Andrea Submits to her Ex


Andrea knew she was in a world of trouble.   She was a week away from getting married, having been engaged for just over a year to a man she truly loved.   But yesterday she received a letter in the mail from John, her ex, with whom she split over two years ago.   He had somehow heard that she was to be married to her current boyfriend, Nathan, and wanted one more night of debauchery with her.   To convince her, he included several pictures of the two of them engaged in various sexual positions.   "There are many more of these, and several tapes. " the letter detailed.   "If you do not show up at the address below tomorrow at 7pm, Nathan will find out a lot more about us than you would care for him to know. "


He included his phone number on the bottom of the page, insisting that she call him with further instructions.   Andrea's trembling hands reached for her cell as memories of John rushed back to her.   The reason she left him was his perverse sexual appetite.   In public, they were great together, and all of her friends wanted them to tie the knot.   But in the bedroom, he was brutal.   It was not only his thick, nine inch cock, that was the biggest she had ever had.   It was that he would spank her, pull her hair, constantly finger her asshole as he pounded her doggie style.   Twice he forced anal on her, the first through persuasion that she would enjoy it (it was her her first time), and the second by pinning her face down on the bed and having his way with her.

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    After both encounters, he left her crying into tear-stained pillows, his cum deep in her ass, and non-challantly showered as if she were not even there.


Andrea knew that he was serious about sending Nathan the picture, but how could she be sure that he would not send them anyway?  If she went to him tonight, she knew he would defile her, humiliate her, torture her. . . he would make up for everything he wanted to do to her in the past that she would not permit.   She nervously dialed the numbers he left for her.


"Hello?" he answered.   "Its me," she trembled.   "Andrea!  I was starting to doubt you would call!  I just finished packing up this box of pictures and videos for your beau. "  "No!  You didn't send it yet, did you?" she feared.   "No, no.   True to my word, you have until tonight to come to me.   Be at the address I gave you at 7pm, understand?"  Andrea said that she understood.   "Good.   You can wear whatever you like, but no underwear, OK?"  "O.

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  . " before she could get out the 'K,' he had hung up.   Andrea was reminded of what an asshole he was, but knew she would have to give in to him tonight.


At 6:55pm, she was driving through the suburbs, trying to find this address.   If she were late, John would only make things harder on her, but she knew she was close.   As he came around a long curve, an enormous house, practically a mansion, appeared in front of her.   She slowed down to read the number on the mail box, and confirmed that this was her destination.   She wondered whose house this was as she pulled into the drive way and got out of the car.  


John stepped out of the front door and approached her, smiling, and asked her "What do you think of the place?"  "Its huge!  Whose is it?"  "Its mine, you stupid bitch.   You think I am going to blackmail my ex at a stranger's house?"  "What do you mean its yours?  DId you hit the lottery or something?" She recalled that he was always struggling with finances when they were together.   "No, no.   When you left me, I decided to focus my attention on getting girls that would do anything in the bedroom.   Eventually, I found enough hot girls who are just flat out sick, I started a website.   Now there are thousands of guys all across the country paying me $30 a month to watch us fuck like animals. "


Andrea was experiencing a plethora of emotions.

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    She was half impressed, half disgusted, and totally nervous.   Now he was not only wanting deviant things from her, but he was apparently skilled at them.   She could only imagine what this night would entail.   He took her by the hand and led her inside.   Everywhere she looked, she saw class.   She was shocked that he could have put something together like this, and had a feeling that he even had enough money to hire an interior decorator.   He guided her to the top of the stairs leading down to the basement.


"Now, when we walk downstairs, I am going to up this blindfold on you.   You are going to be mine from now until midnight, at which point you can leave, if you want to. "  He smirked as she squirmed in his hand.   He knew that midnight could not come soon enough to her, and that at the stroke of midnight she would want to run upstairs and drive home 100mph.   She followed him down to the bottom of the stairs and was greeted by a door.   "This is for you," he said holding up the blindfold.   Andrea read the word "Slut" on the eye patches and grunted in disapproval.  


He opened the door and pushed her inside.


    She could not make this out, but there was a crowd of three men and three women anticipating them.   From where they entered, they walked directly onto a stage, fully equipped with lights and all kind of dungeonesque gadgets.   Andrea could feel the heat of the lights and heard a small murmur of whispers, sensing an audience but unable to confirm it.   John grabbed her from behind and kicked her legs apart just a trace wider than shoulder length.   He held her back tight to his stomach, and she could feel his cock hanging between her legs.


John reached around her and lifted the hem of her sun dress.   Andrea stoically held still as he pulled it above her waist, exposing her pussy and neatly trimmed pubic hair to the crowd.   The men were salivating at her lewdly displayed body.   With his free hand, John slipped three fingers between her legs, parting her pussy lips and gliding against her sex.   She grunted as he massaged her still-dry pussy, and her ass forced its way backwards against his thighs.  


"Hands above your head," he commanded.   She complied immediately, and in one swift motion he pulled her sun dress up and over her head, leaving her completely nude save for her sandals.   "Keep your hands where they are," he said before she brought them back down to cover herself.   He locked them to eachother in a pair of leather cuffs, connected by a three inch chain, and pushed her backwards again the stone wall.   He lifted her slightly and attached the cuffs to a hook that was firmly implanted between two of the stones and left her there for a moment.

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He stepped back and admired his prize.   Despite all the fucking he had done the last two years, he always wanted to embarrass this girl for leaving him.   He loved everything about her body.   She had lovely, firm 34Cs, smooth, ivory skin, and brunette hair down to her shoulders.   The hook was at such a height that her 5'4" body needed to stand on her toes to alleviate the strain on her arms.   He position forced her to thrust her beautiful tits out into the cold basement air, on full view to the group in front of her and anyone watching on the live web cam mounted at the rear of the room.


"So, in case you could not tell, Andrea, there is a small group of people here that you do not know.   Three men, three women.   They are usually just spectators, but every once in a while a slave's beauty inspires one or more of them to join in.   You are also broadcasting live on my website to fans around the country.   We do not save the files to download, so unless your fiance is a member he will never see this.   Now announce to the cameras and your audience that you consent to what is going to happen to you tonight. "


Behind her blindfold, Andrea's eyes were starting to water.   She had little choice but to abide by his demand, and hoped that if she played it easy he would be easy on her.   "I do consent," she stammered.

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    "Tell everyone that you crave my cock, and you love it rough. "  Andrea swallowed a huge gulp of air, and with it, her pride, and said, "I need your cock.   Please fuck me nice and rough. "


With these words, John became immediately fully arouse.   He approached the prone girl and grabbed her tits.   "Very good, slut. "  He harshly smacked the top of her right tit, causing her to yelp.   He then smacked the top of her left breast, again drawing a yelp from between her lips.   Moving back to her right, he propped up her tit with his left hand, holding it out to admire, and then wailed down on it with his right hand.   Andrea gasped a deep breath and bit her lip, trying not to give him the satisfaction of crying out load.   He repeatedly whacked her right tit from above, until it started to turn red.   This caused a strange sensation for Andrea.   It was a searing pain, but the blood rushing to her nipples did cause them to extend and harden.


John had done this to enough girls that he knew this would be the result.   Once her right nipple was hard, he moved to the left.

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    Andrea rotated her back against the wall, wiggling against the onslaught.   Her feet came off the ground as her knees instinctively rose to protect herself, but there was no defense.   When she was reddened and her nipples were fully erect, John backed off.   She squirmed against her restraints, wishing she could hold her breasts and comfort them.   John unhooked the cuffs, quickly spun her around and reattached them on the same hook.   She was now facing the stone wall, her sensitive nipples brushing against it.  


One of the women in the audience, dressed entirely in leather and rubber, grabbed a long paddle from a table full of instruments and approached Andrea.   John sat in her seat and started jerking off as she approached the prone Andrea.   She held the paddle in her right hand, and with her left grabbed Andrea's hair and yanked it down.   Andrea was forced to look upwards and extend her tits even harder into the wall.   She screamed for the first time as the woman pushed her left elbow between her shoulder blades and ground her against the wall.


Then, holding the paddle above her head, brought it down hard on Andrea's bare ass.   "Owww!" Andrea yelled in surprise.   She was expecting a spanking, but with a hand, not a paddle.   "Shut up bitch.

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    Only count out the number of spankings you receive. "  Again Andrea's eyes started to water as she realized a stranger was dominating her.   Another stroke came down on her ass, and she sobbed "Two. "  Another, landing on the top of her left cheek.   "Three," she got out.   The fourth landed on the bottom of her right cheek.   By the time she got to twenty, Andrea was completely out of breath and stinging.   Her tits only now were starting to calm down, but her ass was screaming at her.   Her mistress was an expert with the paddle.


John thanked the woman for helping him with his cause, then reached up and disconnected the cuffs from eachother.   Andrea collapsed on the floor, her butt landing first, and rolled over onto her side.   "Lets go, slut.   On your knees, head on the ground. "  Andrea took a second before responding, which  she quickly learned not to do.   John wailed down on her ruby red ass, stinging her, and she quickly slid into position.

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    Her bare ass and pussy were facing the crowd and camera.   "Now get your hands on your ass and spread it for us. "  She did as she was told, gripping each cheek and peeling them open. "


John held in his hand a butt plug with a pony tail attached.   With her sphincter winking at him, he pushed against it.   Andrea was tight and resisting, but he knew it was against her will.   "Relax your ass, bitch," he degraded her.   Andrea took another deep breath and tried to remain calm.   John pushed against her asshole with little care for her comfort and wedged the plug into her butt.   The tail remained outside, a sign of his dominance of her.  


He knelt in front of her face and told her to push herself up onto her hands and knees.   She did.   "Say ahhh," he sneered.   Andrea opened her mouth to say "Ahhh," but only got out a quick 'A' before he plugged her mouth with his cock.   He grabbed her chin and the back of her head and forced her into a position so that his dick could glide right into the back of her throat.

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    With her source of oxygen obstructed, she held still hoping for mercy.   Instead, he reached down the length of her body and grabbed her tail, pulling hard on it to force her further onto his dick.  


She put her right hand on his hip in protest, seriously concerned that she was about to pass out, but he grasped the back of her head and held her in place.   He watched her spine for signs that she was about to collapse.   Once he saw her start to tremble, he pulled her off his dick and forced her head down the the ground.   She took enormous breaths, trying to refill her lungs, as he straddled the top of her head and held her ass in the palms of his hands, gesturing towards the camera and crowd like King Kong showing off his blonde.


When she had regained her breath, John repeated the whole charade over again.   After three times, he spun her on to her back and mounted her chest.   "Push your tits together around my dick," he said.   Andrea did as she was told.   The mistress from earlier brought over a can of warm oil and drizzled it onto her boobs, allowing John to glide with ease.

  He told Andrea to spread her legs and lift her knees.   She again obeyed with no resistance.   The mistress poured more oil onto her gaping pussy, and John reached behind him and stuck two fingers inside her hole.  


This position was actually relatively easy for Andrea.


    She only had to hold her tits together as John fucked them, and he was finger fucking her with lots of oil, which she greatly appreciated.   She had been dry, and this would be killing her if not for the oil.   Because her ass still stung from the beating, she raised her hips off the ground, which John interpreted as her trying to meet his fingers.   He started finger fucking her in earnest, trying to maker her cum. "Come on, bitch.   Cum for me.   Shoot that cum all over the floor. "  He cupped his fingers so that his palm brushed against her clit as he slid back and forth.   Andrea started moaning and thrusting her hips harder and harder, raising her ass a full six inches off the floor.  


He fucked her hard with his fingers until he felt her orgasm approaching.   He switched to just rubbing her clit, and she exploded in climax.   She was so ashamed, letting this demon bring her such pleasure, but could not help but to feel a little joy.   The audience applauded his ability.   He shoved his pussy-covered fingers into her mouth and clamped down on her jaw, reminding her that she was his slave.   He ripped the blindfold off her eyes and sneered down at her.

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    She blinked as she grew accustomed to the light and saw him domineering her.   "Having fun, babe?" he mocked.   He moved her jaw up and down, forcing her to nod.   "I thought you were. "


Andrea tasted pussy on her tongue for the first time and it made her gag.   It did not help that he had four fingers shoved into her mouth, smearing her juices all around her oral cavity.   He pulled his hand out and slapped her on the cheek as he stood up, leaving her splayed spread eagle and damp.   He grabbed her hair and pulled her up.   She quickly realized that she better stand or he would pull it right out of her head.   She got to her feet and stood tall as he held her hair high.   He yanked down on her tail, forcing the plug out of her ass with a pop.   Again she yelped in surprise, and felt oddly empty without it.


He held it up to her mouth and commanded her to hold it between her lips.   She closed her eyes and opened her mouth for him to put it right on her tongue.   She closed her lips around it, disgusted as the thought of where it had been, and awaited further command.

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    "Bend over at the waist," was the mandate, and she bent over so that her back was parallel to the ground.   She braced herself as she knew what was coming.   John grabbed the oil can and poured it on his dick and her ass, creating a beautiful sheen, and stroked himself to full staff.   He approached her gaping asshole and placed his head against it.  


Holding her right thigh with his right hand, he wedged the head of his dick into her asshole with his left.   Andrea held her mouth agape in a silent scream, her eyes just now fixing themselves on the other people in the room.   The men were all stroking their cocks, and the women all looked slutty and incredibly turned on by her suffering.   With his head inside her ass and her back at the perfect angle, John grabbed her waist and slid half his cock inside her.   Andrea's hands and arms reached for some support that was not there, but John had her tightly in his grasp.


Once he was firmly and confidently inside her, her grabber her elbows and pulled them behind her back, forcing her chest out again and giving him the support to ram further up her butt.   He started to move back and forth in her anal chute, driving up a little further with each thrust.   As he approached balls deep, Andrea started to lose her mind.   "Jesus Christ. . .

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  " she blasphemed, and then immediately apologized to her God for thinking of him here.   John smiled an evil grin, knowing that he owned this bitch, and rammed his cock balls deep inside her.   Her knees buckled, but she could not go anywhere with the tripod of support that was his two hands and cock.  


He started pumping in and out, jamming up into her with quick motions, causing her boobs to giggle for the cameras.   She never felt so full in her life.   The two previous times he fucked her ass, he did not use any lube.   While this was not pleasurable for her, it was at least not nearly as bad as before.   John was ready to cum, so he let go of her elbows again and gripped her hips.   He looked down and admired his whole dick sliding in and out of her sphincter.   He pulled slowly out, leaving just the head in, and deposited his load inside her asshole.  


Andrea had a fleeting instant of hope that perhaps because he had cum the night would be over soon.   "Squat down and finger that pussy, whore. "  Andrea stayed on her feet and lowered her ass to the ground, separated her knees and stroked her clit for the crowd.   Still holding the tail plug in her mouth, she felt his jizz ooze out of her asshole and pool on the ground.   John pulled the plug out of her mouth and ordered her to clean off his dick with her tongue.


    She craned her neck and slid her tongue up the length of his shaft.   She was so humiliated, cleaning of his dick after it had been in her ass, and after he had beaten her tits so mercilessly.   Yet here she was, lapping cum residue and the insides of her ass off his cock without restraint.  


When he was satisfied with her work, he forced her head to the ground and ordered her to lap up the cum that had fallen out of her ass.   She was horrified, and for an instant delayed.   "I will not ask you again," he said, slapping her ass.   Having not done this before, she looked a little foolish trying to figure it out.   She put her tongue on it, tasting its saltiness and the dirtiness of the floor, but succeeded only in pushing it around.   She quickly realized that the only way to get it into her mouth was to slurp.   She pursed her lips, planted it on the cum mound and sucked.   The cum shot into her mouth and she moved it into her cheeks.   She continued to vacuum the cum off the floor, pooling it inside her mouth, and then sat up on her knees and swallowed.  


"Bravo!" said her mistress.   "Now you service me. "  Andrea was crestfallen as she realized she would in all likelihood be here until midnight.

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    John sat down in a chair, spent, and enjoyed the show.   This night could not have gone any better for him.   That Andrea even showed up was almost good enough, but that he had taken her ass and was broadcasting her humiliation to the entire country only made this better.  


The other women in the room came up with the mistress and carried Andrea to a wooden pommel horse.   Pushing against her breasts, they encouraged her to lie her back on top of it.   From the ceiling hung ropes and chains, Andrea just seeing them now for the first time.   One of the women cuffed Andrea's hands behind her back beneath the wooden bar.   The other two shackled her ankles to an ankle spreader that hung from the ceiling.   Andrea was again completely at their mercy.  


The head mistress instructed the other girls to take their seats, and vanished from Andrea's view for a moment.   When she returned, Andrea noticed that she was holding two red candles.   The mistress set one right on her belly button.   The base was about four inches wide, so there was not much of a chance that it would fall, but Andrea was worried about the wax spilling onto her stomach.   Before she could think about it too much, she watched in horror as her mistress tilted the other one right over her left breast.   "Please, no!" she yelled as she saw the wax spill out the top and land on her tits.

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    It burned when it made contact, but cooled within seconds.  


"Shut your mouth, slave.   Your mouth is strictly for pleasuring me moving forward. "  WIth that, she swung a leg over the contraption and planted her pussy on Andrea's mouth.   Andrea had never been with a girl before, and the thought of eating pussy was appalling to her.   Her mistress grabbed her left nipple and pulled hard on it.   "Lick, bitch!"  She commanded.   Andrea squirmed against her bonds, but knew she had no choice but to lick.   She extended her tongue into the juicy clam invading her mouth.   The taste was almost as bad as the smell, and she struggled for breath.   Holding onto her nipple with a clamp-like grip, the mistress continued to dump hot wax on her tit.  


Andrea screamed from beneath her mistress's pussy, which only turned her on more.   She started to grind her hips on Andrea's face, smearing her juices all over her lips and chin.   Andrea's screams were muffled, and the mistress continued to bathe her with the wax.   After about ten minutes of servicing her pussy, Andrea felt relief as the mistress dismounted.

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    Still standing next to her head, the mistress revealed a strap on dildo that was easily as big as John.   Sliding herself into it, she moved towards Andrea's spread pussy and applied some of the oil that John had used on her ass.   She smeared it on her dildo and squirted some up Andrea's pussy.   She positioned the head of the dildo at Andrea's hole and pushed in.  


In one long, slow motion she forced the entire cock up Andrea's slippery cunt.   Andrea arched her back to make space for the intrusion.   As she did, the candle on her stomach tilted forward, hot wax flowing onto her skin between the belly button and her pubic hair.   She gasped again in complete discomfort, stuffed by an enormous dildo and burned by the candle wax.   Her mistress picked up the candle and snickered.   "Get ready for some pain, whore. "  She tilted the candle over her pubic mount, the wax singing her hair and then solidifying amongst it.   She drowned the area in wax as she rocked the dildo back and forth inside her pussy.  


Andrea could feel the wax working its way closer and closer to her pussy.   The mistress reveled in her pain as she slowly dripped closer to her clit.   Andrea's knees tensed up, raising her ass off the board, in nervous anticipation.

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    Then, in an instant, the first hot drip landed on her clit.   Andrea's entire body convulsed, the ropes and chains shaking above her, struggling to hold her in place.   Her clit started to throb as copious amounts of wax made the entire experience more intense.   As she grew accustomed to the pain, Andrea started to lose control of her senses.   The mistress blew out the candle and dropped it on the floor.   She reached both of her hands up and grabbed ahold of Andrea's wax-covered tits, and started humping her with great earnest.  


With all the sensation in her pussy, Andrea started working her way towards her second orgasm of the night.   Her mistress sensed her oncoming climax, and warned her "You better not cum unless I tell you it is OK.   Beg for permission to cum. "  Andrea rocked her hips in time with the dildo attack, and when she was on the verge of cumming, she asked "Please let me cum. "  "No, hold it in.   And call me mistress. "  Andrea tried her best to get her knees together, with no success.   She waited another thirty seconds, trying to delay her orgasm.   "Please, mistress, let me cum.

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  "  "You better fucking not. . . two more minutes. "  Andrea knew she could not hold out that long.   She tried, but there was no point in resisting.   She came with a bang, ejaculating cum onto the floor beneath the mistress's legs.


"Big mistake, bitch," said her mistress.   "I'm sorry, I couldn't. . . " the mistress interrupted her with a smack across the face.   "Save your apologies, slave.   You just lost out on a chance for early departure.   Now you have to spend the final two hours under out control.

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  "  Andrea again opened her mouth to protest and beg, but it was quickly plugged up by a ball gag, which was then secured behind her head.   There was movement from everyone else in the room, and Andrea turned to inspect where they were going.   She watched as the three male guests approached her while the three women started preparing an apparatus nearby.


The men started peeling the wax off of her body, revealing her red but unburned skin.   Her breasts and pubic area received the most attention, and as soon as they were clear the men began mauling her like animals.   Her legs were still spread upwards and outwards, and her hands were still cuffed beneath her.   From all around her, the men slapped their erections on her, pounding her stomach, face, tits and pussy.   Andrea attempted to squirm away from the onslaught, but her feeble attempts only brought out snickers from the men, furthering her humiliation.   One of the men started rubbing her pussy with his middle three fingers, and found that it was still dripping wet from her last orgasm.   Andrea clenched her eyes tight, trying not to cum again and hiding her shame that she had already cum twice.  


Inadvertently, she began to grind her pussy up to meet his fingers.

  He expertly alternated between fingering her hole and rubbing her clit, and she again was on the verge of orgasm.   This time, however, she was cut short.   The head mistress directed the men to back off, which they did.   She then unclasped Andrea's hands, and gave the go-ahead to her minions.


    In the corner of the stage, the three women began turning a huge crank, and Andrea could feel her legs rising up above her.   The rope connecting her ankle-spreader was pulling her up towards the ceiling,  and the mistress lifted her shoulders off the wooden plank and lowered her to the floor, but she was only there an instant.  


The rope continued to rise until she was hanging upside down in the middle of the room.   The mistress reattached the cuffs and clipped them to a hook on the floor behind her back.   Of all the degrading positions she had experienced that night, Andrea felt the most vulnerable here.   She was spread open, hands pinned down, her breasts were falling towards her chin, and she was muted by her ball gag.   To make matters worse, the head mistress emerged from the corner carrying a Magic Wand.   Andrea tilted her head upward and watched her lay it on her clit and secure it by wrapping Saran Wrap around her stomach and pussy.   Andrea just watched it all happen, as the Saran Wrap turned from kitchen necessity to make-shift bikini.  


Her mistress did not turn the Magic Wand on, however, opting instead to leave it still for the time being.   The three women guests were each handed a whip comprised of several wide, heavy leather straps.   They surrounded the prone Andrea, one in front of her and two on either side of her backside.   Andrea only saw the one whip in the hands of the woman in front of her and clenched in fear.   From between the woman's legs, Andrea could make out the blinking red light of one of the cameras in the room, and was immediately reminded of how her pain and suffering was causing erections to men around the country.   She prayed that Nathan was not one of them, although she knew he was not into this kind of kinky sex.

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All at once, the women began striking her with their whips.   The blows were landing sideways across her stomach, back and ass.   Because the straps were so broad, they did not break skin, they merely landed heavily on her flesh, reddening it and stinging her severely.   Andrea twisted in her bonds with each and every strike of the whip, but no matter how she turned she was exposed to one of her assailants.   The woman in front of her moved her attention towards Andrea's tits, wailing down on the bottom of her breasts with great vigor.   Andrea tilted her head upwards, staring into the floor, and let out a muffled scream.   She was worried she would pass out from the pain, and all of her blood was rushing to her head, making her dizzy.  


Just when she thought she could not take any more, her mistress flipped the switch on the Magic Wand, which in turn started vibrating hard and fast against her clit.   Andrea had never used a vibrator before, but she had heard about this one and how effective it was.   Despite what she had been told, she was surprised as to how quickly she approached orgasm.   The whips came lashing down on her bare body from all angles, but there was no slowing her impending climax.   The girl in front of her set down her whip and moved against Andrea, her face level with Andrea's pussy.   She reached around her body and gripped Andrea's ass cheeks, spreading them wide.   The two women immediately started aiming their whips for the exposed anus.  


With each strike against her sphincter, Andrea winced and instinctively clenched her ass together.

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    This forced her harder onto the Magic Wand, which was pressed against the chest of the woman in front of her.   As a result, each pang of stinging pain was quickly followed by an increase in pleasure.   She did not really want to cum again.   She did not want to cum the first time.   She feared that it showed weakness, or a willingness to be here and submit to John.   But on the other hand, she was going to go through this whether or not she wanted to.   'Should I not try to enjoy it?' she convinced herself to let loose. She focussed on the pleasure in her pussy and rode the Magic Wand to another screaming orgasm.   She writhed in pleasure, her hips twisting in mid air, trying to press even harder against the vibrator.  


By now, her glowing red skin was soaking wet with rivers of sweat, her hair was damp and collapsed on the floor, and saliva was leaking out of her mouth and down her cheeks.   The woman in front of her cupped her hand over her spread pussy, pushing the vibrator firmly against her clit, and dipped two fingers into her twat.   She started finger-fucking her with both fingers, gliding easily in and out of Andrea's juicy pussy.   Andrea did her best to meet the motion of the fingers in her pussy, but could do very little in her bonds.   It didn't matter, in a few seconds, she was cumming yet again, juices squirting out of her like a geyser.  


"Let the bitch down," said the mistress.

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    As Andrea came down from her orgasmic high, the three women cranked the lever to lower her to the floor.   She was light-headed and her arms were aching from being wrenched behind her back.   She lay still as the women disconnected the ankle-spreader and her handcuffs.   She was now free from restraints, but still felt completely at their disposal.   She felt a strong pair of hands grab her knees and pull her until she was lying on her back.   She looked up and saw John, standing between her spread legs, stroking his cock to full staff.   He was sneering down at her, and was about to fully convert her into his willing slave.  


"Spread your pussy for me, baby," he said.   Andrea was so delirious from her previous climaxes that she did not object.   She almost forgot where she was, and any consideration of Nathan had completely abandoned her.   She reached into her pussy and spread her lips apart for him.   He knelt down between her legs and placed the tip of his cock against her dripping, gaping hole.   In one motion, he pushed his entire nine inches inside her.   Andrea arched her back off the floor, leaving only her ass, shoulders and head on the ground.   As much as she hated to admit it, and she never would,Andrea it felt good.


    She had cum so much that her entire vaginal passage was like a slip-and-slide, and her easily slid his massive member in and out of her.  


"You are gonna cum for me, Andrea, with no restraints holding you down, with no toys, and no anal.   Straight, one-on-one missionary sex.   Just the lame-ass way you always wanted it. "  He spoke to her from inches above her face, staring straight into her eyes.   He chest pressed her breasts down into her ribcage as he ground his cock inside her.   Andrea turned her head to the side in embarrassment, not wanting to submit to the pleasure he was giving her.   But he turned her head back to meet his gaze, and Andrea started to lose control.  


Every inch of her body twitched with desire.   His nine inches kept gliding in and out of her, filling her up and leaving her empty.   His chest hair brushed against her sensitive nipples, her spanked ass pounded against the ground.   Without making a conscious decision, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pulled her mouth up to meet his.   With this, he knew he had her again.   He tongued the inside of her mouth ferociously, and felt her tongue tickling his own.   Andrea gave in to her primal desires and approached orgasm again.

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Satisfied with his work, he pulled out and left her spread eagle on the floor.   Andrea grabbed her tits and massaged them in post-orgasmic glow.   But her pleasure did not last long.   The women grabbed her again and turned her onto her stomach.   Then, they tucked her knee underneath her so that her ass was sticking up in the air, and her face and tits were pressed down to the ground.   John stood over his ass and lowered his cock to it.   Andrea's euphoria was interrupted as his cock forced its way into her asshole again.   His dick was still wet from her pussy, so he slid in easily, and watched as Andrea's hands grasp at the floor for something to hold on to.   The mistress came over and squatted down on the top of her head, pinning her hands beneath her knees and locking the top half of her body in place.  


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    "What's that?" she taunted.   Andrea's right knee shot up towards her stomach as she lurched in pain.   "I will be back for more, mistress. "


The mistress let her go, "That's what I thought," she said.   Andrea clenched her breasts as she watched John approached the camera.   "Goodnight, everyone," he said as he flipped it off.   He turned back towards the room and excused his guests, who all filed out of the room and up the stairs.   John addressed Andrea: "Its 11:55pm.   What do you want to do for the next five minutes?"  "You've got to be kidding me," Andrea protested.   "I'm not, actually.   In fact, I think I would like some head.   Crawl over here and suck my dick. "  There was the standard cruelty in his voice, an indifference towards her that made her leave him years ago.   But she knew that she had to do this.   If Nathan saw the videos and pictures that John had of the two of them, he might call off the wedding.

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She knelt down on the floor and crawled like a cat over to him.   He scooted forward in his seat and spread his legs so that his erect was easily reachable to her.   "No hands.   Put them behind your back," he ordered as she reached his dick.   She sat back on her ankles and and grabbed her wrists behind her back, lowered her head to his cock and took it between her lips.   As she bobbed her head up and down, John sat up in his chair and ran his hands down her back.   He reached beneath her and fondled her tits, wondering if it would be the last time he would have her.   He could always just blackmail her again.   He still had all the pics and videos.   How could a girl with this body, who gives head this good and ass is so tight, be released from his control.   He knew he would have her here again in the future.


Her tongue and lips were making his hard cock a shiny pole, and the mental stimulation of his control over her caused him to approach orgasm for a third time that night.   He grabbed the back of her head and forced it down his cock.   "Keep your hands where they are and get ready to swallow," he said, again with an inflection of indifference.   He shot his final load of the evening right into her throat, and watched with sadistic pleasure as her body convulsed.

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    He loved the sound of her gagging and struggling for air, and had to put another hand on her head to keep her lodged on his dick.  


Once his dick shrunk down to its non-erect size, her pulled her head off it and let her breathe again.   Andrea instantly started coughing and taking deep breaths.   "You're an asshole," she said as she supported herself on her hands and knees, finally reaching a normal respiration rate.   John brought her her sun dress, left it next to her and walked to the door.   "Whenever you're ready," he said.   Andrea worked her way to her feet and slipped the sun dress on, leaving herself nude beneath, just as she had arrived.   Only now she had a butt plug inside her, holding four loads of cum up her ass.  


She walked over to the door and proceeded up the stairs.   John followed her up to the main floor and walked her to the front door.   He held her hand so she could not quite leave.   "In about a year, I might call on you to do this again.   I am sure this was one of the best episodes I have ever filmed," he said.   "Come on, John.   Please, just let me be.

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    I didn't comply completely tonight?  I held up my end of the deal.   Just let me go. "  "Well, we'll see.   Just don't forget that if I am ever mad at you, or if I ever go more than a couple days without hearing from you after I try to contact you, I will mail your hubby a bunch of things you don't want him to have. "  


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