed himself deeper.   He continued until he was completely inside me.   Our bodies moving in rhythm with one another.   There was pain.

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    But it was a good kind of pain.   He hurt me inside but I felt so good I didn’t want him to stop.
He plunged into me deeper and harder.   I moaned and rocked and grabbed him.   He drove deeper and deeper until I couldn’t take anymore.   I threw my head back and my vagina clenched against him.   I convulsed and tensed.   This made him thrust harder and then he stiffened and pushed hard against me.   My master grunted a few times and finished with a few light thrusts before he collapsed atop me.
He stayed like that for what seemed like hours.   I could feel him shrink inside me as wetness leaked from between my legs.   We lay intertwined until he removed himself and headed back to the house.   I couldn’t wait for him to visit again.
More to come.