Jento The Soldier, Part II, The Major's Wife



Jento The Soldier; Part II, The Major's Wife

                            ÂBy Dick Inkum


  ÂA raiding party returned to camp and brought six women with them. The Colonel looked over the catch, and reserved one for himself. He decided we could only provide for a net gain of two. Four of the least desirable women in the brothel barracks were led out into the compound and forced to run naked through a gauntlet of paddles, and out of camp to wherever they could go.

   ÂThe Colonel took his choice girl to his house and sent the rest immediately to the brothel. Barro and I both liked the looks of one we thought sixteen or so. Her tits were quite pointy and firm and her ass well rounded. We tried to flirt as we watched her walk to the brothel.

"I'll bet she uses up a lot of coconut oil" Barro cracked.

"She will if I get near her ass" I replied.

  ÂBefore our next brothel day, Barro and I were sent to tend the yards and gardens around the houses of the high ranking officers. There, without our knowledge, as we toiled in the hot sun, inquiries were made about us.

   ÂThe next day we were ordered to report to the home of the major. We thought we were in trouble. We arrived looking very crisp, hoping it wasn't serious and that we could show we were good soldiers.

    ÂWe were ushered in by the servant girl and seated in the parlor.

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   After about ten minutes, the lady of the house appeared in a very revealing red dress. She was about thirty years old, a little chubby, but quite pleasant looking.

   Â"Oh, I'm so glad to see such good looking boys" she gushed, "We'll have a good time today. Come with me. "

    ÂShe asked our names and other things as she led us to her bedroom. Wehad never seen such a grand bedroom before, with a large canopied bed and fine coverings.

   ÂShe told us to stand near the bed and the servant girl, barely thirteen, would assist our disrobing (!). The lady got on the bed and began slowly revealing more of her body. When her tits were bare, she gave us quite a show of playing with them, squeezing and pulling her nipples. She told the servant girl to feel our crotches andtell her if we had hard cocks. We did, though if we didn't, the girl's groping would have insured the result.

   ÂThe servant girl helped us out of our clothes and neatly folded our uniforms. We were told to advance to the edge of the bed so the lady could rub up ourcocks and balls. She did so with many compliments of our size and condition.

   Â"Him first!" she said as she directed the servant girl to me The girl went to her knees and sucked my dick.

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   The lady disposed of all her clothing except a small crotch piece, which she rubbed in anticipation.

   Â"Now the other!" she ordered, "and you (meaning me) come closer".

   ÂBarro now got sucked and the lady played and jerked my dick.

    Â"Now who wants my cunt?" she asked.

    ÂOf course, we both did.

    Â"Now, who wants to fuck my ass?" she asked.

     ÂOf course we both did.

    Â" Alas, I shall have to decide" she said.

     ÂShe called us both to lay on the bed side by side with space between. She filled that space with her ass toward us, motioned to the servant girl and began sucking our cocks. The servantgirl got behind her and licked her cunt and asshole. She ordered the girl to use her lubricant. It was a different preparation than I had ever seen, a blue gel that the girl pushed up her ass. The girl put a different preparation in her cunt. I was nicely ordered to eat that cunt.

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   I did and Barrofollowed in turn.

   ÂWhen the lady had sufficient oral pleasure, she grabbed my cock and mounted it. She told Barro to kneel behind her and fuck her ass when she told him to. She lowered her cunt on my cock and I had a cooling sensation from the preparation in there. She quickly heated it and was soon fucking with abandon.

   ÂShe suddenly stopped and told me to stop thrusting. Barro was directed to ease his cock into her asshole. She gasped and grabbed me hard as Barro's cock lodged in her and tightened her cunt around my cock.

   Â"Stop!" she ordered, paused, then said "Fuck it now, not too hard".

   ÂDamn! Barro's cock was rubbing against mine with only the thin membrane separating us. His balls fell down on mine. I didn't care for that!

    ÂThe lady began responding to Barro's fucks and that moved her cunt on my dick too. I moaned. She told me to resume fucking. Barro moaned as I now caused sensations on his cock.

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   Â"Fuck hard! Fuck hard!" the lady screamed.

   ÂWe did our best. The lady screamed and panted. Barro and I grunted and fucked her as hard as we could. Barro came before I did. I cound sense his pulsing cock filling her asshole.

   ÂHe softened and withdrew. The servant girl took his cock in her mouth right away. I came a minute later. Before I softened much, the lady had me poke it into her ass for a stroke or two. The servant girl then sucked me.

   ÂThe lady had us side by side again and got between us for more groping.

    ÂThe servant girl was directed to get wash cloths and clean us all. When she returned to begin her work, she was naked. The lady said we were free to poke her holes and taste her young cunt if we wished.

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   We each did.

   ÂThe lady and the girl both sucked our cocks and we finger-fucked every hole.

     ÂWe were close to revival when the lady said we'd do something with her and the servant girl at the same time. I suggested that the girl might be too small to manage our fucking, but the lady assured us she could. The girl didn't have anything to say. She had no say in the matter anyway.

   ÂThe lady lay on the bed and had the girl get on top of her with her facein the lady's cunt. The girl was too small to have her cunt very close to the lady's face, but the objective was the first instance. The girl licked the lady's cunt.

    ÂAfter the girl sucked my cock a little, I was directed to fuck the lady's cunt. Barro was directed, without hesitation, to fuck the girl's asshole. The girl screamed as Barro pushed into her. The lady grabbed his balls and told him to fuck hard. I was plowing the lady's cunt.

    ÂShortly, the lady ordered a change.

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   I was redirected to the girl's cunt and Barro to the lady's asshole. The girl held up the lady's legs as Barro pumped her butt. I fucked the girl's cunt while the lady licked and sucked my balls.

   ÂWe were soon changed again. I now fucked the girl's asshole which Barro had opened so well, and Barro moved to the lady's cunt.

    ÂI felt I was about to come and said so. The lady said we both had to come in her.

We were both told to withdraw and I was ordered to come in the lady's ass.

   ÂThe girl sucked Barro while he waited for me to finish. I put a gusher of cum up that ass passage. After I came, Barro was ordered to fuck her cunt while the lady sucked my spent cock.

    ÂBoth of us were completely spent now. The lady ordered us to dress, and for the servant girl to give us some money. We were told we might be called upon again and were cautionednot to speak of the encounter.

   ÂThat night Barro and I discussed our adventure.

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   I spoke of my concern about fucking the young servant girl. Barro didn't think that was a problem since we caused no visable damage or injury. He was more concerned that the Major would find us fucking his wife. I thought the Major was either aware of or indifferent to her game.

    ÂSeveral days later, we had another trip to the brothel. Barro and I both hoped for a chance at the new sixteen year old we had seen. Of course, it would meanthat I would have to pass both Noona and Kenna, but they were in no positionto complain. They'd get their fucking.

I was lucky. I got an early choice and took the new girl. Noon and Kenna bothsaw me make the choice and cursed me.

   ÂThis girl's name was Tolla, she told me. She had been a wife for two years andhad a child. We went to her cot and she enthusiastically showed me her skill atcock sucking.

   ÂI probed her holes and found them ready for business.

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   She had already had six men in this camp, plus two when she was first captured, her husband beforethat, and four boys including her brother before she was married at fourteen.

    ÂTolla had a wonderfully developed body, as I already noted, and I let my fingers and mouth explore it as she sucked my dick.

     ÂI told her that normally I would fuck her cunt first, but that I had an overwhelming desire for her ass. To keep that objective before me, I put her on all fours, gave her a large amount of coconut oil in her ass, and mounted.

   ÂShe gasped as I slid my cock into her passage, but oh, she was smooth and willing.

   Â"That's so good!" she exclaimed as I began pumping her.

    ÂI thought it was too. I increased my thrusting speed and she responded with her ass in motion and her vocal proclaimations of satisfaction. We were soon fucking as hard as possible, and although I am a very good cocksman, I couldn't last long at that pace. I filled her with a great gush of cum. She seemed pleased by that and sucked appreciatively.

    ÂWe fondled and played until she could revive me. When she'd sucked up my dick, I asked her about position. She wanted me on top so she could hold me. Excellent!

   ÂBy the time I got on her, I was passionate and her cunt was juicy.

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   She wrapped her legs around my ass, and was soon giving me a massage with them. As I began to fuckher harder, she began kicking. She moaned and squealed and I knew she had an orgasm long before I finished. I think her second one brought me off in her cunt.

   Â"Oh, you are my greatest lover!" she exclaimed.

     ÂI had heard that often enough lately that I was beginning to believe it.

   Â"You like fucking with me?" I asked.

   Â"I want your cock all day and all night all the time" she cried.

    ÂThat was very nice to hear. Of course, I know that some women think a favorite lover might get them out of the brothel. That's a deluision, but not one to be discouraged.

    ÂTolla sucked more, with a lot of attention to my balls. I asked what she would like for our finale. Some pussy, some ass, she decided. I did that on top of her, raising her legs for pushing up her ass.

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   By the time my dick was spent, alas our time was nearly up. We kissed passionately on parting.

   ÂAfter we left, Barro said he had taken Kenna. Though his tastes ran to younger girls, he thought her a delightful fuck and she had done everything to give him a good time.

   ÂIn the weeks that followed, I saw both Noona a Kenna again. I gave them each a little spanking for cursing me. Tolla was removed from the brothel to be an officer's mistress. I also fucked a fourteen year old new girl and a thirty something matron. The young girl was too skinny and not a good fuck in either hole. The matron was too passive, and I had to smack her to make her a responsive fucker.

   ÂIt was time to go back to soldiering. There was a lull in the conflict just now and we were told to expect boredom. If I find any sexual adventures in the bush, I shall relate them.

To Be Continued