Lady Mary


Lady Kidnapped 
It was a wet and miserable day, and the wind blew her long blond hair into her eyes. The Hon. Mary Victoria Sanderson was walking down the quarter of a mile long drive that led to her home Sanderson House.
She saw it looming up in front of her as she approached; although it had been her family’s home for hundreds of years she had hardly spent any of her life there.
 As soon as she was old enough she had been sent away to a private girls school where she had stayed until she was eighteen. She had only come home at the holidays, and consequently had very little deep emotional ties to her family or the house.
Her mother was a widow, as her father had died years ago. Mary had been deliberately kept away from the male sex all her life and apart from the stories that the girls told each other, her only experience of sex had been kissing and fondling the other girls in her dorm at night.
She was a tiny young girl who still didn’t look eighteen even though her breasts were the biggest in her class, and she was secretly mortified to realise that she would have to show ID if she wanted to obtain any of the things that her bigger taller friends could get easily.
Even her breasts had been an embarrassment at school as although she was an excellent horsewoman all the judges noticed were her big bouncy breasts, which her sports bra did little to conceal or control.
She had just started university and the sight of so many boys rushing around had quite overwhelmed her.
She was distracted from her daydream by a man’s voice coming from an old car approaching her down the drive. She recognised the man as the grounds-man, Vince something or other and waited until it pulled up beside her.
After a short conversation she got into the car and it drove off.
After about ten minutes the car pulled into a driveway of a bungalow just on the outskirts of the town.
Everything was going to plan, Vince was shaking with excitement at the thought of pleasures to come, and the stupid young cow had fallen for his story about her mother taking his wife, who worked as a cook at the house, to Hospital.

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As her mother’s grounds-man Mary took his story at face value when he said he had offered her mother that he would pick her up and take her to meet her at the Casualty Department.
Even when he had turned into the driveway she had accepted the excuse that he was just dropping off a tool he had borrowed from the owner.
Only when the automatic garage doors had opened as his car approached them had she queried his actions and by then they were inside the garage and the doors had closed behind them.
At last he could drop the pretence and drag her out of the car into the playroom he had prepared for her.
She struggled furiously as he handcuffed her to the steel bed.
He had watched the stuck up little whore on her rare visits home, and when she noticed him at all she would usually say something to him in that posh public school voice of hers that made it obvious that she thought she was better than he was.
With the aid of a ladder had often watched her through her bedroom window at night. She always had a bath every night and would walk about in her bedroom stark naked.
He was amazed at the size of her tits compared to the rest of her body, she was a tiny girl with a lovely tight little arse. He had even managed to take a few pictures of her for his private collection. However being up a ladder looking through a window was not the same as having his hands on her.
He believed that Mary would wriggle her tight arse at him as she walked past his house in the grounds, and once he was sure that she had pretended to drop something on the ground just so she could bend over and show him her white knickers.
She took after her mother, Lady Patricia who was also a tiny woman with large breasts.
He had seen her mother sunbathing in her enclosed private garden through a knothole in the fence.
Thinking she was unobserved she had taken her bikini off and he had seen her heavy breasts with the big rubbery nipples as she rubbed oil into them.

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   When she rolled onto her back he had a good view of her hairy cunt, he had wanked until he’d come over the fence.
Vince looked down at the girl as she struggled on the bed, he had gagged her before taking off her jacket and slapped her to stop her annoying pleading and crying, and the sight of her totally helpless turned him on in a big way.
‘Shut up you fucking little tart, you are going to get what you have asked for and no mistake, you won’t be found until I’m ready for you to be found’ he threatened,  producing a sharp knife and sawing through her skirt belt which he threw across the room with her skirt.
She was now to frightened to move and just lay there in her white cotton bra and knickers.
Vince picked up a Polaroid Camera and took a snap of her.
 He wanted very much to strip her naked and rape her there and then but he had promised himself that he would make this last and he wanted her far more frightened of him than she was at the moment.
He had planned this for months, renting a bungalow under an assumed name and buying an old car without registering it then as a final safety precaution fitting false numberplates to it. This house and car couldn’t be traced back to him just in case someone had noticed her getting into his car.
It was also a good address for getting his sex supplies and kiddy porn off the Internet, as even if it were traced the trail would end here.
All in all he felt safe here and had planned the abduction of the girl for the last three months, and when he had completely finished with her he had other little whores on his list to sample.
He sat on the side of the bed and stroked her lovely smooth legs relishing her cringing away from his touch. ‘Don’t worry he whispered to her you will soon be begging me to touch you nicely like this after a few days in this playroom’.
She was secured so that her legs were wide apart with her feet cuffed to the sides of the iron footboard.
He leant over her and putting his head between her legs sniffed at the crotch of her panties, she smelt nice, and her panties were pulled up so tightly against her pubes that he could see the outline of her cunt lips.
Vince licked her crotch slowly feeling the cotton material dampen with his saliva, the more he licked her the clearer he could see her cunt lips and the harder his erection became.

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This was better than a wet t-shirt show he thought and continued to lick her through her knickers.
‘Do you like it when I lick your cunt?’ he asked her.
Mary’s face had gone scarlet with embarrassment, as every time she tried to move her fanny away from his mouth she only seemed to rub it harder against him.
He rubbed his hand over her pubes and squeezed them then he fondled her soft warm breasts and felt her small nipples through her bra.
She had big tits for a young girl, soft and warm he thought as he handled them.
He slipped her breasts out of the bra cups and flicked her nipples with his tongue, sucking each of them until they stood up erect.
‘You like the feel of that don’t you’ he whispered to her.
He decided to fuck her after all and using the knife slowly cut off her bra exposing her naked young breasts and then cutting through the crotch of her knickers bringing her little blond haired cunt into view.
His hand slipped up her legs until his fingers entered her tight little cunt, he thrust them into her and watched her squirming about. His other hand was squeezing her tits and pinching her erect nipples.
He took another picture of her then said ‘I’m going to fuck you little Miss High and Mighty’ and stripped off his clothes. His cock was rampant and he rubbed it over her face and mouth.
He climbed on top of her and stuck his cock between her legs, but she was laying too flat for him to enter her cunt properly.
Vince gave up on fucking her for the moment and straddled her so his naked arse was sitting on her belly, he stuck his cock between her breasts. He started to wank his cock in front of her eyes to give her a good look at what she was
going to get later.

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Mary stared at his throbbing cock, it was the first one she had ever seen. Other girlfriends had described them to her when they were boasting about their boyfriends, but she was frightened at how thick and long it was.
He gently slapped her face with his cock and rubbed the shiny knob over her face and lips until she was covered in his juices. He took her gag off so that he could see her expressions clearly.
Vince threatened to slap her if she didn’t smile for him and when she did he took another picture for his collection.
In order to get his cock into her cunt he would have to release her legs so he could lift them up. He decided to move her over to the wooden stocks that he had obtained from a sado-masochist website, they had been set low so that anyone in them would have there heads lower than their backsides for maximum debasement. He locked her into
them and studied the effect.
She was now kneeling on the floor with her head and hands locked into the stocks; her large breasts were dangling, and her naked arse was exposed to view.
He couldn’t resist giving her naked bum a whack with his cane, and warned her to smile when he took her picture or he would hit her again even harder.
He took another picture of this ensuring she was looking up at him with a tremulous smile on her face.
Vince then knelt down behind her and put his hands on her tight little arse, it was just as soft and warm as her breasts. Slowly he pulled her bum cheeks wide apart so he could see her cunt and arsehole clearly.
Her cunt had a thick covering of blonde hair on it but her small pink arsehole was smooth and tight.
Mary couldn’t believe she was here, kneeling on the floor with her mother’s grounds-man looking at her naked bum, and actually pulling her bum open so he could see everything.

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She had often seen him looking at her as she had to walk past his house in the morning but being a young girl she was more interested in what the latest boy band were up to in the music charts.
She hadn’t worried at all when he picked her up, as his story seemed to make sense, it was only when they went into the garage that she started to worry and by then it was too late.
She knew that tonight her mother would be visiting her new boyfriend Lord Stanley Orpington, and wouldn’t miss her until she got back at midnight.
Vince pushed his face between Mary’s bum cheeks and stuck his tongue into her anus licking around the rim of her arse and then pushing his tongue into her vagina.
Putting the lens of the camera as close as he could he took a picture of her naked cunt and arse.
He couldn’t wait to get his big cock into them both.
Next to the stocks he had placed a jar of Lubricant and he took a liberal portion onto his fingers and stuck one finger up her cunt feeling it grip his finger tightly as he began rubbing the grease into her cunt lips.
Mary wriggled about trying to avoid his fingers but she only succeeded in turning him on more as he watched her bum moving in front of his face.  
He then turned his attention to greasing her tight bum hole, if anything this was even tighter than her little cunt, and he could feel it gripping his finger as he moved it in and out until both holes were well greased.
‘You have big tits are you still a virgin?’ he asked her.
‘Yes’ she sobbed, ‘ how dare you do this to me?’
‘You haven’t sucked a young lads cock, or let him feel your tits?’
‘No I’m not like that’ she replied indignantly, ‘let me go now’.
‘Well your going to suck my cock, after your cunt and arse have been well fucked’ he chortled.
‘I don’t want to, I want to go home’ Mary sobbed.
‘If you do as I say I’ll let you go afterwards’
‘You promise?’ she said hopefully
‘Of course ‘ he replied, ‘now hold still while I stretch your arsehole a little bit for later on’ he selected a slim vibrator and switching it on he worked it up into her bottom, it was a very tight fit and the girl moaned as it went up her arse.
‘Ow! that hurts my bottom’ she complained sulkily.

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‘Don’t be a baby’ he chided’ it’s only a bit uncomfortable that’s all. ‘In fact you can show me how good you are at cock sucking now’.
Leaving the vibrator sticking out of her bum, he moved around to the front of the stocks and knelt down in front of her face. She was a beautiful girl and he had fantasised this scene a hundred times.
‘Open your mouth wide’ he ordered, and when she had complied he pushed his cock into her mouth, ‘Suck me like a big lollipop’ he told her as he moved his cock in and out of her mouth.
Her long blond hair dangled down over her face and obscured his view of his cock sticking out of her mouth, He lifted her hair away from her face and threw it back over the wooden beam of the stocks, it was so long it lay across her back.
Mary had a job getting her mouth to open wide enough to suck his cock, she had to breath through her nose as he kept pushing it in and out of her mouth, it tasted salty and she didn’t like it.
The feel of her hot mouth on his knob was absolutely fantastic and being new to sucking cock she was sucking him harder than she needed to, which just felt even better.
When she had sucked his cock for a while he told her to look up at him and took another photo, she had a beautiful heart shaped face and the sight of his cock sticking out of the Hon. Miss Sanderson’s mouth almost made him come there and then.
Vince pulled his cock out of her mouth and went around to her back.
He pulled the slim vibrator out of her bum and replaced it with a slightly thicker one, again she moaned when he pushed it completely into her, he didn’t want it sticking out of her bum and interfering with his fucking.
‘Time to fuck your tight little cunt’ he stated, and positioned himself between her legs. His cock was in just the right position to enter her from behind and he put his knob between her small cunt lips and thrust firmly into her hole.
He felt the resistance as he broke through her hymen causing her to squeal with the sudden pain, and then he was into her cunt all the way.

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His big hairy balls slapped up against her naked arse and he fucked her tight hairy cunt for a good few minutes. It was fantastic, just as good and tight as he had imagined, but he didn’t want to come just yet so he pulled out of her cunt with a lovely squelching sound and took the dildo out of her bum hole.
Mary was crying with shock and shame as she felt his cock going up into her fanny, it hurt and the feeling of being stretched was unpleasant. As he rammed it into her she was pushed against the wooden stocks, which hurt her shoulders. She was relieved when he pulled his thing out of her, and then pulled the other thing out of her bum.
‘I’m now going to fuck you up the arse’ he told her so hold still and relax your bum hole.
He pushed his greasy finger up her bum hole and wiggled it around to make it as wide as he could and then inserted the end of his cock into her bum and pushed hard.
The girl screamed as his cock thrust up her little arse hole, the grease and stretching had helped prepare her hole but it was still small and tight. Luckily her bum didn’t tear but it still hurt a lot and she started to cry.
The sound of her crying excited him and he fucked her bum harder, her arse gripped his cock so tightly he was nearly coming so he pulled his cock out of her bum with an audible pop and thrust it back into her cunt.
It was hot wet and tight and with a gasp he came deep into her womb, filling it with his hot come until his cock went slack and slipped out of her cunt.
He fell back on the floor in happy exhaustion, while she sobbed in the stocks, her naked throbbing bum in the air and with his come dribbling out of her violated cunt.  
He took another picture of her as he lay there, making sure her tearstained face wasn’t in the frame.
At last he had got off her, Mary couldn’t believe what he had been doing to her.
She had never imagined anyone wanting to stick anything up someone’s bum let alone hers, the feeling of his fingers in her bum hole made her feel sick and she would be glad to get out of here and tell the police all about him.

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 She could still feel him inside her and both her holes were sore and throbbing.
He sat in front of her when he had recovered and laid out the pictures on the floor so she could see them.
‘How would you like your Mother Lady ‘S’ and friends to see these?
The way you are smiling it looks as if you are enjoying every moment of it. ’ Vince asked her.
To her dismay the photos certainly seemed to show her enjoying her experience. Vince was never shown in the picture, just Mary with her face covered in cock juice, one of her with a vibrator sticking out of her bum, and one of her sucking a mans cock and smiling up at him as she did it.
The thought of her upright Mother seeing her like that brought her to tears.
‘Please don’t show anyone’ she sobbed.
‘Well that depends he said if you are a good girl and do as I say then this can be our secret.
All you have to do is keep quite about what we do and come and see me when my wife is out otherwise I’ll post copies of these photos to your family and friends’.  
Mary was so scared at what people would think of her that she agreed to his demands.
Vince unlocked her from the stocks and dressed her in her jacket, blouse and skirt.
‘They shouldn’t notice that you don’t have a bra or knickers on’
Vince took her out to the car and drove her home; he dropped her off at the end of the drive so she wouldn’t be seen getting out of his car.
The whole abduction and rape had only taken two hours so her mother wouldn’t know she had been missing.
Nobody noticed anything amiss and during the next few days the events seemed to become unreal.

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Every Saturday her mother went to the Woman’s Institute with the next-door grounds-man’s wife, and a few minutes after they left Mary heard a knock at the main door and when she opened it Vince was standing there.
He had a packet of photos in his hand and before she could say anything he walked in to the house and went into the living room.
‘What do you want? Mother has gone out with your wife’
‘I know’ he smiled ‘I’ve come to fuck you again unless you want her to see these, do you want me to show her?’
‘No, please don’t’ she begged ‘I’ll do anything you ask’
‘That’s a good girl’ he said ‘ come here’
He made her kneel down in front of him and take his cock out of his zipper he pushed his knob against her mouth and she dutifully opened it and sucked him in.
She sucked on his cock for a while and didn’t object when Vince stood her up and reaching up under her skirt pulled down her panties.
Once he had given her a good fingering he told her to strip completely naked for him.
‘Bend over that chair’ he ordered and when she was positioned to his satisfaction he thrust his cock up into her still tight cunt.
She held on tight to the chair as he thrust into her over and over, her vagina had

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