My Name Is Charles


My name is Charles. I do things, things people don’t like to hear about, things people don’t like to think about, and things people definitely don’t like to see.
I do these things for pleasure.
If you chose to read on I warn you, you may become repulsed, angry or simply disbelieve. That’s okay I write this not for you, but for my pleasure.
I started my hobby as a young teen, a gawky shy 16 year old boy with no friends.
I slowly developed my tastes through my early adulthood and I feel have come into my own, now in my late 30’s. There have been many young women and some young men but today I shall start you off with my first experience.
I had noticed girls for a long time now, but never had much interactions with them. A good education in a good all boys Catholic school kept the contact low.
In my junior year is when it all changed. Tall for my brief 16 years , but not yet filled out I was painfully thin. The other boys who had also shot up, all seemed to have more bulk to them than I did, and this isolated me from them in sports and in the classroom.
And for this reason I attribute attracting Miss Cluberts attentions.
Miss Clubert was a cute young teacher, new to the school that year. She was soft spoken and quick with a smile, not at all what we were used to from the aged hardened nuns or monotone bored looking priests who normally lead our instructions.

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   This earned her the hearts of all the Junior boys who took her English class as well as most of the other boys through out the entire student body. I was no exception.
However as fate would have it Miss Clubert had an affinity for the odd egg, and early only spotted me out for her pet project. She would simply call on me more often, smile at me a bit longer, and keep me after class to help her hang a poster or erase the board.
I always obliged her, quietly, dutifully. Slowly it built up in me, the fantasy that lived within my skin. As the months passed, the winter flew buy in a whirl. I would spend my time in class dutifully paying attention to her every word. But in ever other class, and at home I was distant. My grades were suffering. My parents however hardly noticed.
Every night I would masturbate. Collection my production in a jar which I kept hidden in the back of my closet. It was the only way to safely do it. Anything else would be detected.

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   It was late one night just as spring broke as I was stashing away my collection jar that the fantasy began. I wanted Miss Clubert to see my sperm. To see that I was a man a virile man. I could simply take some of my sperm into the school and leave it on her desk. Knowing she would find it and hold the cup in her hand was enough to arouse me again. I made plans.   Two days later I put my plan into action. I procured another smaller glass jar from my mothers cabinet, sure to peel off any label left. I woke earlier than usually and was finish the deposit before I heard my mothers floor creak.
I put the jar into my pocket. I felt it rich warmth against my thigh. I practically ran to school and snuck into Miss Cluberts room and put the jar on her chair and slipped out without being seen. English wasn’t until 4th period that day, so I had to wait. When I arrived in the class Miss Clubert didn’t even look up. I turned red, I knew then she had known it was from me.

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   I was scared as my heart raced. I tried to remain calm. I took my seat at the head of the class and took out my English book. When the bell rang Miss Clubert looked up absently and locked eyes with me and flashed me a brief of bright smile. Then her face returned to a worried, sad expression. I thought about this as she began the class. She didn’t know it was me. If she had, she would of reported it. My heart soared. Then the though of seeing her small delicate hands folding around my jar, feeling the fresh warmth that had still lingered in it when I left it, gave me a rather embarrassing erection, right there in class. I willed myself to make it go down and thankfully by the bell it had. I left the room quickly before Miss Clubert asked me to stay. I don’t think I could of kept off another erection being alone in the room with her.   Weeks went by before I did anything else. I still masturbated nightly, and started to early in the morning as well.

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   Always thinking of Miss Clubert, as she found my present. But soon it wasn’t enough. I devised another plan. I would now have something of Miss Cluberts of my own, and that afternoon after lunch I did it. I snuck back into her room, into her closet and took from there the most beautifully smelling knit scarf. She had worn it all winter long and it still held her scent. She must have forgotten to take it home, and now it was mine. I stuffed it inside my jacket and held it there next to my body all day. After school I could barely restrain myself. I took a detour into spring thickened woods where I quickly reached inside my trousers and while sniffing her scarf relieved myself, shooting my seed all over the sparsely leaved bushes.
I used her scarf in many ways over the next month and a half. Wrapping it around my sex, my throat, sniffing it rubbing against it. It brought me to numerous powerful climaxes, yet soon that too was not enough. The school year was ending quickly. I would be away from Miss Clubert for the entire summer break.

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   Next year, she would have a new class of Juniors to teach and I but a forgotten memory. I had to create one last memory for me, and for her.   I devised my plan and on the week of school I executed.
I hung out in the bathrooms after school, until I heard the hall ways had cleared of students and faculty. I had much wanted to do this in the early morning so my present would be found by her fresh, but I could not find a way to get into the school before opening. Getting out, after closing would be much easier since I observed Janitors here until late.
I made my way quietly back into Miss Cluberts room and hid at the back. I saw a man from the janitorial staff come in, empty her can and leave without giving the rest of the room a glance. I knew this was my chance. I made my way up the darkened classroom, and stood in front of her desk. I put my face into her chair, where her sweetness sat so many hours. I was sure I could smell her sex. I took my time relishing the moments, the smells the feeling of power. I knew I had plenty of time. I pulled down my trousers and laid across her desk, allowing my hard on to rub on the soft velvety smooth desk mat she always had there.

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   I let myself moan, just slightly. And then the door. I was frozen in place my trousers around my ankles. I heard  a gasp and the door close. I moved quickly. Someone, saw me. I pulled up my trousers and raced out the door after them. I saw quickly who it was. Her small frame and blonde hair was unmistakable. Miss Clubert. She must have forgotten something, came back and saw me. . saw what I was doing. Dear God. I couldn’t let her tell anyone I couldn’t let her leave.

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I raced after her, my long legs no match for her slender ones in heels. “Charles” she shouted as I grabbed her shoulder. I spun her to face me. She opened her mouth but I couldn’t hear her words,  I simply reacted. I covered her mouth, the noises she was making were loud. . although what she was saying I couldn’t tell.
I drug her back to her room, the strength to do so a new found power. She began fighting back, scratching at me clawing at my arms. I felt nothing. I simply held my strong hand over her mouth and worked my trousers with the other. I pushed her back against the black board holding her head there, with the hand that was still covering her mouth. Her large blue eyes large saucers. She stopped fighting. My pants down I somehow managed to hike her skirt up and pull one of her thin small legs up over my hip.

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   It was awkward going as I had never entered a girl before. I told her softly “You mustn’t scream when I let got” she nodded.
As I let go of her mouth she squirmed away. I used my forearm against her throat to pin her back against the black board, but I had also found the strength and aim to finally penetrate her silky womanhood with my erection. I barely stroked myself inside her twice before I shot my load deep in her. When my head cleared I looked down at her, her eyes were closed my forearm still pinned against her neck. I backed away quickly. And her limp body fell. I lifted her and placed her across her desk and felt for her breath, there was none. Tears welled up inside my eyes. Then I noticed the growing purple mark across her throat. I was too rough I had killed her. I sat there half naked on my teachers chair weeping over her lifeless form, for what seemed like hours. Her body never moving. The darkness had already set outside, I had no sense of time.

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I decided I would have to go home before my absence was noted. I began to straighten Miss Clubert’s clothing so that whoever found her would not see her sex, but doing so, only made me hard again. What type of monster was I wondered. Knowing what was done, was done and there was no changing it I once again gave into my passions. This would be my last chance with the pretty Miss Clubert. So I climbed on top of her still form, I spread her milky white legs and entered her easily this time. Her body was still warm and I pumped myself into her for 5, and then 10 minutes, unable to quench my lust. It was only when I let my hands stray, around her throat once more, feeling the tender purplish bruise I had inflicted that I was able to finally cast my seed deep into her womb. The feeling that came over me was the most amazing I had ever experienced. I kissed her softly on her lips, fixed my clothing and walked to the door. One glance back showed me my beautiful lover glowing soft white in the moonlight, her face in a grotesque screw, her legs spread and hanging on either side of the desk, her sex exposed to all. I left here there.
The next day we weren’t allowed in the school. There were police and we were sent to go home.
Later that day everyone’s parents were notified what had happened.

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   The town had decided to close school early for the year. There was much talk about what had happened and 100 different tales of who could of done it. In the end two drifters had been arrested but nothing more was ever heard. I just kept to myself as usual, and once in a while even now, I will take out her scarf and remember.

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