Ashley, I cant help it


All right a little info about Chris(15). He is 5’7 ish. STRAIT brown hair kinda in a bowl shape down to just above his eyes. He is pretty well built, but nothing amazing. He is white with a little tan and skinny. He packs a 7 ½ inch package. Brown eyes and a little bit of fuzz above his upper lip. Ashley(14) is about 5’5-5’6 with blonde, almost a shiney white hair, also strait. She is fairly shapely. Nice ass and about a B cup. It goes down maybe 4 inches below her shoulders. She has blue eyes and long dark eyelashes. For the readers: This is my first "story" to be posted on this site, if it is even long enough to be considered that. I know it's short i only spent like an hour and a half on it so hope yall like it. oh and this is entirely fiction and shit. I sit on my couch shirt off wearing just a pair of faded torn up jeans.

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   I am watching a Toronto game when I hear the doorbell ring. My mom, sisters, stepfather, and baby brother had gone to the beach for the weekend so I had the home to myself. I jump up as I hear the bell and nearly spill a Miller allover myself. I walk feel for the small knife in my pocket. I hold it ready and I slowly open the door. You are standing there with your makeup smeared down your face in a plhad miniskirt and tube top. I know you had obviously been crying. I quickly pocket the knife and hold the door open. You hug me while rubbing tears allover my shoulder. I hold you close and ask, “ What are you doing here Ashley?” You sniff and look me in the eyes. “ They… They kicked me out,” you say between sniffs, “ They didn’t want me to be a bother anymore. ” I hold you close muttering, “ It’s all right… it’s ok…” I let you lean on me and walk you into the living room. “ Look. You should sit down all right? I’ll get you something to drink. K?” I ask holding you out in front of me.

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   You manage to say a yes and give me another hug before sitting down. I walk into the kitchen and grab a beer and a fill a glass up with water. I also grab a couple tissues. I sit down beside you and hand you the tissues, which you use to dab up your face. You throw them to the side and then look at what else I have brought. You ignore the water and grab the beer taking a big gulp of it before you lay your head on my shoulder. I instinctively put my hand in your hair holding you close and accidentally stare down at your chest. I notice you are not wearing a bra and can see the outline of your nipple. I turn away, but I can feel my member starting to get a little hard. I then realize for the first time you are soaked and that it was raining outside. “ Shit Ashley we need to get you changed,” I say helping you up. You nod and I lead you upstairs to my mom’s room. I hand you a towel as we pass the closet and I send you in saying you can put on whatever you can find and that my sister has some clothes upstairs. I can’t help but watch you through the small crack in the door as you dry yourself off and then go through my mom’s clothes. You choose a pair of red lace thong and bra.

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   You then tell me you are going upstairs to see what my sister has. By now I have a raging hard on and have to run to the bathroom to jack off. Unfortunately you get changed before I can finish. You come down stairs in skin, tight jeans and a similar tube top. It also looks like you touched up your makeup. You give me a small smile as you walk over and give me a hug. I hug you back and kiss you on the head innocently. You don’t notice and sit down on the couch. I tell you I am going to go dry your clothes in the dryer. I throw them in but stop and smell your panties. I get a major hard on just thinking about you soaked and in them. I eventually force myself to throw them in and walk back into the room hoping the massive hard on will be unnoticeable and will leave soon. You scoot up close to me for comfort, but this does nothing to turn me off and only increases my want for you. I try and make conversation and say, “ So how long do you think you will be staying baby?” You give me a puppy dog look and say, “ As long as I can. I don’t really want to go back there…” I sigh and say, “ My family is coming home in two days.

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   I’m sorry you can’t stay longer. ” You nod with a sigh and lay your head down in my lap right on my hard on. I try not to move it and hope you don’t notice. Luckily I think you do. An hour or two later we have eaten a quick meal of microwave dinner and watched some crappy chick flick. You seem to be feeling better and I ask were you wanted to sleep, saying I will sleep on the couch. You say you want my mom’s bed and I tell you to go ahead. You enter the room and I slowly follow watching you through the slightly ajar door. You have stripped down to just your now dry panties and stand at the bed making sure the pillows and stuff are how you like them. I honestly don’t even realize my member is out as I stroke it just outside the door. I finally find it unbearable and barge in rapping my hands around your tits and pulling you towards me. My dick is up against your panty covered ass crack. “ Chris what the fuck are you doing?” you asked shocked. I run my lips down your neck and say, “ I’m sorry baby I just cant fucking take it anymore. You are so god damn sexy and I want you so bad.

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  ” You try and pull away from me but I only tighten my grip on your tits and pull you closer. “ Chris get off!” you say firmly. I ignore you and kiss down your neck. “ Chris i'm serious I want you to stop!” you say getting more emotional. I stop and whisper, “ I know tonight has been hard Ashley, but it can be better for the both of us if you just cooperate. ” “ Fuck off Chris!” you say. I snarl and squeeze your left nipple hard making you arch in extreme pain and slight pleasure. “ Well since you don’t want to do it the easy way we will have to do it the hard way,” I say grabbing my mom’s undergarments. I tie your and together and gag you. “ Sorry baby, but I have to get some you understand right?” You are practically in tears and refuse to look at me. I don’t care and kiss up and down your body as I sit on your legs. I finally get down to your panties and smile at the small outline of your pussy lips. I slowly hold your panties and slide them down causing you to whimper slightly from the humiliation. I pull them off you and smell them before putting them off to the side. I bend down and breathe in the aroma of your young pussy.

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   The smell intoxicates me and only makes me harder. “ mmmm… baby I hope you taste as wonderful as you smell. I run a hand over your soft bald pussy. You shudder a bit. I move it on around the outside then slowly insert it into your little love hole. You whimper louder and arch your back slightly. I smile and move my finger in and out slowly. I soon insert to as you finally start to produce some kind of lubricant. I laugh as I pull my two fingers out and lick them. “ Mmmm…. Mmmm… you’re a dirty girl baby. Very dirty indeed. I think you should be punished don’t you?” I say not really looking for an answer. Your eyes dart to my hard on and I say, “ no baby not yet that will be later. ” I chuckle and then spread your pussy lips open.

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   You close your eyes fearing what I may do. I slip my middle finger into your pussy as I run my tongue around your belly. I move it in and out as I slowly move towards your dripping compartment. You are breathing more heavily as I move in faster and faster then I stop and remove my finger. You realize my tongue is hair length away from your virgin pussy. I stretch it open and insert my tongue tasting the inside of your young cunt. I move my tongue around causing you to squirm and soon your instinctively bucking in subconscious pleasure. Your grunt can be heard from under the gag as I tongue fuck you. Your juices are running down my face as you buck harder then with a silent scream from you, you cum allover my face. Realizing this I dig my tongue deeper in and swallow as much of you as I can. When your done I sit up and stare at your panting body. I lick my lips and laugh. “ Baby you don’t know how much I love the taste of your pussy. I want to eat it every night… hehe well now it’s that time I told you about. Hearing this you try and squirm away but I only hold you down harder.

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   “ Don’t worry baby it will be ok. ” I say as I spread your legs wider. I inch forward so the tip of my large dick is touching the edges of your wet pussy. I tease you a little then slowly inch inside of you. Each movements send waves of pleasure through you, as you lay there embarrassed as hell but loving it all the same. I eventually get hilt deep then slowly inch out lubing myself up. I give you a reassuring smile before I push in a little harder this time. I watch your eyes squeeze almost closed as you wince. I pull out and then push in at the same pace letting you get used to it. By the eight times you are moving with me slightly. I tighten my grip on your thighs and then smile saying it will feel really good. I pull out, and then silently count down before shoving in. The pleasure, pain, and shock all rush to you at once knocking the wind out of you slightly. I of course do not let you catch your breath and pull out and shove back in quickly. I repeat this speedy process over and over and soon am pounding your tight pussy.

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   You are crying slightly, but compulsively move with my strong thrusts. I am grunting and panting after a good five minutes of hard fucking and ready to cum. I gain speed slightly and push in harder while whispering in your ear, “ Baby… im almost ready to cum… im gonna cum inside of you all right…. Be ready…” I say as I push you forward a little and start pounding you as hard as I can. The pain had subsided long ago and you are now in complete ecstasy as your juices fly allover the bed. Finally I put all my weight in and go as deep as I can go. There is a split second were nothing happens then you feel my warm cum erupting inside of you. It quickly fills up your pussy and floods out. I shoot stream after stream of hot cum into you, all the time smiling. When I am all done I pull up and lay next to you. I smile sweetly and tell you I love you then fall asleep. You produce what you could call a smile and fall asleep with me….

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