Chapter One - The Ride


I needed a ride. I had no money and I was in the middle of east bumfuck. I had walked 10 miles to this truck stop and I had to find a ride.
I put on my cute cut off jean shorts; they show off my nice ass and smooth tan legs. I’m 5’5” with perky C-cup tits and long red curly hair. The red hair usually sealed the deal. Guys couldn’t resist it. I usually managed to get what I want. I met this guy at the truck stop. He was paying for gas. I pretended to look at something next to him as he paid at the counter. I bumped into him and purposely lost my balance. He reached out and put his hands under my arms, and held me up. I couldn’t help noticing his hand brushing across my ass. We started talking. He told me his name was Jeff.

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It is a widely accepted fact that most of Middle Eastern countries tend to stay more old-fashioned and try to maintain the image of being reserved. However, based on recent news, the Middle East has started trending towards easing the regulations. This is some good news, mostly for those, who are about to discover

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The vibrancy and zest for life in Brazil is palpable. Brazil has something for everyone, from the crowded streets of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo to the quiet beaches of Bahia and the lush jungles of the Amazon.
Diverse in culture and history, the people of Brazil share an infectious zest for life. Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo may be the most well-known Brazilian towns, but the country also has the peaceful beaches of Bahia and the vivid Amazon jungle.
Packages include transportation, lodging in 5-star hotels, and individualized sightseeing excursions to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable vacation. It is possible to customize the length of the excursions to meet your needs, from a single day to a whole week.
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Brazilians have an infectious love of life and the country's variety. Brazil is a country with something for everyone, from the frantic streets of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo to the peaceful beaches of Bahia and the pulsating jungles of the Amazon.