Raped in NYC


After a great day with my old high school friends in the city, i was attempting to get a taxi back to my hotel.   After about ten minutes of waving at taxi drivers, i decided to walk back.   I am 5'10", very slim, and I have a figure that, lets say, attracts alot of attention.   As i was walking, I noticed that there was a very large man behind me and he was breathing weird. I turned around to ask him if he was ok, and he grabbed me and took me into a car.   He shoved me in the back seat and told me that if i moved he would shoot me.   After about 20 minutes in the car we arrived to an appartement building and he took me up to his room.   He told me to give him my money, phone, and anything else that i had on me and to lye down on the kitchen table.  He walked over with his shirt off and a knife in his hand.   He cut off my pants and my shirt and stared at me for a while.   Then he told me to get off the table and finish undressing him.   I refused and he hit me hard across the face. He then grabbed the back of my hair, and forced me to take off his pants and boxers, revealing his huge fully erect cock.   He made me suck it for a while and then he shoved it down my throat.   While i was gagging on his dick, he took off my bra and my panties, revealing my shaved pussy and D cup breasts.   He took his dick out of my mouth and stood me up.

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    He touched every part of my body before he decided to hit me again, for no reason.   I became unconsious and when i woke up, he was climbing on top of me.   I started to push him away, but it was to late. He lined his dick up to my pussy and started to push himself in. It hurt but i decided not to speak, so i didn't get hit again.   After a couple of minutes of him pushing all of the way in, he started fucking me hard.   Every time i started to cry, he would laugh and fuck me harder.   He did this for atleast half and hour.   When he finally pulled out of me, he made me clean off his  dick and he flipped me around to get my ass.   I pleaded with him not to do it, but every time i said something, he slapped me.   Then he spit on my ass and started to enter.   It was the most pain i have ever been in.   It took him a long time to get his whole dick in me, but as soon as he did, he put me on my knees and fucked me as hard as possible.   The pain was so much that i collapsed on the floor, but he put me on the couch, and continued to fuck me.   Once he decided that he had enough with me, he took me in the shower and he made me suck on his dick until i cummed all over my face.

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After the shower, he cuffed me to the bed and made me sleep there for the night.   At about 4 in the morning, i woke up to find him mounting me again like he did before
This is my first story here and it was entierly true. Email me at caseynidetch@hotmail. com with any tips