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Fifteen year old Marissa Barns choked and desperately gasped for breath when the 9 inch cock was suddenly jerked from her tortured throat. Her tormentor held the young girls head up by her long blond hair then after allowing her precious little relief he savagely shoved back into her open mouth and on down her raw throat. Once again he pinched the girls nose cutting off her air supply as dick went in to her throat the hilt with the girls red lips held firmly against the studs thick black pubic hair. As pressure to breath built she began struggling but strong arms held her firmly in place. She briefly thought to free her self by biting it off. If she did she knew they would surely kill her. But then they were slowly killing her anyway.
The young teen became dizzy, her face began to turn blue. She began to black out. At least it would soon be over.
Just in time the cock was jerked free, trailing ropes of un-swallowed saliva and sending her into another coughing, choking, gasping, fit. Alive yes, but just freeing her for another round of torture.
“Damn that’s some good tape. Thought we was going to loose her there for a minute Bob. ” the director chuckled.

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  ” Bob said. , “ I know how far to go. Wasn’t going to kill the little slut. She just thinks so. It’s sort of like that water boarding stuff the spooks do. You know them rag heads just think their going to drown. ”
The camera zoomed in on the wild desperate face. A stunningly beautiful face under other circumstances. A heart shaped face with long auburn curls and flashing green eyes. Right now the eyes were only flashing panic from a face covered in running mascara, sweat, tears and saliva.
Marissa was a small town girl who went gone boy crazy and was lured by the excitement of the big city. Things changed fast when Greyhound dumped the penniless runaway on the streets of LA. It didn’t take her long to figure that there were no jobs for fourteen year old runaways.
By the time she had starved off all her baby fat Marissa got smart enough to hook up with an older guy trading sex for food and shelter in order to survive.
Along the way she tried a little Coke and Meth and found that she got horny as hell on speed and could fuck for hours as long as she stayed high.


   That came in handy since the 36 year old “boyfriend” insisted on showing her off at wild parties that ended up with orgies and gang bangs.
Then he met a dude that recruited for the porn trade. When he found out what the going rate was he was all for it. So just for fun she played along. She did a couple of straight BJ scenes then a series of Perv scenes where her “co-star” was some older guy. She dressed up as a cheerleader or in a girl school outfit and called him “teacher, principal, or coach, whatever they told her. These started with some kind of punishment like a little spanking and ended with a BJ. Pretty boring stuff if you aren’t a Perv.
One day they matched her with a guy she was to call daddy and found out that they expected her to fuck him. At first she was nervous about “doing it” in front of the camera even though she had fucked a lot. This old fart would be just another in a long line of strange cocks that had used her young pussy so she got over it. The pay was better but it all went to her pimp. She had finally figured out that’d was all her so-called boyfriend was.
From X rated straight fucking, things spiraled out of control. Not that the young girl ever had any real control.

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   Now at almost 16 she was an old hand in the business doing hard core rape scenes and wondering if she was going to live through the next minute or even if she wanted to live.
“Ok, now lets get some booty action. ” the director called.
It wasn’t enough that she was doing ultra hard porn but this shit was being streamed live over the Internet live. They said over five hundred would be rapist perverts had ponyed up a grand a piece to watch the debauchery. Later her ordeal would be available to the rest of the net world for anybody anywhere to download for a few bucks.
The 15 year old was naked except for absurdly tall red-plastic high heels and a wide black dog collar buckled tightly around her small throat. Besides being part of her “costume” the collar provided a convenient handle for her abusers to jerk her around from one obscene position to another or choke her into submission.
In her desperation just to breath she had forgotten that the whole meal deal was that she was to be the filling in a human sandwich. A muscle bound freak named Marcus was stationed behind her. While the camera concentrated on the oral rape he held her firmly in place preventing her from attempting to back up and escape the smothering cock. Now he moved into action for his part of the show.
“Get up higher bitch. Hike yo ass on up there. ” He demanded slapping her bare rear.

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   She adjusted only to receive another stinging blow. “You can do better than that. Come on get that little ass on up to where I can take yo hole. ” The helpless teen received another stinging blow. Her ass cheeks now glowing with red handprints.
She moved again and looking back she noticed one camera had moved back to show her reddened cheeks as powerful hands pulled them apart streaming a close up of her exposed sex to all the perverts watching on computers.
“Go ahead Marcus show our viewers a little pussy fucking. Don’t cost nothing extra,” the director laughed. “It’ll get you lubed up for her ass. ”
The muscle bound porn star dipped his dick into her hole, pushed it in then pulled it all the way out. He did this several times giving the camera a close shot of her open pussy hole each time he pulled it out.
“You like that? You like that big black dick in you’re little pussy?”
The young girl just mumbled something which earned her another stinging blow. “Say it slut. Tell me how you like a big black dick in that skinny young pussy of your’s.
“Oh yes,” she complied.

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   You’re dick feels really good. Really good in my tight, white, pussy. ”
“That’s better slut just don’t want to think yo prejudiced or nothing. ” He slapped her ass hard once again.
It didn’t feel bad in her pussy but he had the worst possible kind of dick for anal. Unlike most long dicked porn stars, his was shorter and fat. It looked like a the big end of a baseball bat and it was going to hurt her ass like hell. Of course they had planned it this way. This scene wasn’t supposed to be fun. Her pimp was getting big bucks because she was to get raped at both ends.
Bob had taken hold of the dog collar at her throat holding her firmly in place and one of the cameras was positioned to cover the shock and pain she was bound to display when Marcus forced her smallest hole.
The frantic teen stiffened as a pudgy digit entered her anus and twirled round and round greasing and loosening her up. Then two fingers were in stretching her little hole. It still didn’t hurt. Not really. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

   At this point it wasn’t more than a big turd.
The freak stuck his dick back in her pussy and fucked her for awhile as he worked on her butt readying it for the final invasion. At last he removed his fingers. Took his dick out and brought it to her asshole and tried to push it past her tight muscle but it didn’t work. His cock was hard but not hard enough to push in.
“Damn. Loosen you fucking ass. ” he commanded. “This cock’s going in that ass one way or another. You may as well get used to that. If you don’t open up I’ll rip you open with a ball bat and shove my dick in you’re bloody hole right behind it. You get that. ”
“Give me some more of the K-Y shit. I’ll grease her up better then she gets one more chance. It’s up to you how you want this to happen but you ass hole is mine babe.

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This time the little girl gasped as he shoved two grease coated fingers way up in her ass and roughly worked them around. He repeated that several times packing her butt full of slippery K-Y then got back into position.
“Ok guys. Here goes. One big cock up one itty bitty butt hole. ”
The girl desperately tried to relax her rectum. She knew it what was coming. She knew it was going to hurt and her ass desperately wanted to tighten up against the invader. Somehow she willed it to relax.
“Please go slow. ” she begged pitifully.
“Sure kid. I ain’t gonna hurt ya more than I gots to. ”
She knew that was a lie. They wanted to hurt her.

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   His job was to force her ass and that’s what he was going to do.
His monster prick came against her rectum and he grasped the girls thin hips pulling her firmly against him. The pressure increased and increased again as he put his huge thighs into the game. Finally the inevitable happened. The pressure and the grease worked. His enormous circumcised dick-head popped in past her straining rectal muscle. Even expecting it the girl screamed until she almost fainted. Just the head was in her ass and she already felt that she was being ripped apart.
Marissa struggled violently choking herself on the dog collar trying to escape the massive anal invasion. The pain was horrible. More than she had ever experienced in her young life. The rape pervs were definitely getting their monies worth.
Bob roughly jerking the collar cutting off her air but holding her in place. There was no escape.
The freak momentarily held up to regroup and get the screaming clawing girl back under some sort of control.

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   In pain her ass had involuntarily clamped down on his cock. The head was in but he was having trouble going deeper. He wanted to shove it in to the hilt but for now the resistance was just too much. He decided to just wait a little bit and hope she would get it together.
Marissa’s ass was screaming and tears of pain and rage were streaming down her face but she had stopped straining against the dog collar and could breath again. She could hear the men screaming at her to relax. Some of the guys standing around were laughing their asses off. She was totally humiliated but that was the least of her concerns. The panic was receding but how did they expect her to relax her ass when it hurt so bad.
“I can’t. I can’t. It hurts. Oh god it hurts too much. You’re tearing me apart. Don’t you know how much it HURTS? Please take it out.

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   PLEASE. Oh god PLEASE. ” she begged over and over but they wouldn’t let up.
No matter how much the girl begged the freak wouldn’t let up. Pressing forward slowly a millimeter at a time, the K-Y paved the way. The 15 year old runaway’s anus was slowly impaled by the one eyed monster.
Finally he yelled in triumph. “It’s in,” indeed the monitor showed that his pubic bone was firmly planted against the girls rectum and his cock was completely out sight in her hole.
The girl was barely conscious to hear the cheering in the studio. Holding the half conscious teen like a rag doll the freak slowly began to move his dick in and out. Just forcing her wasn’t enough. Now he was going to fuck her and shoot his load up that raped hole.
Once that much was established the director told the Bob he wanted shots of them both doing her at once.
He moved around in front and slapped her dazed face to wake her up, to get her attention. “Ok, I won’t hold your nose this time just make a pussy out of you’re mouth so we can finish up.


   He held her head up and slid his hard-on in the O she had formed with her lips. The rapist just slowly, almost gently, fucked the girls mouth. He didn’t even force her throat. Not at first anyway.
The two guys settled into a rhythm. The girl was in too much shock to even know what was going on. One going in as the other pulled out, like their cocks were sawing her in two.
Bob, in front, became more ardent, his second orgasm approaching, pumping deeper and faster. Ropes of saliva ran past his dick and down the girls face pooling on the floor. Finally he pulled out and began jerking off in her dazed face. Barely knowing what she was doing the raped girl continued to make and O, a target, as he came all over her face and shot load after load inside the O.
The freak pulled out briefly displaying the girls horribly stretched and bloody asshole. Then jumping around front he crammed his bloody shit stained dick in the her still open mouth. Within seconds his cum flooded her throat faster than she could swallow and the rest leaked past the girls lips and joined the pool of body fluids on the floor.
When released, the girl collapsed to the floor not hearing the cheers and whistles of the crew.

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