Katie Gets Schooled


A quick little somethin' somethin' that I came upwith after hunting up some pics for a thread in theerotic images forum.
Sometimes shit just happens when you least expect it but that's not always such a bad thing. :icon225:
During her free period Katie had been working onher paper for social studies.
Fidgeting over the topic she'd chosen, herlegs scissoring back and forth as she nibbledthe end of her pencil.
Mr. Saunder's had watched from his deskas her legs parted widely then close tightlyin repitition time and again.
Katie's white cotton panties stretchingtightly against her mound and showingthrough the tops of her nude pantyhose.
The sight of her young crotch thrustingitself toward him, his penis began to gorgewith blood and stiffen.
Walking over to her desk he placed his warmhand upon her shoulder whispering to her.
"You've been shooting me that pretty littlebeaver all afternoon, I think it's time youjust gave it up and quit cunt teasing me. "
Katie was shocked, jerking herself backwardattempting to avoid further contact with her teacher.
"You're crazy as hell, I wasn't doing anything,I'll scream rape if you ever touch me again like that,"Katie ranted.
"Go ahead little missy, go right ahead andyell it at the top of your lungs and when someonecomes I'll make sure to fill them in on all yourdirty little secets," he chuckled.
"Oh yes, I know all about you and your biologyteacher Mr. Prichard, how he showed you more thanhis microscopic version of a wet mount. "
Katie's teacher reached out to cup her apple shaped breast squeezing it firmly, the nipplejutting out from the pressure his grip wrought.

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Forcing her down in her seat he slide hishand inside her white silk blouse, feelingthe heat of her soft flesh mold tothe pattren of his roaming fingers.
"Please don't, not like this, don't make medo it again," Katie pleaded now like a brokenchild having lost a cherished doll to a greedyschoolyard bully.
"I'm going to plow that sweet young cuntjust like Prichard did. "
"I want you to fight me, struggle and try to stopme from taking it right the fuck from you,"he hissed as he shoved one hand insidethe waistband of her pantyhose.
Pressing his face to her chest Mr. Saunderslapped at the ripe globes of Katie's breasts. His mouth fastening over her dusky pink areola.
He nibbled the point of her aroused nipple, rakinghis teeth up and down the slender protrusion andtwisting it brutally until she began to moan fromthe pressure and the fear swelling within her that he'd severe it from her breast.
"Too hard, stop it you fucking bastard," Katiescreeched.
Saunders hand slid upward from inside her pantyhose,jerking them down to knee level and burying his facewithin the tangy sex scented v of her groin. Inhaling Katie's lusty smell of arousal it was so thickand spicy it threatened to choke him.
Kissing along the soft smooth flesh inside her thighs he began masturbating himself through his dark slacks. Moaning and nipping at the sesual curves of herinner thighs as he sought to taste that forbiddenopening she clamped so tightly shut trying to fightagainst his unremorseful violation.
"Open that fucking cunt up so I can eat it youlittle bitch. "
"Do it right now or so help me God I'llbeat your thighs open with my pointer," he raged.

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Mr. Saunders pressed Katie down so the heartshaped curve of her bottom rested atop the white desk she'd been sitting at for most of the afternoon.
"Spread those legs wide, I'm not going to tellyou again," he demanded.
Katie parted her thighs knowing what was to come and shivering inwardly. Her Biology teacher Mr. Prichard had donethe same thing and it seemed as if he'd neverstop.
All the while Prichard had been tongue fuckingher young cunt and lapping deep inside her asshole he'djerked himself off twice, shooting his spunk on thetile floor, creating a translucent film of male seed.
Afterwards when he'd actually tried to penetrate Katie he couldn't get an erection quickly enough having already cum twice so quickly and with such intensity.
Outraged he'd forced Katie to her knees grippingher by the back of her slender neck and making her lick his sperm off the floor.   One hand pressing her nose and lips into the slipperypool as he used the other to slide a finger into hervaginal well and anal chute simultaneously.
She had been humiliated by Prichard, forced to act as a puppy might in having their nose rubbed in itsown piss.   In this case this was not her mess butone made by her tormentor and although shefelt shame at first she was also excited by it.
Excited to the point that as Mr. Prichard continuedto finger both openings and she cleaned the floor ofhis sexual secretions she'd actually climaxed.
As she came she'd buried her face into the slimytile floor, lapping up the semen and feeling her tonguerake through it as she drew it back within her mouth toswallow it down with a perverse lust.

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"Spit on my dick, open your fucking mouth and droolall over it so I can stick it up your cunt," Mr. Saunderswas shouting as he shook her from the sexual fog ofher memory.
Katie wanted to spit in his face instead, to spitright in this bastard's face and reach out and clawthe smugness from it with her fingernails. Instead she did as she was instructed, playing therole of the good little whore she'd been told mostof her life she always was.
Saunders didn't even take the time to remove her panties nor to tear them from her. He gripped the white panel of the crotchforcing it aside and exposing her pussy lips justenough to get inside her as quickly as he could.
Katie let a long strand of saliva spill out over Saunder'serection, the tip now frothy with it as she watched himsmear it around the bloated knob.
She felt it thrust between her folds, no foreplay, notenderness about this, he was taking her, raping herand she was helpless to stop him.
A part of her wanted to put a stop to it, to justscream and pull at her own hair and rage against theaudacity of this man using her as a way to unload hissexual frustration and the abuse of power he heldover her in both physical strength and his positionas a teacher.
Katie felt his penis stretch her lips as it forcedits way inside her, no gentle gliding into her sexsoaked quim but instead a brutal stabbing thatpressed against the tip of her cervix as he buriedhimself deeply with his initial entry.
"Tight and juicy, the best kind of pussy to fuck, still good and tight to pull out all that hot cockcream," Saunders hissed as he felt the firmnessof Katie's cunt clasp over him like warm living velvet.
His hands hot and pulling at her ass cheeks ashe ground his cock into her; rolling his balls over theentrace as he tried to literally climb inside her with theintrusive organ.
"Fuck your cunny up against me, roll those hips overme you little whore," Saunders commanded as his penisstabbed in an out of her.
"I'd spill every damn drop of this load right up you ifI didn't want you getting yourself knocked up. "
Katie started to fall back as she felt Mr.

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   Saunderspress himself over her.   His grip now pinning herhips to the top of the desk as he continued tojam his prick to it's thick base within her.
As much as she tried to resist, to tell herself sheshouldn't cum, those feelings began welling up withinher.   That little buzz in her tummy that would buildand build until she couldn't hold it back and then comesmashing out in those gut wrenching orgasms thatshook her to her core as happened when she'd masturbateherself.
Against her will, almost instinctively she felt her legs lockaround her violater's hips.   Drawing him inside her tightlyand pushing her sex against his to match him thrust forthrust.  
"That's it baby girl, show me what you're workin' with,cum all over that prick," he grunted as he leaned in tochew on her aching nipple once more.
His fingers dug deep furrows into her shoulders as heheld her down gaining more leverage.   His rhythm increasing as he began to swell and his balls drew tightfeeling the pressure of his climax forcing its way upthe hotly buried fuck tube.
"Mother fuck it, here it cums bitch," he howled as hewithdrew his cock and began jerking it violently.
Katie was stunned when the first thick stream splashed over her belly, the slimy tail of it landing atop her bruised clit.   The heat of his semen searingthe tender flesh and she started to cum herself. Saunders continued to jack himself off over theyoung girl, her panties rapidly soaking up the creamywhite ropes of his cum.
"Smear that shit all over your pussy, rub it all overyourself damn you," he growled as another jet lashedout to land inside her thighs and trickle down her leg.
"Next time you'll get it inside you, maybe even knockyou up so you'l be carrying my baby inside there asyou go from class to class around here.

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"Knowing I've got my seed all ripe and growinginside you to mark you as my bitch from now on," hegasped as the last shudder of his climax spilled outon Katie's belly.
Katie's hips began to jerk against the top of the deskas she continued to cum, part from the feel of Saunder'sload splashing over her exposed skin, part from his filthywords of possibly impregnating her to mark her shamefor all to see.
"Go on and clean yourself up, I've got another classto teach in fifteen minutes so get the fuck out," hescolded as if she were a naughty child who'd been caught playing in her clean clothes in the dirt outside.
"Make sure you bring a change of panties with youtomorrow, you'll be needing them when I fill that pussyup nice and full," he chuckled as he slapped her hardagainst the ass, pushing her toward the door.
Katie knew she'd do just that, just as sure as sheknew she'd be back tomorrow inspite of how degradedshe now felt.  
She knew there was something. Something she need not feel afraid of any longer insideher that was different from the other girls and he'd actually taught her more than he may have ever imagined.

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