Landlords Turn


Weeks went by for Shelly before finally seeing her landlord again. It was a Thursday when he told her that she would cook him dinner on Friday night at her place. Afraid to say no, she agreed to do it. He also told her to make spaghetti and to wear nothing but an apron, stockings and heels. When Friday came she made the spaghetti and waited in a white apron with black designs added with black stockings and heels. When a knock came from the door she got up nervously. On the way she grabbed a long coat to put on.

When she opened the door she saw her landlord. “I thought I said apron not coat,” he told her. “I was afraid that you might be someone else at the door,” she said. “Ok now lose the coat so I can see what you’re wearing,” he said. He wasn’t disappointed seeing her in the apron, stockings and heels. What made it better was her big boobs were peeking out the sides and it didn’t cover her backside. She made Mr. Meaner a plate of spaghetti and sat at the other side of the table. “What you’re not hungry?” he asked.

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   She answered no and he told her she should. She was too nerves to eat so she just sat there. After his second plate he got up, put his plate in the sink then walked to her. Grabbing her arm he told her to get up.

After popping her boobs out for more of a feel his hands roamed over her body. He enjoyed grasping at her ass also till finally he stopped, turned her around and started taking the apron off. Now with her only in her black stockings and heels he turned her around again. “Now it’s time for dessert,” he said as he forced her to lie back on the table. He pulled up a chair and sat between her legs. Grabbing both legs and placing them over his shoulders he put his head between her thighs. Then Shelly felt Mr. Meaners tongue licking at her pussy while his beard tickled too. She just lied there looking at the ceiling and biting her bottom lip while trying to fight how it felt.

After getting her pussy warm and wet he got up and unzipped his pants. Now Shelly could see her landlord as she felt his cock inter her.

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   She closed her eyes trying to imagine a young and better looking man fucking her. Yet it was hard to because she could hear him panting and grunting like a pig. As well as hearing him say things to her like how pretty she looked and talking about his black cock. All of the sudden she realized he didn’t have on a condom. He asked, “What’s up Shelly baby? Did you just come?” “No” she answered, “you don’t have a condom on. You’ll get me pregnant. ” “Don’t worry baby because I can’t get you or any other woman pregnant. ”

He smiled and wrapped his arms around her legs and started fucking her harder. She looked up at him and started to pant because she was getting close to coming. Mr. Meaner could see the expression on her face and knew she was. They ended up coming at the same time. “I knew you would enjoy this baby,” said her landlord. She turned her head to the side and kept her eyes closed in shame. He pulled out and used her apron to clean himself off before pulling up his pants.

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   He thanked her for dinner and “desert” and left her apartment. Shelly got off the table, put the leftover food in the fridge, took a shower and went to bed.

Months went by with her and the landlord fucking in her apartment as well as his. Most of the time it was hers and he’s been calling her “baby” now. He also got her calling him poppa when nobody is around. He decided to let her pay half the rent seeing how she was “working” the other half. One thing he enjoyed was catching her after work because of how she dressed. As soon as she got near her landlord’s door it would open and he would pull her inside. Then fuck her on the near by leather sofa.

One day the door opened and he told her to get dressed up in a short skirt and tight shirt without nylons and come back to his apartment. She put on a black leather skirt with a white t-shirt and kept her black heels on she wore to work. He told her how pretty she looked and said they were going for a road trip. She was nervous because this was the first time they were going anywhere together. They got into his old beat up silver pick-up truck. He had her sit next to her seeing how the seat wasn’t two separate seats in his truck.


   She asked where they were going and he told her to relax it’s a surprise as he put his hand on her thigh.

They arrived at a sex shop with cloths, toys and more. He bought her different colored stockings, crotchless pantyhose, a maid outfit, a white see through negligee and a wireless remote vibrator. Back in the truck he had her put on the white opaque stockings. As well as the vibrator in her pussy which she pleaded not to but with no success. After she did Mr. Meaner told Shelly to leave her heels off and put her feet on his lap. With one hand on the wheel his other hand was rubbing her legs and feet. Shelly just looked away as she felt his hand go up and down her leg and squeeze her feet. “What are we doing here,” as she noticed the truck pulling up to a bar and grill. “Well I’m hungry and we got to eat,” he responded. She put on her heels and got out of the truck.

She was glad to notice not many people in there as they sat at a booth. An older black man came up to them and asked how it was going. The landlord introduced him to Shelly as Mr.

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   Daniels and owner of the bar and grill. He was bald and taller and darker than the landlord. As the two men talked she saw that mostly older men in their 40’s and up hung out in the place. She came to when the vibrator went on and off then Mr. Meaner said he ordered for the both of them. They talked a little about this and that till two more men came over who knew him. One was Mr. Stevens who was about the same as her landlord except for no facial hair. The other was Mr. Knight with a K who was white, shorter and fatter with white hair and beard, which was bushier than her landlord. Mr. Knight gave her the creeps because he kept looking at her in a weird way. They told her how they met in the military, found out they lived in the same state and became close friends. They talked till the food arrived while she just sat fighting the feeling of the vibrator. When Shelly and Mr.

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   Meaner were done eating he said bye to his friends then out the door they left.

Once in the truck he asked her to take her heels off. As she was doing so she heard his zipper. Looking over she asked what he wanted. “I want you to rub my cock with your feet. I want to feel the texture of the stockings on my cock,” he said. So placing her feet on both sides of it she started to move them up and down. She didn’t want to look but felt she had to. He just moaned and said “Good baby, keep it up” while driving them home. The vibrator going on and off didn’t help her situation. As soon as they got to his door he pulled her in and told to strip it all off. He grabbed her hand as they walked to his bedroom. They got into bed with him on top fucking her till he came. When he was finally done she dressed, grabbed her bag of items and went to her apartment. Once she got inside she showered and went to bed.

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   While in bed she was ashamed knowing how bad she wanted to be fucked because of the vibrator.