Mikaila's Violation (Part 1)


Mikaila leaned up against a tree as she paused to take a breath. She looked out across the lake and the mist that was slowly rising. She enjoyed the peacefulness of the lake at this time of year. The summer people were gone and it was still a few more months before the hunters moved in. She ran her fingers through her sweat soaked hair and started running again, listening as her feet thudded on the bridle path. Because it was always so empty at this time of the year, she didn't expect to meet anyone on the trail and sure enough she hadn't. She looked off towards the lake again, at the cool inviting look of the water and decided to take a dip. She hadn't brought a swimsuit, but she didn't worry. She hadn't seen a single soul in the area the whole week and figured she'd have more than enough privacy for a swim. Stripping off her clothes, she laid them on a picnic table just off the beach and walked into the water. She gasped as the water cooled her heated body, but soon she relaxed with a sigh and floated in the water. Unbeknownst to her, she wasn't alone. A single man watched quietly from the protective covers of the forest. He'd been watching her for the last few days, watching her run, learning the paths that she took, and more importantly, she never had anyone with her. As she began to swim further away from the shore, he slipped down to the lakeside and removed her clothing from the table and stuffed them into a pack. He wasn't about to leave any evidence behind.

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   Taking it back to his truck which he had parked a little off the road, and placed it in the back. He pulled out some duct tape and went back down to the beach and waited. it was about a half hour before she came back out of the water and walked down the beach towards the table. He couldn't help but smile at the look of confusion on her face as she came to the table and frowned. He watched her look around as if trying to be sure this was the right table and that's when he rushed out to her. Surprise caused her to hesitate and freeze in place, and then she tried to run away. He was quicker however, and grabbed her by the arm. When she started to scream, he cuffed her upside the head. "Shut up, bitch. " he growled. She cut off the scream with a choked cry and he took out the duct tape and pulled off a section and placed it across her mouth and then he wrapped another section around her wrists. "We're going to go for a little ride, and if you're a good girl, I'll let you walk. If not, I'll drag you along. " She swallowed nervously as she truly looked at him, he was a brute of a man, nearly 6 feet in height and built like a bouncer. She gave a little whimper and nodded.

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   She was barely 5 feet, and lot lighter in weight, certainly no match for his brute strength. He looked pleased as she acquiesced,  "Good, I like a woman who knows when a situation is hopeless. " He led her down the path to the road and eventually to his truck. He enjoyed watching her wince as the rocks dug into her feet, causing her to slow and pick them up tenderly. However, he got tired of the time it was taking and just scooped her up and flung her over his shoulder. She let out a muffled cry and he just laughed. "You're going to be a right treat, you know that girl?" he asked and fondled her naked ass with his large hands. "Yup, it'll be a right treat. And you'll enjoy every last bit of it. "She kicked out in a vain attempt to get free and earned herself nothing more then a hard smack to her ass. She cried out into the tape as tears fell down her cheeks. She feared what was going to happen to her and she had no idea how she was going to get out of it. Once they reached his truck he opened the door and threw her onto the seat and slid in after her. It was an older truck, but it still started up on the first try. The door slammed shut with a sound a of finality, as if it was the sound of her freedom being locked away as well.

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   She cried softly as she lay there on the bench seat, as the truck backed out and started down the dirt road. She was bounced around some, but she was left alone. That didn't last long however, for as soon as they were on the paved road, his hands strayed over to touch her. She tried to scoot away, but he would have none of. Yanking her hair he growled "You'll lay there and like it missy, or you'll be wishing you ain't never been born. " Her eyes watched him, wide as saucers, and she swallowed. She knew that look, she knew he was dead serious. She forced herself to relax, her body falling limp as he started fondling her breasts. "Such nice tits you got there missy, just right for fittin' inside a mans hand. " He pinches her nipple, eliciting a muffled cry from her. "And such hard nipples you got. I think you might be starting to enjoy this. " She couldn't do anything to defend herself but whimper at the painful pinching. He gave her nipple one last twist and went back to groping her breasts. It didn't take him long before he was reaching further down and rubbing at her pussy.

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   He ran his fingers through the curls of hair and then yanked on a bit of it, bringing more tears to her eyes. "I like a nice clean shaven woman, " he says amiably, as if discussing the weather. "Gonna have to fix that when I get you home. " She shivered at the thought of him bringing a razor, anywhere near her flesh. Images of being cut or maimed flashed through her head and she broke out in a cold sweat. He seemed to not notice, or if did, care about that and kept right on mauling her. He shifted a little in his seat and he grunted a little. Suddenly, he pulled off the road onto something hardly more then a couple of tracks in the woods. "Damn, but your hot. " he grunts again as he starts unzipping his pants "I'll be damned if I'm gonna make back without cumming in my pants. "Her eyes widen as the doors opened and she's suddenly pulled to the edge of the seat, a cool breeze blowing along her pussy. Her legs were spread apart as he pulled his cock out of his pants. She couldn't hardly take her eyes of his shaft and the massive size of it. It looked to be two inches across at least, and about ten inches in length. Or dear lord, she thought.

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   He'll tear me in two. He stroked his shaft for a few minutes and it increased a little more in size. A look of pure pleasure filled his face and suddenly she found the head pressed hard against her pussy. She couldn't help herself and tried to pull back. That was a bad mistake. Before she even know what happened, he smacked her hard across the cheek. "I told you that you'll lay there and enjoy or wish you hadn't" he growled. Tears streamed down her face at the pain in her cheek, but that was nothing to what he did next. He grabbed her thighs and then without even a little bit of spit for lube, he jammed his cock hard and fast into her. She screamed hard into the duct tape, her whole body jumping from the pain of it. Tears rolled freely down her cheeks. He didn't even pause to let her get used to him, but instead pulled nearly all they way out and then rammed right back in, full to the hilt. Her body felt as if it was being torn in two, excruciating pain searing her nerves. Several times he kept up the hard ramming, driving harder each time. Several times he hit up against her cervix, causing her body to jump in pain each time.

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   After several minutes of this he starting pushing in harder and faster, his large finger digging in and bruising her thighs. "Oh yes baby, you're such a tight little fuck aren't you. I bet you're even tighter up that cute little ass of yours aren't you?" She couldn't believe her ears and soon found her legs pushed up to her shoulders. He pulled out of her and then lined up his bulging head with her tight untouched sphincter. He pushed on it hard, causing his cock to bend a little as the virgin hole did not want to part. "Oh yes, you're gonna be a real tight little fuck. " He braced himself, and managed to start pushing his head through. Her mind exploded with the searing pain as she felt him slowly entering her. She could feel herself tearing as he got most of the thick head in. Suddenly, he trust harder and she screamed out against the gag as the head pushed all the way in. He gave several more quick trusts pushing his massive cock in a little more at a time. She couldn't help but writhe in pain as he penetrated deeper. He started grunting and he squeezed her ass hard as he savagely trust one more time and buried himself completely. She could hardly believe the pain. Oh, God.

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   She thought. Kill me now, please. God wasn't listening however as the man kept thrusting into her. It wasn't long before his grunting increased and soon her insides were filled with hot liquid as he shot his load into her. "That was real good baby. " he moaned "Such a sweet tight little ass like yours can certainly please a man. " he reached a finger up to wipe the tears on her cheek "And I see you enjoyed it real well too. I like a woman to enjoy herself. "He pulled out his now flaccid member and watched the cum ooze out of her ass. She whimpered as he shoved her back in the truck and he climbed in has well. He didn't zip himself back in, but instead left his cock out and occasionally stroked himself as they headed onwards again. It was a fairly long drive, and he entertained himself with squeezing her breasts and twisting her nipples. They didn't stop again until they reached a cabin that was down a long winding dirt road. .
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