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We hadn’t even gotten one block and this red blazer pulled up and we were being pulled in. At first we thought it was a joke one of our asshole friends were playing till, the gag was in place and our hands were being tied behind us. Then it became serious to us. The alcohol had slowed our reflexes, so we were tussled up like a turkey on Thanksgiving before we knew what had happened. I think I had passed out, because the next thing I knew I opened my eyes and found myself in darken room. It looked like a basement, a moldy old basement and no matter how many candles these guys lit; it wasn’t going to make it look any better. Feeling a little dizzy and disoriented I looked around for Shelly, both hoping for and hoping against her being here with me. What I saw shocked and, if I was truthful, kind of turned me on. Had to be the booze. But once I thought about it, I didn’t think we drank that much booze. Shelly was looking at me; her eyes wide and I couldn’t tell what she was thinking. She reminded me of a picture I saw once of a girl on a bondage site. I lay there and stared at Shelly, she was naked, except for this strap-on. She was on her knees, with her hands cuffed in front of her. I was wondering why she was hunched over but then I saw them, the reason for her position. She had thin chains trailing from the floor and hooked to silver rings that were attached to her nipples.

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   An asinine thought ran through my head, I didn’t know she had gotten her nipples pierced. I noticed with every move she made pulled on the chains that were weighted at the ends, and in turn pulled on her nipples. Looking down her body I saw her legs stretched apart, chains hooked on each leg were drawn to the side and hooked to the opposite walls, forcing her legs open. A small ball gag stretched her mouth and a dog collar pulled her head up, keeping the chains on her tit’s taunt, topped the whole picture off. But this was no picture, this was my best friend. I started to rise, but pain in my own tit’s drew my eyes to my chest. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The same rings on Shelly’s nipples were on mine also. Two more thin chains were attached and instead of hooked to the floor were stretched to the ceiling where chains hung down and at the ends were these o-rings. The chains attached to my nipples fell through the o-rings and on them hung small 3-inch weights. Looking down my body I saw my own legs chained in the same manner as Shelly. The only difference in our positions was I was flat on my back with something under my lower back. My ass slightly raised and my pussy up and open for the world. Open for Shelly and whomever else wanted to look. I looked closer at the nipple rings; I could see blood crusted on the rings and the pain still fresh.

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   Someone was going to pay, as soon as I was loose, and got this thing out of my own mouth, I was going to make someone pay. I heard movement above us, and then a door opening just behind my head. Men’s laughter floated down the steps, followed by the owners. Then they came into view. John and Marc, the losers from the bar. Each had changed and now they both had on robes, one black and the other red. “Not so sassy now, are you. ” More of a statement than a question, Marc I think. Yeah, Marc had the black hair and John the blond. John walked over to were Shelly was hunched. “How do you like the place? We fixed it up just for you two. ” He ran his hand up her back and into her hair. Grabbing a handful, he pulled. Shelly moaned as her nipples were pulled as well. Letting her go he stood, walking back to where Marc stood.

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   They looked down at both of us; they looked like hungry animals waiting to pounce. “You look so pretty with your new jewelry. ” Marc’s hand ran up the length of the thin chain, pulling my tit’s up as he did. I bit back the scream I could feel in my throat. Fucker. I glanced at Shelly, trying to give her strength from my presence. She was trembling, in fear and with fatigue. The strain of her position laying heavily on her. Shelly was the complete opposite of me, where I was tall, she was short, about 5-inches shorter than my 5’9, her blond hair complemented my deep red, and I was the stronger, in body and spirit, I decided I would have to be strong for both of us. I glanced back at the two guys, wondering what they had planned. If I could only get the gag out maybe I could plead for them to spare Shelly. I would do anything to spare Shelly from what I knew was to come. I don’t know what exactly was to come, but I knew it had to do with both of us getting fucked, how bad it would get I didn’t know. Marc started untying his belt, John followed suit, Marc turned his eye to me, “So you two say your lesbians, lets just see, how good you are at eating your girlfriends’ twat. ” Leaving the belt looped, but untied, Marc motioned to John.

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   John went to Shelly’s leg chains and unhooked them; she immediately pulled her legs together. Unlatching the leash from the wall, John pulled Shelly over to me. Her tit’s dragging the weights that hung from her nipples, across the floor. Terror was in her eyes. John commanded her to put her twat in my face, Shelly looked at me and I nodded to her, trying to tell her with my eyes it was okay, just do it. I knew if she refused he would make her and it would be painful. Besides I had licked pussy before, and it didn’t bother me. I had been drunk at the time and technically I was drunk now so, what did it matter. Shelly straddled my head between her legs as Marc picked up the weights and dropped them behind my head. “Sit on her face. Rub it in her face. ” He commanded, turning to me, pulling the ball gag out and sliding it off my head. “One sound, just one…” He left the rest unspoken. “Now get your tongue out. I want to see you licking that twat.

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   Tongue that hole!” I stuck my tongue out and started licking her clit, My nose bumped against the plastic cock that hung in front of her, hoping I could make her feel good, hoping to make this part the least horrible for her. I kept my eyes on Marc, watching him pull on Shelly’s nipple chains, and I tried to dull the pain with my tongue. I licked her clit, as my body betrayed me, I was enjoying the taste of Shelly and the tiny moans she made when I sucked her clit into my mouth, working it with my tongue and teeth, started the juices of my own pussy going just as much as her’s. “Hey man, you got to see this. The bitch is liking it. Look, she’s getting all wet. ” I felt John’s finger at my hole. “Cool it man, this one is mine. The blond is yours. ” Marc grabbed Shelly’s chains and pulled them out. Making Shelly moan and she was bent over farther, making her ass stick out and up. “Here play with this. ” I couldn’t see what he was pointing at but I could guess. All I could see was Marc as he knelt down beside us, Shelly’s pussy and if I looked up, her small stretched tits. Looking down I saw a shadow and then a finger sliding along her slit, rubbing back and forth.

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   It hit my bottom lip then slid back toward her ass. I watched the digit move in circles around Shelly’s asshole, and closed my eyes. She squealed as she ground her pussy forward on my face. Opening my eyes I saw his finger disappearing into her ass. “Damn. Nice and tight. ” He jammed it in and out roughly. “I don’t think she’s ever had it here. ” Shit, I knew what was coming and I think Shelly did too. Marc laughed, “Well take it man if you want it. That’s what it’s there for. ” I began working her clit harder, hoping to take her mind off what was about to happen. I begged her silently, Don’t tense up, just relax. I watched in awe and shame, I just couldn’t help it. This was starting to get me hot.

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   My tongue worked furiously as I watched this huge cock slid into her pussy once and then be pulled back and positioned over Shelly’s asshole. I silently thanked him for at least getting it somewhat lubed. I watched it slowly disappear inch by inch into my bestfriend’s ass. Marc grabbed her tit chains and pulled them back as Shelly started moving away from the offending cock. The scream never made it pass the gag. John buried himself to the hilt and stopped. “God this feels so good. ” He panted. I could smell the musky scent from his balls, as he began to move, his balls hitting my wet chin. Fascinated, I stopped momentarily. Wrong!!! Marc pulled my chain, pain lanced through me. “Tongue her…Tongue fuck her pussy. ” I began to tongue her hole in earnest as her momentum rubbed her clit on my nose. Her moans changed, became deeper. Startled, I realized she was starting to push back on the cock.

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   Riding it and my face. I could barely breath, the mixture of pussy and cock musk filled my senses. I closed my eyes, my tongue stiff and tired, but I kept it out and let their actions do the work for me. John’s grunts became louder and his thrusts harder and faster. Then all stopped as John shouted in release. I was suffocating in pussy, as Shelly ground her cunt into my face. I felt her inner walls pulse around my tongue. My bestfriend had just came in my mouth and on my face. The weight lifted as John got off and lifted Shelly’s wet pussy off me. She was placed on her hands and knees next to me. I looked in her direction, but she had her head turned the other way. I took that chance to look at John and Marc, who stood over us. Marc looked me straight in the eyes as let his robe slide off. His cock was twice as big as John’s, whose has to be at least 7-inches and two thick. My god he was hung like a horse.

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   I was as fascinated as much as I was scared shitless, I knew there was no way I could handle that thing without a lot of pain. And forget getting that thing in my ass. Marc whispered in John’s ear and the look of evil that spread across his face chilled me to the bone. John nodded and turned around to pick up Shelly once again. He carried her like a rag doll, the weights on her tits swinging. He placed her between my outstretched legs. “Time to change. You have to pay your girlfriend back for the lovely job she did on you. ” John told Shelly as he pulled off the gag and pushed her head to my open, wet pussy. I closed my eyes, ashamed at the arrant feelings of pleasure I felt at the first lick of her tongue. Marc’s voice filled the room, “Come on, she did good for you, I want you to give just as good. ” I heard his voice beside me once again as her mouth closed around my clit. My eyes popped open, as did my mouth, it felt so good. Shelly’s tongue licking, teeth nipping my clit. John kneeling behind her smacking her ass one moment licking it the next.

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   I felt a finger tapping my right cheek, turning I came face to face with his cock. Marc pushed it between my lips. “Suck it, Baby. You know you want to. ” He breathed. And he was right, some part of me, some lost part of me wanted to suck that cock. My mouth opened on a moan and he slid it in across my lips. I was hot, Shelly started alternating between my clit and tonguing my pussy hole. “Her ass…ream her ass, bitch. ” John’s voice echoed off the walls, as Shelly’s followed, “Yesss…finger my ass. Slid it in. ” She begged. My eyes were on Marc; they seemed to bore into me, as Shelly ran her tongue from my pussy hole to my asshole and back to my clit. I was in heaven. This was wrong…right? Yes, then why was I feeling so good? Something changed in Marc’s eyes.


   Almost as if he was asking me a question. I don’t know what he was asking, but I answered, “Yess… please yes. ” Marc got up, pulling his cock away from my mouth and pushed Shelly away. John picked her up, once again putting her to the left side of me and began once again to fuck her. I turned my eyes to Marc as he knelt between my legs. His hands on my hips he once again looked deep into my eyes, asking his question. I nodded, licking my dry lips, I wanted this. I watched his hands travel up my body as he leaned forward. His lips came to rest on mine, but he waited, for what I didn’t know, but I opened my mouth to him, seeking his tongue with my own. Slowly his met mine, as his hands found my tits. I felt his cock slowly push it’s way into my wet pussy. I expected him to pull on the chains but when he released the chains instead, surprised me. And the ache I felt at their release shocked me. I heard Shelly’s moans in the back of my mind but thoughts of Marc’s cock; feelings of it slowly pushing deeper chased that away. I could only think of how good it felt.

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   It was so big and how it fit, I couldn’t fathom or care as long as it did. His fingers caressed my painful nipples as his tongue delved into my mouth, tasting me, tasting him on me. I was on fire; my hips bucked up, wanting him deeper. But he pulled back, “No… let me…” He breathed into my mouth. “Don’t want to hurt you. ” I laughed; he didn’t want to hurt me. “Too late for that. ” I surged up again. “Don’t lose your balls now, baby. ” It hurt, but there was a twinge of pleasure I was hoping to capture. It was riding on the edges, and I wanted it fully. “Please” Marc stopped, then slid in, his body pressed against me fully, hip to hip. I have never been that full, ever and it was good. “Jesus…” He laid there, letting my body get use to his. His mouth moving down my neck and settled on my sore nipples, drawing his tongue lightly over one then the other.

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   Then he began to move, slowly still, but his pace and my pleasure increasing. God it felt so good, like nothing I had ever experienced. “Faster…please, harder!” I need this, needed him. His cock filling me as his mouth pulled the nipple ring in. His tongue twirling it as his hips pushed back and forth. Pain now pleasure, building. I needed to touch him, “Hands…” I begged and then they were released and wrapping themselves around his shoulders, and down his back. Grabbing his ass, I pulled him deeper still. I could hear Shelly’s moans, but someone’s joined hers, Mine? I cried out, joy on my lips as I reached my peak and was taken further, higher. Marc’s shout joined ours as he came, hard, filling me. Then he collapsed on top of me and I held him tight to me, his arms coming around my body. ***Marc and John washed us up later, much later and as we were leaving I thanked Marc and gave him my number. We went home and admired each others new jewelry and planned to go back to the club tonight. Maybe those two “losers” would try and pick us up again…. .

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