The Rapist Chronicles: Part II


I waited patiently for the right circumstances to come up, sometimes thinking I should settle for easier, and in some cases better looking, prey. My heart was set on fucking my couch, though, and my cock had decided as well. Finally, after nearly two months, it happened. After my class that day, I stayed behind to ask some questions and inadvertently found myself late for practice. I was so late in fact that the coach had already began to jog off after the team, who was long gone. I knew this was my chance as I watched her enter the briar patch. I ran after her yelling and she stopped, then jogged back to me. “So you decided to come to practice after all. ”“Sorry coach, had some questions for my Biology teacher,” I smiled broadly, “So, where did everyone else go?”“Off the left trail, it’s a long one today, so I expect they will go down the abandoned rail tracks. If you hurry you can catch them before the bridge. ”“Thanks, Coach,” I ran off about a hundred yards before stopping to listen. I could just hear her paces as she dodged in and out of the small trail. Slowly I entered the patch, careful not to catch myself on the briars. I had just about ten yards to go, she had much more, but I had to be careful. I could not let her hear me or see me, I had only one chance to get it right. Almost stumbling across the path I stopped just as she rounded the bend, she never saw me.

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   I readied myself, muscles coiled, ready to pounce upon my prey. Running like a gazelle, she smoothly went by WHAM!Any linebacker would have been jealous, except that I outweighed her by fifty pounds. There had been a mesquite tree just across the path from me, short and gnarled, the only tree in the patch. I drove her body across the past in two steps, knocking the wind from her against the tree, then grabbed her pony tail and swung her head against the trunk twice, leaving her unconscious. I later learned that she didn’t know she had been raped until much later, I had knocked her so senseless, and that I had broken a couple of her ribs. Speed was of the essence and I knew it. I had stashed a bag next to the tree long before and now I pulled it from its hiding place and began to use it. A rolled blanket was placed under her hips as I pulled down her shorts and panties revealing a shaved pussy! I couldn’t believe my luck. I removed all my clothes and kneeled behind her, my engorged cock in hand. She was a bit dry, but that was no concern. I had lubricant. I squirted the stuff all over her ass, rubbing it into her anus, her snatch, and, of course, my dick. This was the moment I had been waiting for. I wrapped her pony tail around my fist and positioned my cock at her opening. I even growled a bit, getting into the mood, as I rotated my neck around, popping it.

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   Suddenly I lunged, putting my whole instrument into her small frame. The first sensation was tightness, oh but she was tight. Her pussy felt like an ass, her lips a very tight sphincter, stopping me cold. As I withdrew, there was some blood and a flood of warmth. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh”I couldn’t help myself as I slowly began to pump her tiny body with my relatively large penis. Pulling up on her head as my other hand pushed down on her lower back, I had her perfectly positioned for deep penetration. Soon my pace began to pick up. Her whole body shook with each stroke as I rammed my fuckrod into her limp body. All I could think about was how hot she looked. ‘BEEP……BEEP!’I turned off my watch alarm, realizing the practice would be coming to an end soon. I released her pony tail and used both hands to push up her shirt and bra as I continued to pump her, but she was still so tight I couldn’t come. I stroked her for awhile anyway, feeling her half orange size and shaped breast before I thought to try on her ass. My cock released from the prison of her cunt, was twitching, ready to cum. I grabbed her ass with both hands and pushed the cheeks apart, causing her asshole to gape. “Shit! The bitch takes it up the ass.

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  This concerned me little , however, as I plunged into her anus, finding it far more accommodating to a good cum. I was grunting loudly and about to cum when she started to come around. “Oh yes Roger, fuck my ass, fuck my ass. ”I knew that Roger was not her boyfriends name. It was one of the seniors on the team, one who had hinted at fucking her, among many. No one believed him. Not till now anyway. But I couldn’t afford to have her recognize me. My punch landed on the back of her skull, making her head thud into the sand below us. My cock, still hard, still unsatisfied, slipped from her ass. I rolled her over and took a long look at her perfectly small breasts. I played with them for a time, then decided it was time to go. I straddled her chest, grabbed her tits, and began to rub my cock on her chest. Sandwiching my cock between her breasts, I was pumping her, thinking about how it would be with her if I hadn’t had to rape her. I put that out of my mind quickly, knowing it would never come to pass.

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  Soon my cock hardened even more, making it hard to hold within her modest cleavage. I felt the cum rushing out, grunting, I deposited my load all around her small tits, then thought to clean off in her mouth, something I would never do again. You never know when an unconscious woman will suddenly close and…. well, you know. As I put myself together, I looked down upon my latest victim. So small, so helpless, perhaps one day I will go for bigger fish, but today this slut was good enough for me. I did not bother to even try to hide my tracks as the weather came through for me this time. You see, last time there was the creek, the time the land fall of a tropical storm swept the sands clean of all evidence, not to mention the coach’s concussion was such that it took them almost two days to figure out for sure that foul play was involved. Later that evening as the rain poured down, I was holding another set of hips. My girlfriend, a fat slow girl who simply wanted to be popular, was letting me fuck her in the back seat of her brothers car while we waited for him to pick up our pizzas. The whole time I could think of nothing but that fine ass I had raped earlier, those small tits, all that cum……………. . how fun it had been……. To take what I wanted. .

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