Having His Baby


"Didn't expect me to be here did you. Now don't scream Dawn. . . because I WILL FUCKING HURT YOU. " he hissed. It was James. He pushed Dawn to the bed as hard as he could and threw back the covers. "Roll over" he commanded as he released her. She tried to get out of his reach but he quickly wrapped his hand mercilessly around her throat. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a large hunting knife. With a quick flick of his wrist, it snapped open, the blade locked into place. He repeated his demand. Dawn's eyes widened as the slight bit of light in the room glinted off the steel blade. She quickly rolled over onto her back. James climbed on top of her and straddled her legs, pinning them down easily.

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   Loud sobs came from Dawn as she began to cry uncontrollably. She stared up at him pleadingly. He dragged the blade down her neck and between her breasts. He then traced over the left one over to where the strap met the bodice. He quickly sliced through the thin satin strap. His knife moved across her chest to the right strap. He cut it just as quickly. He jammed the knife into the wall above the bed. Looming over her, he stared down at her with sadistic glee sparkling in his eyes. His rough hands gripped the soft shimmering material and shredded it with ease. He pulled it from under her with a hard yank and held the torn fabric up in front of her face. Her eyes widened as terrible images ran through her head. He grabbed her wrists and wrestled with her for a moment before he got her hands tied securely to the headboard with the scrap of material. He watched with delight as the fear filled her. He pulled the knife from the wall and held it firmly in her line of site.

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   She whimpered and sobbed as he moved its tip closer to her flesh. He began to trace the knife over her left breast slowly, making his way to the candy pink center. He watches her body tremble as he moves the blade lightly at first. James begins to press in harder. Dawn jumped, causing him to prick her skin. A thin streak of crimson blood stained the pale fleshy mound. He laughed as she whimpered loudly. He drew his finger through the streak of blood and looked at it more closely before licking it from his thick finger. The tears came even faster now. He dragged the knife down the center of her body to the top of her panties, moving it to the right side. The blade edged under the thin fabric as he began to slice through it on one side then the other. She began to beg, hoping desperately her words would convince him to stop. "Please don't do this. . .

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   I beg you,” she sobbed. "I swear I won't turn you in if you just stop now. ""We both know you are just a slut. You know you love being fucked so shut the fuck up" he growled. He pulled the panties free with one hand, the knife still clutched in the other. He held the point to her right nipple and applied pressure. As it poked into her tender flesh, she opened her mouth to cry out. He quickly stuffed the panties into her open mouth enough to silence her. Once she was quieted, James dragged the knife along her left breast, pressing hard enough as he began to mutilate her flesh. Her body jerked as she screamed into the cloth crammed into her mouth. Upon her chest, he carved a small heart with a "J" in the center of it. He held the blade up for her to see once again. Her crimson blood tainted the blade's flawless gleam. With a smile more malicious than she had ever seen before, he licked the trickle of blood from the blade. She grimaced as she watched helplessly.

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   He jammed the blade back into the wall above the headboard. He climbed off the bed for a moment as his hands fumbled with the button on his pants. He removed them anxiously. His enormous shaft came springing forth as he stripped himself from the waist down. She turned her head, looking away from him. She could not stand to look at him. Tears drenched her pillow as she continued to sob. James then crawled back between her legs. She tried to close them before he could but he harshly pried them apart and forced them to spread painfully wide. Her pussy was still dry. The tip of his cock glistened with a dribble of precum that had oozed out. His sickening libido controlled him now more than anything did. He nudged the head between her pussy lips and started to force himself inside. Her muffled shriek filled the room. It was too much to bear.

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   She clenched her eyes shut as he savagely entered her tightness. He groaned as the friction of her hot, arid flesh gripping him aroused him even more. She felt sick deep in the pit of her stomach. Dawn desperately wanted to break free of him, but the handcuffs held her tight. She was completely at his twisted mercy. It did not matter how secure they were though. She had to try to escape. He laughed as she began to squirm, trying to flee his brutal thrusts. The dampness increased as the blood began to flow, lubricating his pistoning cock. Her tears swiftly fell as he plunged deep inside her with every thrust. The pain was almost unbearable. He gripped her ankles and lifted her legs onto his shoulders. He then pulled out of her and placed the head of his bloodstained cock to her puckered little anus. Her eyes widened as she let out a muffled cry, trying to plead with him not to. He pushed slowly until he had soundly lodged the swollen head inside.

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   He stared down at her tear stained face with an evil jubilation. His strong hands gripped her body roughly, as he gave a single brutal thrust. She screamed against the gagging material as he sunk balls deep into her. He continued to hammer away violently as he tore her tight ring of muscles. More blood seeped from her battered body, staining his cock further. His hands released their grip on her upper thighs and landed against her breasts, bending her body even more. He mauled her fleshy mounds with his rough hands. His fingers seeking out her nipples and viciously pulling at them. He yanked on them hard as he continued to slam his engorged cock into her abused ass. He pulled his cock from within her and crawled up to straddle her chest. With a depraved gleam in his eyes, he reached in and pulled the panties from Dawn's mouth. A loud scream followed it as he pulled her head up by her hair. When she saw the bloodstained cock inches from her mouth, she quickly clenched her lips shut. "Open your fucking mouth bitch," he demanded. She refused as she turned her head.

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   Her hair, held tight in his grasp, kept her restrained from moving away. He twisted his fist, pulling her hair tighter. She tried her hardest to keep her mouth shut but the more she resisted the harder he pulled. Finally, unable to bear it, she screamed. As her mouth opened, his cock pushed deeply inside. Instantly, she began to gag as she felt the despair rising in her soul. She felt the vomit rising but she tried to choke it back. He brutally began to fuck her throat. His swollen shaft cut off most of her air, leaving her gasping for whatever stray breath she can draw in. He groaned loudly as he felt her muscles contract around him. "Oh god yes you fucking whore. I know you love this. I know you love being used like a slut," he pulled out and looked at Dawn with a nefarious smile. "You definitely won't forget this night bitch. You won't be fucking all those other guys when you are knocked up with my kid.

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  "Dawn gasped loudly, feeling as if she was just given a death sentence. He moved quickly back between her legs. Before she could say a word, he continued. "You better pray to god that it happens this time. . . otherwise I am going to keep doing this until you do get knocked up. And don't think of trying to get an abortion or miscarrying. . . I will just keep doing it until you have my baby you fucking whore. "Quickly, he shoved his cock deep inside her aching pussy once again. She sobbed openly as he continued to slam his cock inside her, giving her a detailed account of what was going to happen to her. How he was going to continue to rape her until her stomach was swollen and huge and how he was going to then continue to use her ass and mouth as he saw fit. The sound of the train's whistle as it went rambling through town awoke her from the horrid dream.


   Dawn threw back the covers. The cold air seized her warm body as she climbed out of bed. Her full bladder would not allow her much comfort until she emptied it, so she groggily made her way to the bathroom. As she shut the door to the bathroom, she caught a glimpse of herself in the full-length mirror that hung on it. She turned as she looked sadly at herself. A disheartened sigh escaped her lips as her hand moved to her stomach, letting it rest there for a moment as the tears began to fall once again. She shook her head and went to do what she came in there to do. As she reached for the doorknob again her nightgown shifted slightly, revealing a hint of the heart shaped scar that marred her. As she reached up and ran her fingertips over the initial, a sharp pain shot through her body and her water broke all over the bathroom floor. She fell to her knees sobbing, realizing now the memory would never leave her. .

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