The Foreign Exchange Student


The Foreign Exchange Student

I knew the minute that I agreed to hosting a foreign exchange student that it was a mistake. My daughter had met someone online from Costa Rica and one thing led to another and we agreed to host her for a year. From the profile pictures that were in her application packet, she was gorgeous, but I had no real clue until that fateful day when she arrived at the airport.
The moment that she walked through security, as my daughter ran to give her a hug, my cock sprang to attention right there in the airport. This 17 year old was a goddess!Her dark olive skin and flawless complexion, her jet black, long hair, her Latino features like those large lips and to cap it off, she was wearing a tube top, which barely contained her perfectly firm C-cups and did nothing to hide the eraser size nipples, and a pair of white shorts that looked like they were painted on!When this overtly friendly bombshell gave me a hug, I was scared that she would call me out on my boner, but she didn’t. I offered to carry her bags and gladly walked a few yards behind the girls so that I could look at this Latino ass—damn, I wanted it.
Unfortunately, our student’s English was severely lacking, and communication was extremely difficult. Even armed with a Spanish-English dictionary, we still had trouble understanding each other. Jenny (the student) and my daughter giggled a lot and when we got home, we put her in the guest bedroom for her year in the US. She was floored at her room—beautifully decorated, oversized suite, and later we found out that it was the first time that she had ever had a room of her own.
We all took turns trying to tutor Jenny in English. We tried to get her acclimated and after officially enrolling her in school,she started playing soccer. Even though she had difficulty in talking with the other girls, she excelled on the field and during the practice sessions, everyone realized she was an incredible soccer player. I was really the only option to drive her to and from practice as my office is at my house. It really wasn’t a big deal, and I got to spend 20 min each way with this Latino goddess in the car all by myself. Lets just say her culture had not made her shy.

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  After practice, it was routine for her to pull her jersey off and simply ride home in her sweaty sports bra.
Jenny had never had the opportunity to drive and asked every day to “practice her car”. I really wasn’t excited about teaching her in my Jag, but one day, she took matters into her own hands. While waiting for me to get to the car, she proceeded to open the garage door, crank up my car, and back it out of the garage. All was well except she backed into a tree. I was furious!Fortunately it didn’t do a lot of damage, but it was the first scratch—first hint of non-perfection on my pride and joy. I took her to practice—and didn’t say a word. She kept saying “sorry” over and over—but it really didn’t help. I said nothing on the way back home and all she could muster was “sorry” again and again. I went straight to my office and when she followed, I unloaded. “Do you realize I could send you back to Costa Rica right now? Do you realize I could call the Police right now and have you arrested?”
With tears in her eyes, she said, “I must be punished. I must be spanked”WHAT?Did my ears deceive me?I told her we didn’t spank in our house, but she said it was the only way to pay for what she had done. She begged me not to send her home—please spank her and forgive her. I knew we were the only ones at the house so I told her to go to her room and wait. My mind was all over the place—could I do it?What could I get away with?After a few minutes, I went to her room and told her to stand up.

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As she did, I told her to bend over the bed. Even though the soccer shorts weren’t really tight, theyleft little to the imagination as her ass spread out. I said, “this is how we spank in the US” and with that disclaimer, I yanked down her shorts and saw that ass in just a little thong. As she started to protest, I simply asked, “Spank my way or go home?”She bent back over. I raised my hand and started the spanking with moderate force. She whimpered a little, but didn’t scream. With my foot, I scooted her legs further and further apart and my hand started landing more inside than outside. When I saw how red her ass was, I realized she was crying a little and I began to rub her ass so gently, so softly. I made bigger and bigger circles until I was rubbing up and down her crack and could feel the intense heat radiating from her pussy. Damn, it was hot but it was also wet.
I slowly started rubbing her slit and my fingers easily slid beside the thong until I was fingering her. Her crying had stopped and as she turned around, I simply asked, “Do you want to go home or do you want to stay?” She said stay—and bent back over. It didn’t take long for this little Latino goddess to begin to enjoy the finger fucking. When I could tell that she was getting close, I used my other hand to slip a finger in her arse. She tightened up, but didn’t complain.

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   3 fingers in her cunt, I in her ass and my dick was straining against my boxers. As she started gasping, I turned her around and threw her on the bed—ripping off the sports bra and as my fingers found her pussy again, my lips began to suck those perky nipples. It was only a matter of a couple of minutes when she started bucking, and as she did, I gently bit into her nipple which intensified her pleasure.
She lay there sweating up a storm and panting as I unfastened my belt and dropped my slacks. Suck it I said, and without protest, she began to run her tongue around the head of my cock. It was already hard and engorged, and I had to fight closing my eyes as I wanted to see her taking me in. Damn, the way she ran her tongue around and around, then would slowly take me in, swirl her tongue again, and slowly withdraw—she and her Latino lips were just too much. With no warning, I waited until she was slowing removing it and began shooting load after load first into her mouth, but then it went all over her face and down her breasts. I collapsed beside her and as we lay there, I scooped up my excess spunk and fed it to her. She knew what to do—and made a game out of licking my finger clean time after time.
I got up and said—“Every day—do you understand?” She nodded yes. I went to her bathroom, turned on her shower, and went back to get her. As she stepped into the shower, I gave her another huge whack on her beautiful ass and said, “Never, ever drive my car again—understand?”