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Well for starters my name is Ashley and I've had these fantasies for as long as I can remember, being raped or watching someone else get raped. Not the porn movie rape either, full blown RAPE. I love the thought of it, someone get used and abused in every way possible. . Them doing any and everything you say because of the fear of losing their life. You can just see the terror in their eyes. Finally a few years ago I met someone, come to find out they shared the same interests as me. We had talked about it so many times, trying to find someone. . A stupid young helpless slut that we could fuck senseless. A girl we could play our sick twisted games with. Finally one night him and myself came up with a plan. . We decided that we would rent a cabin far out in the middle of no where. We even had the girl picked out as well. The girl was my best friends daughter, she is 14 years old and is a good girl by todays standards.

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   I knew for sure that she was a virgin and very stuck up. . She had told me she wanted to wait until she was married to fuck a man, what a stupid cunt. What she didn't know was tonight was going to be her lucky night! She was going to experience what it felt like to be fucked by a man, by a big cock. She was going to have that pussy pumped full of cum. .   She was supposed to come over around 3:00pm so we could go "shopping", whenever she arrived I told her we had to wait on Kevin to arrive before we could leave. While we were waiting I asked if she was thirsty. . She replied yes and she would have a glass of whatever was available. I asked if she wanted a glass of wine and it would be our little secret. I went and fixed the drink and added a little something extra to it, to just help her relax. I walked back into the living room and handed her a glass. I sat down and began to sip on mine. She tasted it and exclaimed how delicious it was in no time she had drunk the whole entire glass.

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   Within about 30 mins she was asleep. I then got up and went to the bedroom to get Kevin so he could help me take her to the car. We loaded her in the backseat and threw a blanket over her. We gathered our things and set out for the cabin. Our adrenaline was surging through our bodies. . I was so excited, I could barely take it. It took us about 3 hours to arrive at the cabin, by then it was pitch black outside. We got out and Kevin threw her over his shoulder and took her to the bedroom. We already had everything set up. No one was around for miles. Whenever I got to the bedroom, I helped him strip all of her clothes off. He then positioned her on the bed and handcuffed her arms to the headboard and handcuffed her legs spread eagle to the foot of the bed. He grabbed a ball gag out of one of the bags and put it in her mouth, just to be on the safe side. We decided to go down and cook some supper while we waited on her to awaken.

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   We were just beginning to eat whenever we heard some muffled cries, I told him that we can finish our dinner then go and begin our fun. I knew making her wait and anticipate us would make her terror intensify. After we finished we slowly strolled up the stairs and entered the room. . Her eyes widened and she started crying. I went and sat on the bed beside her and started rubbing her small breasts. I leaned down and kissed her cheek, then I licked one of her tears off of her. She started crying even more and I slapped her harshly across her cheek telling her to shut the fuck up and quit crying!!! I then motioned Kevin over there. . He went onto the other side and started grabbing her breasts very harshly, twisting and pinching her nipples. I felt my pussy gushing just by the very sight of him hurting this stupid bitch. . I saw his cock straining against his jeans in need of release. I told her that she was going to get the fucking her little pussy had been wanting. .

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   A good fucking like a stupid slut deserved! I sat there watching him molest her and torture her small petite frame. She was only 5'0'' and maybe 110lbs. She was had blonde hair and blue eyes, she basically looked like a barbie doll. The type of girl every guy wanted to fuck. . He moved his hand down to her pussy and started lightly rubbing her pussy lips. He then slapped her pussy and told her how much of a whore she was and her pussy was soaking wet! He stared into her eyes and said I'm going to fuck this pussy raw. . I'm going to fuck it until you black out from the pain. I saw the fear and pure terror that began to show in her eyes. She started kicked and attempting to fight but it was no use. She was restrained to the point that she could barely move. I went over to Kevin and started kissing him an removing his clothes. I then started rubbing his cock, I got on my knees and took his whole length into my mouth. After a few minutes of that, I told him it was time.

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   I turned to look at her and gave her the most wicked smile possible. . He climbed on top of her and started rubbing his cock all of her slick virgin cunt, she was squirming and trying to fight it but there was no use, she knew she was about to lose her stupid virginity to her a man she barely new. . She was about to get raped. To be continued. . . .


[This is my first time ever writing a story, comments are welcomed. If you like my story, please comment and I will begin part 2]


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