My Girlfriend’s Hateful Mom


My girl Ricki is nothing like her mom. Ricki is sweet, loving and a good girl. Her mom Jackie is a filthy mouthed drunk. And I think she’s bipolar too cause ya never know which Jackie will show up. Will it be the nice Jackie who is friendly and sweet or the half drunk Jackie who talks and acts like an abusive bitch?

Ricki and I were doing the hokey pokey when her mom came home from work unexpectedly. We never heard her come in the house, up the stairs or standing in Ricki’s open doorway as Ricki was using her mouth to pole vault my cock. I sat in a chair, slouched way down as Ricki kneeled on the floor at my feet. She used both hands and her mouth to get me off because she forgot to take her birth control yesterday and won’t let me fuck her for a few days until she’s sure she is protected.

I was never much of a blowjob fan but have to confess Ricki can not only suck cock good, but she loves it and makes a big production out of the whole affair. She licks, sucks and nibbles at will. My favorite part was slouching down in the chair, my legs stretched out straight, Ricki between them. She used her hands to milk my shaft as she licked the underside of my very hard, nearly 8 inch cock. She licked from the balls to the head. She would look at me as she did it and knew this drove me nuts. Then she started with filthy talk. “Is this big cock gonna cum all over me Bobby? Does my Bobby like it when his little girl sucks his big cock?” I tensed as my cum built.

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Wanna know what’ll ruin a good cum gusher? Some evil bipolar bitch suddenly showing up and screaming bloody murder. Just as I began to shoot my cum there was Jackie in the doorway. I noticed her first before she said anything, but as I was cumming, I sorta froze. Ricki was milking my load as it gushed on her face and arms when suddenly I saw Jackie’s shadow. I looked up, half not expecting there to be anything other than a shadow, but there she stood. Her eyes were transfixed on my cock as it spurted it’s milky goodness.

Then she started squalling like a stuck pig. Ricki jumped up, cum on her face and hair, and started to cry. I just sat in the char holding my cock around the base as my orgasm ended. Jackie was torn – stare at my cock or yell at Ricki and me. So she did some of both. She’d scream and look at my cock and scream some more.

By the time I finished cumming and began to make a hasty retreat Jackie was standing over me. She was screaming about calling the cops and having me arrested. “For what? We’re both over 18 Jackie, so what are ya gonna do?” Jackie fumed and hissed at me, turning and leaving the room.

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   Poor Ricki was terrified and sobbing because she knew her mom would make her pay. For what neither of us knew for sure, but it was Jackie’s way…to imagine slight and seek redress. And she could be one mean bitch. I slipped on my pants and t-shirt, told Ricki to get dressed and we’d beats feet the hell away from the screaming bitch. Then it got weird.

Jackie disappeared and by the time we were dressed and ready to split she reappeared, smiling and as nice as could be. “Hi kids!” she said in a very friendly way. Ricki and I did a double take. “Wanna stay for dinner Bobby?” she asked. I was scared now for sure. “Uh, no thanks Jackie…” I replied. Ricki reminded Jackie that she had to go to work in an hour, so Jackie slinked away somewhat dejected. Ricki and I split, she in her Mazda, me in my Honda. She went to work and wanted to know if she could sleep at my pad if things got too bad after she got home at 11. Of course she could and I told her I would sneak her in past my mom if we needed to and for her to call me later and let me know if she was okay.

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I had been home for about 20 minutes when my cell phone rang. It was Jackie’s home number showing up on my caller ID. “Shit” I muttered and answered. Jackie was sweet as pie. She said she wished to discuss with me what Ricki and I had been doing. She asked me to come round. I told her I needed to eat something and she offered to make me something to eat while we chatted. I figured I could not get out of this now and resigned myself for a bipolar experience from hell. I told mom I had to split and would be back in a bit. All the way to Jackie’s I was feeling like a man on his way to the gallows. I don’t know why really. I mean Jackie couldn’t do anything to me, but still, I didn’t need the hassle.

I parked in the driveway and knocked. Jackie yelled the door was open and come on in. I walked in and looked around.

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   She was in the kitchen making hamburgers. She had me come and sit in the nook and talk to her while she finished.

“Bobby, I want to discuss what you and Ricki were doing. ” I sank in the chair and bore up for what was coming. Frankly Jackie was real nice about it. She was concerned Ricki would abandon her studies and want to run off and get married or something. I assured her Ricki was on the pill and no one was marrying anyone or having babies with them any time in the foreseeable future. Oddly Jackie seemed satisfied with that and became somewhat kind. I knew this was only a temporary change but decided to get all I could out of it.

We ate a burger and chips and the conversation turned to “what I wanted out of my relationship with Ricki. ” I was taken aback. Ricki and I had been dating for about 8 or 9 months and as we were both college students at the local university, this was just a regular old boyfriend/girlfriend thing, I informed her. “Just because we have sex doesn’t mean anything Jackie” I told her, sure of myself and my logic. Jackie cleared the small eating table in the nook and busied herself in the kitchen straightening up. Then I caught sight of the drink she had on the counter.

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   In a large 16 oz tumbler was what looked to be a rum and coke – her usual.

Now I got it. She was drinking again and this was the nice phase that would soon be followed by the schizoid phase. I was ready to make a hasty retreat before the fireworks, but Jackie then dropped a bomb on me.

“Why don’t ya fuck a real woman with that big dick Bobby?” she asked. I looked at her in amazement at her suggestion. “What, I’m not good enough for your precious daughter?” I asked, anger beginning to rise in me. He comes the nutty shit, I thought. “Good enough? No Bobby, I meant why don’t ya fuck me with that monster,” she smiled. I was gobsmacked to say the least.

“Did I hear you right Jackie?” She crossed to where I sat and asked me to stand. I did so nervously. Of course, here came the crazy. As I stood she reached for my cock and balls and grabbed on rather tightly. She stood inches from me and hissed at me “My stupid little daughter can’t please a man with a cock like this…you need a real woman for that!” She then licked my cheeks as her booze smelling breath huffed in my face.

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   Her grasp wasn’t so much tight as it was firm, but for all my fear and trepidation, my cock was fattening.

I must confess that Jackie is good looking. Unlike her daughter, who is lean and brunette with a perfect body and “B” cup tits, and pretty ones at that, Jackie was about a size 14 or so with large full breasts, wide, baby making hips and a nice ass. I had jerked off fantasizing fucking both of them on more than one occasion, but Jackie’s nutty demeanor prevented me from ever really considering such in any real terms. I looked into her eyes and oddly she was warm and soft.

“Have you ever fucked a real woman Bobby? I mean a real woman and not some little waifish teenager?” I nodded that I had been with a mature woman but she didn’t believe me. What, did she want an affidavit and photos? “Okay then,” she began, her grasp on my junk now more of a fondle, “show me how a real woman wants to be taken by a man,” she dared. Suddenly I was flush with desire for this bitch.

I backed her against the wall and began to kneed her fat tits. I was kinda hoping to either scare her or rape her, but it turned out she likes to be man-handled. “Fuck yeah!” she exclaimed. “Gonna fuck me with that fat cock, Bobby? Can ya make me see stars?” I looked at her and became determined she would get a good fucking.

I began to tear at her slacks and blouse. She merely purred as I ripped the buttons form her blouse as her full tits spilled free. I leaned down and bit one of them gently and she squealed pleasure.

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   I pulled at the four stays holding back her tits and freed them. They were magnificent, I must admit. She held them up for me and fed me first one, then the other nipples, then both at once. “Bite ‘em Bobby!’ she commanded. I sucked and bit them and she growled her delight.

I began to pull at her pants and she wiggled free of them as I still held both nipples between my teeth. “Suck my cock Jackie!’ I commanded. Before I could get the words out of my mouth Jackie was on her knees freeing my cock. She swallowed it whole in one gulp. I was duly impressed, and although not yet hard, my semi was almost 6 inches long and thick at this point and she took it to the pubes like it was a lollipop. I held her by her ears and she started sucking like there was gold at the end and she was going to get it.

I decided I wanted to fuck this foul, half drunk bitch. I pulled her by her hair until my cock fell from her hungry mouth. “Take off my pants Jackie,” I suggested and I didn’t need to tell her twice. She slid them down and past my feet.

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   I pulled her to her feet and sat her on the tiny nook table. My cock was now hard and full. She rubbed it and pulled at me. She guided my meat into her rather wet pussy and began to moan a little. I started pumping her like I meant it and she was fucking me back every bit as much.

She leaned back on her palms and held her legs high in the air as I plowed her hole. What really got me the most was her expression. She just stared at me. Her eyes were locked on mine. I couldn’t tell if she was happy, sad, angry, pleased, enjoying it or what. She was like a mannequin. “More than you can handle Jackie?” I taunted her. “Ricki takes it all easily. I would have thought an old whore like you would be a great fuck. ” Man did that rile her ass.

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   She seethed as I fucked her, but now she was tossing it back at me as if she had something to prove. “Show me what a nasty fuck you are Jackie. Stick my cock in your old ass and we’ll see if you can handle that!” I demanded.

Amazingly her expression softened a bit. I withdrew slowly and she slid more onto her back, but still with her palms holding her upper body upright, her fat tits falling off to the sides. Her asshole was puckered and ready. I spit in my hand and rubbed the head of my cock on her puckered asshole. She gasped as the head slipped past her sphincter, but as soon as the shaft began to sink into her rectum she began to push back hard. “Like this, do ya? Like this fat young cock fucking your asshole? This cock was in your daughter a couple hours ago. Did it make ya jealous?” I taunted her.

She laughed. “Jealous? Of who? Ricki?” Her eyes narrowed and it was apparent this was a grudge fuck, in that she was trying to get even with her daughter. I kinda thought she was just horny at the sight of my fat cock, and she was, but she was also a calculating bitch. It was getting good to me now and I began to just get lost in the moment of pounding this whores asshole. No matter how hard I worked I could not get her to bust a nut.

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   I even fingered her pussy while I pounded her but nothing doing! Oh well, I decided. I wasn’t here to make this bitch happy.

I should have known better. I began to feel my cum building. She was just staring at me basically expressionless. “I’m gonna cum!” I announced. My cock started to shoot, filling her bowels with my seed. I buried myself in her asshole to the rim and held her there tightly as my load dispensed itself into Jackie.

“You fuckin’ whore!” was all I heard as Ricki entered the house and saw me plowing her mom‘s asshole on the kitchen table. I turned, my load spent, and made eye contact with a shocked Ricki. “I should have known, you fuckin’ cunt!” she screamed. I thought she was screaming at me, but it was her mom she was screaming at. Ricki closed the gap between us and began to strike her mother as she screamed and cussed. I pulled out and restrained Ricki as her mother sat on the table with not an ounce of embarrassment in her pleased expression of sheer duplicity.

“I told ya Ricki.


   He’s scum. He raped me honey,” she tried to say. “I asked him to come over and talk and he raped me. ” I looked at Ricki and oddly, despite the situation, she was clearly on my side. “Bullshit, you fuckin’ whore! You set this up, didn’t ya?” Ricki looked at me. “Did she tell ya she called me to come home early so we could talk?” Ricki asked me. “No,” was all I could say, my cock now at half mast as Jackie grinned her most evil smile of self satisfaction. Ricki was sobbing now. “I hate you mother, and you too Bobby!” she screamed. “I’m sorry babe. She seduced me!” I pleaded, knowing how dumb that sounded.

I slipped back into my pants before one of these pissed off women decided to separate my balls from my crotch. I dressed as Ricki continued to scream at her naked and pleased with herself mother. Jackie made no effort at all to dress or cover herself. “Jealous babe?” She asked Ricki, clearly taunting her.

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   “Of you? You drunk, washed up old whore? Jealous? No bitch,” Ricki screamed, “I knew you were low and foul, I just didn’t know exactly how foul you are!” Ricki screamed trying to slap her mother again. I grabbed her to calm her “Let go of me you fuck!” she screamed at me. Jackie was laughing by now. “Lover’s spat?” she spewed her vengeance. Ricki ran off up the stairs. I was torn between going after her and running like Hell. Jackie looked at me totally pleased with her little plan’s success. “Well, I guess I have solved this little problem. Now get out and don’t ever get near my daughter again,” she threatened. As I retreated, Jackie, still naked, my cum leaking from her well fucked asshole, offered her parting shot.

“Oh, and nice fuck Bobby Boy. ” I just stared at her. “Don’t be fooled by my lack of enthusiasm as we were fucking dear. It was very nice…I just didn’t want to be distracted for when Ricki got home. But if ya ever wanna fuck me again, just gimme a call,” she flirtatiously smiled at me, whispering low so Ricki would not hear her.

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   She winked at me and slid two fingers in her ass. She licked my cum from her fingers. “You are truly fucking nuts, ain’t ya Jackie?”

“Maybe a little, but you’ll be back!” “Not on your life!” I shot back. “Don’t ruin my fun now Bobby Boy. If you’re not nice I might have to scream rape. Now be back here tomorrow at 4 PM or I’ll call the cops. ” “They won’t believe you Jackie!” “They won’t? An older woman who confronts her daughter’s attacker and then is attacked by him? By the time it ever gets straightened out, you’ll be in jail for six months before ya make bail. Now be here at 4pm tomorrow and don’t be late, ya smart assed little prick!”

I stood fuming at her. Was she right? Was I now ass deep into a situation I could not get away from? I headed for the door and stopped and turned. “I love you Ricki! I’m sorry!” I yelled up to her. “Get out!” was the only reply I got. Jackie smiled again, pleased with herself. “See ya tomorrow Stud! Don’t be late now!” I turned the door handle and got out the door as fast as I could get. What the fuck now, I wondered. I drove home, my brain running a million miles a minute as the gravity of what occurred began to sink in.

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