If You Go Down To The Woods Today…


“Yes, Mam” he said colouring as he quickly rose to leave. “Elaine, go to your room, we’ll talk after dinner” Mom said after he left. I winced; the ‘After Dinner’ talks meant that she was going to tell Dad and he’d hit the roof. I remained in my room imagining all kind of punishments. I heard Dad come in and I heard he and Mom discussing the situation. I heard murmurs for about ten minutes then Mom called me for dinner. After dinner they announced my fate. “Elaine we want you to join the Girl Scouts “ Dad announced in his there will be no argument voice “ They are camping on Cypress Hills for a week from next weekend and you will be joining them. Your mother will take you to get your uniform and equipment tomorrow”“I don’t want to!” I said knowing I was defeated before I started. “It’ll build character,” they said. “It’s a great way of meeting nice girls your own age” they said. “It’s a great opportunity” Dad announced “and you can either do that or visit Aunt Alice and Uncle Roger for the rest of the summer. ”“Aw shit,” I thought, Aunt Alice and Uncle Roger owned a farm in the middle of nowhere with only a couple of old farmhands to help them out. They had no kids and the nearest town was twenty miles away, the last time I’d been there I’d been bored out of my skull. They didn’t even have cable! So it was the Scouts or the farm, my choice was non-existent. So I joined the Girl Scouts and here I was spending the best day of the summer hiking through the woods getting all sweaty and being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

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   I thought about going to the beach with my crowd, Josh would be there but he was probably hanging out with Candy now that I wasn’t there. The thought of Josh touching Candy made my blood boil and my temper wasn’t the best. “Come along Elaine, keep up! Our leader Miss Simmons said cheerily “Nearly there now!”I stared daggers at her back, how could this bitch be so cheerful! The other seven girls and Miss Simmons were ahead of me. I was nearly dead from exhaustion! I’d had to lug this huge pack for nearly four hours! I’d have happily strangled her at that moment. No one had told me that I didn’t have to wear my uniform while hiking and there hadn’t been time to change so while the rest of the girls where comfortable in shorts and t-shirts I was in the heavy uniform. After what seemed like an eternity we reached a small, secluded glade and began to set up camp. I helped set up the tents but the smirks and grins I was getting from the other girls was starting to piss me off. After a couple of hours the tents where up and we could relax for a few minutes. I lay down outside the tents on a large blanket and closed my eyes against the glare of the sun. Suddenly all of the other girls had surrounded me with Miss Simmons standing at my feet. “Elaine, it’s time for your initiation now,” Miss Simmons said nodding at the other girls who were all grinning. I stood up and looked around wondering what I’d have to do. “O. K. Elaine you look very hot so you can remove your uniform now, but leave on the neckerchief ” Miss Simmons said.

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  I liked my lips nervously and looked at my Scout Leader. She nodded and I decided that I’d do as she asked since it was only girls. I started with the shirt pilling it out of the skirt and unbuttoning it from bottom to top. I slid it from my shoulders revealing my white bra and left it down on a tent rope. Then I unzipped the skirt, I slid it down over my hips and thighs and let in drop to the ground. I stepped out of it and hung it with my shirt. “Boots and socks as well” commanded Miss Simmons. I complied, happy to remove the heavy boots and my sweaty socks. Soon I stood in the bright sunshine clad in my white bra and panties and with my neckerchief still around my neck. I was a little embarrassed as my underwear was slightly damp from sweat and was clinging to me. The other girls where staring at me, I expected some teasing or laughing as they hazed the new girl but they were almost silent. Their intense stares were making me feel a little nervous. “Well girls do you like what you see?” Miss Simmons asked the others. A chorus of “Yes Leader” rang out. “Do you think Elaine is worthy to be initiated into our inner circle?” she asked.

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  “Yes Leader” they replied. “Elaine, your peers have found you acceptable, are you ready for your initiation” Miss Simmons asked. “Yes Leader” I said echoing the girls. “Very good, remove your underwear and give them to one of your fellow scouts” Miss Simmons instructed. “W… w…. what?” I stammered, “I’m not doing that!”. “Remove your bra and panties, then pick a girl and give them to her” Miss Simmons said sharply. I blushed deep red feeling the intent stares on me. I’m being silly I thought I’ve seen other girls undressed and other girls have seen me naked in the locker room, so what’s the big deal? I swallowed hard and reached around for my bra clasp. I unhooked it easily and slipped the bra forward my breasts sagged forward slightly after being released from their captivity. My nipples hardened slightly at the touch of a cool breeze. I reached down and slipped my thumbs into the waistband of my panties. I closed my eyes took a deep breath and slipped them down over my hips and legs exposing my pussy and the small thatch of light curls above it. I stepped out of them and looked around at the girls trying to decide whom to give them to. All the girls were looking at me intently but silently.

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   I decided to give them to a small brunette girl a little older then me named June. I walked the couple of steps over to her and handed her my underwear. She smiled at me her pretty face lighting up. “June, Elaine has chosen you, do you accept this responsibility?” Miss Simmons asked. “Yes, Leader, I accept” June announced in a firm voice. June began to strip; she pulled her t-shirt off over her head revealing that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her B cup breasts were topped by long nipples, which stood out. She pulled off her shorts and panties together and kicked off her trainers. I was shocked to notice that her crotch was entirely hairless. I couldn’t help wondering if that was natural or if she shaved. “Hold her down, and spread-eagle her!” June commanded. I felt myself being pushed to the ground one girl to each arm and leg and one girl held my head. They pulled my arms well above my head. Then they pulled my legs apart pinning me to the ground the girl at my head had a hand either side of her face. I struggled now beginning to get frightened.

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   What where they doing? I hoped that Miss Simmons would stop them, but she just looked on interestedly. June knelt between my spread legs and smiled at me. “Relax Elaine, we all go through this, just relax and enjoy it. ” June said soothingly. “Let me up, please let me up, I want to go home!” I begged. June ignored my protests and leaned forward to softly plant a kiss on my lips. I was shocked, was June a lesbian? Where they all lesbians? June smiled and pushed her breasts against mine. Rubbing my nipples with hers. I could feel the little hard points digging into the soft flesh of my breasts as June kissed me again trying to force her tongue between my lips. I kept my mouth tightly closed and closed my eyes trying to deny what was happening. June left my lips and suddenly I felt a wet sensation on my right nipple. My eyes flew open in shock and I looked down to see June twirling my nipple with her tongue. The other girls looked on eagerly but were still silent. My nipple was hardening under June’s tongue and she began to suck it into her mouth. One of her hands began to rub my left breast my nipple centred in her palm.

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  To my embarrassment Junes treatment of my breasts was beginning to excite me. I could feel the same type of feeling between my legs as I felt when Josh had rubbed my breasts and kissed me. I closed my eyes and tried to move my mind away from the feelings in my body. June left off by breasts suddenly and I opened my eyes again she had moved further down and her head hovered over my crotch. “Valerie, Amanda suck on her tits” June instructed to the girls holding my arms. Suddenly both girls leaned forward each taking a nipple into their mouths and sucking hard. I gasped as I felt their tongues licking and twirling. Suddenly I felt June planting kisses on my thighs and I became very nervous. I suddenly realised that I was being raped, and I was being raped by girls!Abruptly I felt Junes tongue slide along the slit of my pussy. I struggled again trying to move away from her probing tongue but I was held fast. “No! Stop it! Stop iiiiiiit” I begged, “This can’t be happening! Leave me alone!”The girls ignored my protests continuing their attentions. June’s tongue was beginning to probe into my pussy going where only my fingers had gone before. She licked into the folds of my pussy pushing her tongue deeper into me. She soon found the little nub of my clit and began to suck and nibble at it. I moaned involuntary as a tingling ran from my pussy through my body.

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  “Stop. No, stop, please stop. Urughhhh!” I moaned. June sat back on her heels, “She’s ready Miss Simmons,” she stated. “Very well,” Miss Simmons said “Hold her thighs well apart”She held out what looked like the handle of a hammer and handed it to June. It was about 6” long and about two across made of what looked like a dark wood. It was domed at one end and was intricately carved. Suddenly I realised what it really resembled and what could be done to me. “NO! YOU CANNOT!” I screamed struggling as much as I could “You can’t do this to me! Let me go!”June looked at me “Don’t struggle Elaine, relax and it’ll all be over soon”. She took the piece of wood and licked along it and passed it to the next girl who did the same. Each girl in turn licked along the wood leaving a trail of saliva. It was passed to Miss Simmons who took it and licked around the top of it and then it was passed back to June once more. June knelt between my legs and placed the head of what I knew was now a wooden dildo at the entrance of my pussy. The other girls held me fast ignoring my screams and pleas to be released. June pushed and I felt the wood stretch my pussy lips as the thing began to slide into my pussy.

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  After an inch or so the dildo encountered my hymen. I realised that I was about to loose my virginity that something precious was going to be stolen from me. June suddenly thrust the dildo forward tearing through my virgin barrier and ripping a scream from my throat. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo!” I screamed as the pain ripped through my pussy. June pushed on ignoring my scream lodging the entire dildo within the folds of my pussy. She slid the dildo slowly back and forth in my pussy ignoring my cries and tears. She fully withdrew the now blood streaked dildo and stood back up. I lay there sobbing still unable to move. It felt like I’d been torn apart. I’d been raped by other girls, my virginity was gone and it would never return. “Leader, it is done “June said. Then to my horror and disgust she licked the dildo tasting my blood and then passed it to Miss Simmons. Miss Simmons also licked the dildo and passed it to each girl in turn. Each girl licked the dildo seeming to relish the blood from my ruptured hymen. June knelt between my legs once more and proceeded to again lick my now sore pussy.

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   She paid special attention to my clit and took the little morsel between her teeth and bit slightly. A wave of electricity seemed to flow through my body. June seemed to know exactly what would excite me most. She continued to suck and lick and the girls either side of me returned to sucking my nipples. Despite my protests I could feel my body start to respond. June’s expert tongue was sending waves of ecstasy through my body. The shame that my mind said I should feel warred with the pleasure that my body was experiencing despite my struggles. I bit my lip to hold in my moans and closed my eyes trying to deny what was happening. I could feel an intense pressure building in my body as the girls continued their attack. I knew an orgasm was approaching I tried to refuse it and tried to ignore the feelings in my body. It was bad enough to be raped but to cum while it was happing seemed sick. I shouldn’t be enjoying this but my body was overriding my mind. A slow tingle ran through my pussy as the orgasm approached. Suddenly it was like fireworks went off in my mind all set off by a fire in my pussy. I moaned as I came unable to keep silent as the biggest orgasm of my young life tore through my body.

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  “Ohhhhhhhhhh… “ I moaned as convulsions ripped through my pussy and fireworks seemed to go off in my mind. All the girls sprang away from me to stand around my body writhing in an orgasm. They looked on and began to cheer and clap. As my body stopped twitching the girls that had held my arms lifted me up. “Congratulations Elaine, you are now one with us. We have shared your virginal blood and we have witnessed your rite of passage. Girls welcome our new member!” Miss Simmons announced kissing me on the cheek. The girls surrounded me shaking my hand congratulating me on my initiation. I just stood there stunned as the girls that had just raped me acted like it hadn’t happened. The stinging pain from my pussy, which had now returned, was evidence that it had truly happened. They led me to a tent and I was told I could get dressed and sleep. I pulled on the PJs that I’d brought with me and lay down I could hear the other girls moving around outside. The pain from my pussy was now a dull throb but the shame from cumming on Junes tongue was still fresh. Evening was upon us and I was worn out from my ordeal I thought that I’d be unable to sleep but exhaustion over took me as I drifted off. As always comments and critisism are welcome.


  This is an original work of fiction. .

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