It Was Dark That Night


Note: This is a very short story. I decided to post this to help pass time for my few readers, while they wait for the sequel to my series "My Boner Turns Invisible"

It was Dark that night – Jeffery Freemont

It seemed extra dark that night for Laura Smith. She was working late at the office and always found the way home a little creepy. She was a hard ass and actually had a very firm ass, so it has double meaning when you say it. Laura was the type of women that kept her sexuality contained, under layers of business woman clothing. Laura had had sex with only a couple men in high school and that was it. Laura was very good looking beneath her makeup and clothes. She had hair as black as midnight, eyes as blue as the sea and tits that reminded some people of mountains. Her nipples always stood out very far when she was naked. She had nice DD breasts.

Laura checked her watch as she nervously kept an eye on her surroundings. It was midnight and she was walking through a dark alley way to get to her car. Her heart stopped, bottles broke somewhere near her. A black cat jumped out of some garbage cans.

“Ahhhh!!!” She screamed.


Oh, thank fucking goodness it wasn’t a man, who would no doubt also be a rapist.


    She quickened her pace; the parking lot finally came into view. Fluorescent light flickered out into the darkness, like a beacon of safety. She made her way to her car. She pressed her key into the side door. Her car was old.

Suddenly she felt herself being forced to the ground. Her high heels broke. She was forced onto her stomach and held down by someone’s body. Hands moved rapidly all over her body. Her tits were squeezed firmly, forcing Laura to let out a sigh. Suddenly a hand rushed up her tight skirt and forcefully tore her panties apart. She felt her lips part as a soft hand invaded her increasingly moistening pussy.

She let a soft sigh.

She couldn’t speak, no words would come out. The rapist’s hands violently tore and pulled Laura’s clothing apart.

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   Her big tits popped out of her shirt. Hand squeezed and pulled, and glided around them. She was suddenly flung onto her back. Laura starred up at her attacker. The rapist was wearing a ski mask and some kind of mechanics jump suit. The attacker held Laura down as a tongue was inserted into her tight slit. Laura let out soft moans, and her breathing became heavy. Laura’s orgasm was building. Her soft whispering moans became wild cries of lust. Shrieking and screaming with every insertion. Her whole body shook as she squirted all over the rapist.

The rapist let go of Laura and stood, looking down at what she had just done to the innocent women. Laura laid motionless as she recovered from the best orgasm of her life. The attacker reached her hand up and slowly pulled down the zipper to the jump suit. Out stepped a gorgeous young body, the body of a woman.

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   Perfect B-cup tits, her pussy shaven to smooth perfection, a stream of cum ran down her legs. She suddenly grabbed Laura fiercely by the head and pulled her to her moist pussy. Laura had never been with a woman and never thought to. She didn’t know what to do, she just knew she didn’t have a choice. Laura extended her tongue and gently caressed her attacker’s thigh. The taste of pussy filled her mouth. Laura suddenly dove into the strange women’s pussy and sucked deeply. Shivers ran down the attacker’s spine. Her knees became weak and her grip on Laura loosened. Laura took her opportunity and jumped up, pulling off the mask of the assailant. Blonde hair cascaded down. Blue eyes pierced her heart. The attacker didn’t move a muscle, she was frozen with fear.

“I know you! You’re that secretary I fired for reading my mail!”


Laura suddenly grabbed the women and angrily threw her on the hood of the car. She began ramming her fist deep into the soaking wet pussy.

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   The woman began crying out as her orgasm filled her body. The woman scream’s echoed through the empty parking lot, as she squirted all over Laura. Laura gave her a few minutes to recover before pushing her off the car. Laura got in grabbing the torn pieces of her clothes and left her old secretary lying there, naked and alone.

The hunter became the prey and the prey became the hunter, or just an overly bitchy women who looked down on secretary’s. The secretary began crying, although not tears of regret but tears of pure satisfaction. She achieved an orgasm that no secretary in the entire world had ever gotten from their boss. Laura drove home happy too, it had been longer than she could remember ever having an orgasm.

The next day the secretary got a call, with her job back. They would spend most lunch breaks on top of each other. They lived happily ever after until they died.

The end. "My Boner Stops Time" the Sequel to “My Boner Turns me Invisible” is almost complete. I am looking for an editor though if anyone is interested.


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