Coach teaches Sex Teacher Lesson on Discipline


“Hello class,” says Ms. Ness, “I’ll be your Sex Ed teacher for the remainder of the year. I’ll be filling in Mr. Wood’s position as your full time teacher and I hope you can pay me the respect I deserve…”

I should tell you, Ms. Ness is a short 5’2” blonde, 27 years old, green eyes, with size C tits and she has a nice round ass, not too big, not too small. This particular day in class, she was wearing a white button-down blouse with a long skirt, looking formal enough with a pretty juicy amount of cleavage.

One of the boys in the back of the class yelled out, “I want to have sex with you, Miss Ness!”

Ms. Ness replied, “that’s inappropriate. Yell out without raising your hand one more time young man and you’ll be serving detention. ”

The boy in the back of the class raised his hand. Ms. Ness said, “what?” The boy yelled, “can you show us your tits?”

At this point, I should introduce myself. I’m Coach Chris. I’m 34 year old, blonde hair, blue eyes, with a very athletic build and big muscles that keeps the boys on my team in line. I’m the basketball coach. My team is undefeated and that’s the way I like it.

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   Also, which is why I happened to be passing Ms. Ness’ class this day, I teach Chemistry down the hall. I’ve had my eye on Ms. Ness’ juicy ass and perfect tits all day long and it was starting to get to me.

Ms. Ness screamed at the boy, “this is my first day on the job! I’m your teacher! You can’t say that to me!”
I knock on the door and interrupt, “is something the matter?” Ms. Ness joins me in the hall and says, “Yes. It’s my first day and the boy in the back is sexually harassing me. Is there something you can do to help?” I immediately go into the class and yell “Andy, grab your shit, you’re taking a trip to the office. ” As the class eww’s and ahh’s, Ms. Ness whispers, “thank you. ” I say, “I’ll be by after your class to talk with you about this. ”
As the bell rings and Ms. Ness’ class leaves, I walk in and shut the door behind me.


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   Ness gives me a friendly yet seductive smile and starts to act friendly and thankful. I told Ms. Ness, “Quiet, I’m going to show you a thing or two about discipline. ”

I bent her over her desk and kicked her legs apart a little with my feet. I leaned down and ran my fingers from her calves up between her thighs. She struggled a little, and tried to call out. But I wanted this to be a one on one lesson, so I pulled her hair until her head was far enough back to keep her quiet with my mouth.

The buttons flew off her shirt as I ripped it open, yanked her bra down and squeezed her big fucking tits nice and hard but I pinched her nipples even harder. Oh, I could tell she was loving it as she started sucking my tongue down her throat. So I took my hand on her lower back, pushing her to bend all the way over her desk. I grabbed the top of her skirt and yanked it all the way up to the top of her tits, exposing her juicy, luscious ass. She could feel my hard cock constrained by my pants pressed between her ass cheeks against her wet pussy. I pulled her hair again to whisper in her ear, “I’m going to give you a HARD lesson. ”

I unbuttoned my pants and let them fall to the floor and with my hand I yanked my boxers off. With my left hand still on Ms.

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   Ness’ left tit, I took my big, hard cock and teased her with it, rubbing it up and down the wet opening of her pussy. She pushed back, swaying her hips – trying desperately to get a feel of me inside her, but that just turned me on more, enjoying her desire, I withheld. I pushed her shoulders down roughly until her tits were against the desk, making it clear that I was in control and my will is her doing. I entered her pussy slightly, just the tip filling her up and she moaned uncontrollably. “More,” Ms. Ness said, barely a whisper, but I just laughed and said “not yet. ” This was my game. Her self control diminished and she cried out, “Now. I need you inside of me now. ” My big hands gripped her shoulders tightly as I leaned forward and said “not without the magic word – I’m here to teach you some manners. ” She pounds the desk with her hand and yelled “PLEASE! I need your cock inside of me, please…” as she glanced back at me over her shoulder.

I fucking rammed my big hard cock into her tight wet pussy, and its heaven for both of us and then I take it out as fast as I put it in. I rub it up and down her pussy and side to side, driving her bonkers. Ms. Ness says, “Fuck me.

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   Fuck my wet pussy. FUCK me!” I don’t obey, she is there to obey. As I continued rubbing her clit from side to side with the tip of my dick, she says “Fuck me Coach, Please, Fuck me as hard as you can. ” I spanked her hard on her ass.

I squeezed her hips and pushed against her, letting her feel my cock just outside of her. Ms. Ness begs, “I know I’ve been bad, teach me a lesson. Use that big dick to punish me. Fuck me. Use me. I’m yours. ” Suddenly, I’m deep inside her, and she loses her breath. I keep ramming in an out of her, my hips slapping against her ass, one hand on her hip, the other firmly grasping her tit. Ms. Ness shrieks moans of pleasure as my cock rubs back and forth against her g spot.


   She announces that she’s going to cum all over my hard cock, but I order her to wait. I speed up and pound her even harder than before. She dug her nails into the desk and bit her lip, trying to hold back the amazing orgasm she’s on the verge of having. I kissed her hard, and command her to cum now, just for me. She lets go and feels the waves of euphoria pass over her just as she hears me moaning and she feels my warmth oozing inside of her. When we’ve both finished, I collapse on top of her and bite her shoulder a little harder than necessary. I ask her if she has learned her lesson. She turns with a mischievous smile and admits that she might need to be taught again.