The Rape Of a Tease


I turned to my friends and said that I was going out for some air. I head out the door and around the back,I leaned against the cool bricks of the alleyway and closed my eyes,all of a sudden hands grabbed me from behind,one clamping around my mouth the other around my waist. I heard a voice in my ear whisper harshly"You bitch,did you expect to show me what you got and not have to give it?"I knew it was the guy from inside. Almost effortlessly he pulled me down the alleyway and into a sideroom,and down a flight of stairs,he tossed me to the floor. I heard the music from the club going full blast and I knew that we had to be under the building somewhere. I opened my mouth to scream,as I saw him locking the door. "Scream all you like no one will hear you bitch. "I knew he was right,the moonlight shining throught the tiny window aluminated my face as a tear ran down my cheek. He saw nothing though,and grabbed me roughly,he pulled me up and pressed me against the wall. He crushed his lips to mine in a rough,wild kiss. I tried to knee him,but he would have none of that. "I can see you aren't going to behave,you leave me no choice. . . "in the pale moonlight I saw him draw a nylon rope from his pocket,the bastard had actully been prepared for a rape. .

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  . . I struggled with him punching ,biting, kicking,anything that could free me from his grip. He slapped me hard across my face which sent me reeling,I feel to the ground,which was long enough for him to tie my hands together behind my back. He then proceeded to kiss me again,despite the situation I felt myself melting under his expert toungue. He pulled back and slowly began to unbutton my shirt,I began to squirm,trying to make it as hard as possible. He pulled a pocket knife from his back pocket and held it to my throat,"don't make me have to do this the hard way,I will hurt you. . . "I heard the menace in his voice and I was still,he finished undoing the buttons of my shirt,"good girl. . "he said with a smirk. His eyes surveyed mt tits,held only by my bra now,he took the knife,and dragged it across my bare skin,making me freeze,then he moved up to my bra and cut it throught the middle exposing my tits to his hungry gaze. "Mmmmmm,I'm gonna enjoy you"he growled,before his head swooped down to take one of my nipples into his warm wet mouth. I gasped as his toungue flicked acrosse my hardening nipple,he wrapped his lips around it and brought it to a peak,then did the same to th other.

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   "Looks like you like this,slut. "he said his hand was slowly traveling under my skirt and between my legs. I perked up and tried to squirm away from him,not wanting him to feel my wetness. He brandished the knife in front of my face,and I stopped moving. "Spread your legs for me"I slowly spread my legs tears of humiliation running down my cheeks as he pelled off my panties and pulled my skirt up around my waist. He slid a finger inside of my damp pussy,then he smiled and looked up at me"what a nice wet little pussy you have"he said to me"mmmm you smell so good. . . I have to taste you. " With that he got between my widespread thighs. He licked up one pussy lip and down the other,causing me to moan,"you like that don't you bitch?well you'll like this even more. . . "He plunged his toungue deep into my soaked pussy,and began to fuck me with his toungue,my hips are begining to rise to his toungue thrusts. All of a sudden to replaces his toungue with his fingers,shoving two fingers into my dripping slit,he started to ram them in and out making me want more.

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   His toungue went to work on my throbbing clit,flicking across it . I was getting close to cumming and he knew it. He stopped suddenly,then he undid the zipper of his pants and pulled out his thick cock,it was about nine inches long,"no please don't,no more. . . . "I whimpered. He glowered at me"I saw you squrming you horny little bitch and your cunt is wetter than a river,you want my cock. . . SAY IT BITCH!!!TELL ME YOU WANT IT!!!"He rubbed the head of his cock over my pussy lips,I arched up trying to get him inside me. "SAY IT!"he shouted. I couldn't take it anymore,I had never been this hot in my life,I needed his cock so badly. . .

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  . "YES!!!!please give me your cock,fuck me with your big cock,I need it so bad!!!!He looked deep into my eyes and thrust his cock into my cunt all in one swift moition. "god you're so fucking tight,your cunt feels so good around my cock. . . "he groaned. He grabbed my hips and began to slam his cock into me again and again. His balls slapping against my ass. I was getting closer with every thrust,my moans escalated as I came closer to my sweet release. "C'mon bitch I know you want to,cum all over my cock let me feel your hot juices"My breathing became heavier and heavier. I felt him slapping against my clit . I wraped my legs around him drawing him deeper inside me,as my body began to shudder"OH FUCK. YOUR COCK IS SO FUCKING BIG!!!!I LOVE IT,OH MY GOD,I'M CUMMING!!!!!!!!!!I'M CUMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"I screamed as my orgasam overtook me. "I'M GONNA CUM DEEP IN YOUR HOT TIGHT LITTLE CUNT YOU SLUT!!!!I'M GONNA FILL YOU UP,TAKE MY CUM YOU BITCH!!!!"our screams echoed around us as we came our bodies crashing together. Finally our lust subsided,he pulled out off me and stood up,he watched his cum run out of my wet cunt.

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  Then he picked up my panties"I'm keeping these as a souvinere"he winked at me,he pulled up his pants and started to walk away,"WAIT"I shouted. he turned around and saw me pull a pen from my pocket. I got up and walked over to him,I wrote my number on his hand a grinned"call me sometime. " This is my first story so I need some construcive crtisim and good advice,but be gentle,lol.