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I joined some guys playing billiards at the recreation room and my wife went to join a group of her students who were having tequila at the poolside. I became engrossed at the game and I hardly noticed the time till I looked at my watch and saw it was past midnight. Iwent tolook for my wife but saw that the group she joined at the pool had already disbanded. I went out of the house and looked for her. I went around to the back part of the house, thinking of calling home to see if she was already there, when I heard voices in the trees. I went closer to investigate, saying to myself it was just probably some student with too much to drink. When I got closer, I saw there were four guys, one of whom was holding a handy cam and shooting what was happening. The other three guys were all naked from the waist down, and I could see that two of them had cocks at least 7 or 8 inches long. Then I saw my wife, her skirt and blouse off, lying on the ground and begging them to stop. The other guy had a knife and was cutting off her bra, then her panties. I heard one of them say, "You failed us last sem bitch. We just want to make up for it!" The guy with the knife then started licking her cunt. I wanted to go and get help, but I also felt my cock starting to get hard. I decided to stay and watch, loosening my belt and pulling down my pants so I could stroke my now rock-hard cock. I could see my wife humping her hips, a sign she was getting aroused and I know her cunt must now be sopping wet from the licking of her student, but she was trying to push him off with her knees and I could see she was trying to get up. The other two guys held her down and started licking her tits.

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   I knew she must really be hot now, but she kept begging them to stop. The guy filming them also went around to her head, dropped her pants and made her suck his cock. I saw my wife now really humping her hips and sucking the guy's cock more intensely and I knew she was cumming. Then the guy licking her said, "Ok, let's fuck her guys. " They stopped sucking her tits and the guy with the cam took out his cock from her mouth. The guy licking her cunt then lay down on the ground and I saw his cock was bigger than the other two. It was about 9" and I knew my wife would really be stretched wide cause I only have 5" of meat. She kept begging them to let her go, saying she won't report them but they only laughed. The other guys then held her arms and made her sit on his throbbing pole. My wife was struggling, but there wasn't much she could do and i could see her face twisting with the pain when the huge cock entered her cunt. Even with two kids, my wife has a tight cunt, especially right after she has just cum and the 9" of cock must really be stretching her open. The two guys kept pushing her down and I could see tears flowing down her face. I kept on stroking my cock and came like I never did before. I was still hard so I kept on stroking my now very slippery cock. When she was fully impaled, they bent her forward, exposing her virgin ass.

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   One of the guys then went behind her and started to penetrate her tight bunghole. I have never fucked her there cause she didn't like it, but here she was, about to be defiled by a strange cock. It made me hotter, seeing what was about to happen. When my wife felt the cock at her asshole, she screamed, which made the other guy go to her head and shove his cock up her mouth. The other guy kept on filming the action. My wife was now really trying to struggle, but as she was impaled, she couldn't do anything. The guy fucking her ass was holding her hips and her struggling just helped push his cock deeper into her cunt. Then, with one push, he just rammed the remaining length of his cock up my wife's asshole and she just went limp, probabaly blacking out with the pain. They started to fuck her, stroking in and out of her holes. I kept on jacking off my oncep-again hard cock. My wife came to, and I could see her face wet with the tears of the pain but she was also sucking the cock in her mouth with more vigor, and I knew she was getting aroused. She always liked being on top of me cause she could rub her clit on my cock and be in control. The guy in her cunt suddenly said, "I'm cumming!" and the guy fucking her ass also said "I'm cumming too!" They both came inside her and then the guy in her mouth suddenly shot his load and pulled out his cock, splattering her face with his cum. I could hear the pop of my wife's asshole when the guy withdrew his cock. They put on their clothes and warned my wife not to tell anybody or they'll show the movie to other students in school.

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  I kept on jacking off till I came again. My wife was now picking up her clothes and putting them on. She tried to stand but she could hardly walk with the pain. She wiped off the spunk in her face with her torn panties, then the mixture of sperm and her cunt juices running down her thigh. I walked back to the house and tried to act naturallyas possible. After 30 minites, I saw my wife emerge from the restroom near the pool. She asked if we could go home now and we did. Until now, she never did tell me about the rape. .

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