The Resort


I know you'll think that I'm a total creep for doing what I did, but you're not in my situation. I'd worked for the same company for almost twenty years and worked my way up to vice president, then the foreign competition moved in, sales slumped and I wound up out on the street. I had no idea how I was going to support my wife and kids.

We had achieved a really nice lifestyle in an upscale neighborhood. Unfortunately, maintaining that lifestyle had taken most of what I made so we had no savings to speak of. My wife Beth had majored in art history and hadn't worked since we'd been married so she had no job prospects. I looked for a new position for months with no luck. Things were getting really desperate and we were within a month or two of losing our home.

To escape my troubles, I'd drink and surf the web late at night, looking at porn. When I first saw the ad for the resort, I thought it was some kind of joke or someone's weird fantasy. But I'd had just enough to drink to send off an email to find out more. In a few days, I got a response that gave the phone number of the resort's local representative. I guess my curiosity got the best of me and I called and set up an appointment,

The address was in a downtown high rise that also housed some of the area's top law firms and corporate headquarters. I waited in a well furnished lobby to see the guy I'd spoken to on the telephone. When I finally sat down in his large office, I was even more nervous than I'd thought I would be.

“Look,” I said, “I'm not really sure I want to do this.

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   But I've been out out of a job and money is getting tight. I. . . well. . just wanted to explore the possibilities”

The man, who I only knew as 'Steve' smiled understandingly. “Of course. And if our opportunities are not something you want to pursue, it's best if we decide that now. But I think you'll find the possibilities to be very lucrative. ”

I shifted uncomfortably in the chair. “Basically, what you do is run a sex resort in South America?”

He looked pained. “We prefer the term 'Adult Recreation Spa'. Our clients come from all over the world to relax and enjoy themselves. ”

“And most of your 'employees' are Americans?” I asked.

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“Yes, “ he smiled. “Our clients prefer American women, girls and boys. ”

“Oh. . . boys too?”

“Oh certainly!” he responded, looking surprised at my question. “Now, let's talk about your family. ” He got some forms out of a drawer and looked at me attentively. “You and your wife have how many children?”

“Two, our daughter Kim who's 15 and son Bart, 13. ”

“Your wife's age?”

“Beth just turned 42”

He looked a bit troubled. “No offense, but your wife is a bit older than we usually accept. Did you bring a picture of her?”

I fumbled in my attache case and brought out a picture of Beth in her bathing suit taken the previous summer. He studied it and looked pleased, “She's in good shape. Nice, full bust too. What's her bra size?”


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  . . 36DD”

“She shave her pubic area?”

I hesitated, but then felt silly. Giving personal information about my wife was something I should have expected. “Uh, no, not usually. ”

“I see,” he said thoughtfully. “We ask that because shaved women usually are a bit more open to new experiences. But, of course, all women are shaved at the spa. ” I just nodded.

“Is your daughter a virgin?”

I think I jumped a little. “Yes, I'm sure she is. ”

“And your son? Anally, I mean”

“Look,” I said. “Before we go further with this, what kind of money are we talking about?”

He smiled. “Of course. ” He reached in a drawer and pulled out a piece of paper.

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   He handed it to me and I saw that it looked like a menu, but it was a list of prices to be paid for the use of my wife, son and daughter for three months. It added up to more than I'd made in two years on my previous job. I swallowed hard.

“We pay half up front and half at the end of each summer”, he said casually.

“They. . . they won't be willing to do this,” I said.

He waved his hand dismissively. “Oh, none of them are. The first week or so is always difficult. But all come around. Even if they don't enjoy it, they cooperate knowing that we film many activities and will post them on the internet. All you need to do is get them on our airplane for the flight down to our spa. We do the rest.



“I see,“ I said weakly.

The meeting lasted almost two hours. Both Steve and I signed the contract. At first I wondered why he didn't ask more questions about our sexual history, but then realized that it didn't really matter. That would soon change.

School would be out for the summer in two weeks and we agreed on a departure date shortly after that. Then a lovely young secretary came in and handed me a certified check for an incredible amount of money.
When I got home, Beth was thrilled when I told her the lie about the 'consulting' job I'd gotten and showed her the check with the rather generic company name on it. She didn't even seem to notice how vague I was about my job duties. Of course, the whole family was excited about the 'vacation' I had planned to celebrate my new position.

Over the next couple of weeks, I felt terribly guilty, but knew the money meant economic survival. Besides, Steve had hinted darkly about the consequences for breaking a contract with his company. There was something scary about Steve.

As the day neared, Beth and Kim excitedly talked about what clothes to pack. They thought it was a two week trip.

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   I knew it didn't matter what they packed because they wouldn't have much need for clothes after we arrived.

The day we went to the airport, Beth and the kids were very impressed that we were traveling by private jet. Another family was there, husband, wife and two daughters a bit younger than Kim. A quick exchange of glances with the husband told me that he hadn't told his family the truth either.

It was a long flight. The family dozed but I couldn't sleep. Finally, we skimmed over the top of a jungle, landed at an isolated air strip and taxied up to a small terminal building.

The first shock came before we even got off the plane. Two girls of about 16 or 17 came out to get the luggage from the plane. One of the girl wore a thong, the other was completely naked. Beth and Kim stared out the plane window at them.

“I knew the natives might. . well. .

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  dress like that,” Beth said, “But they look like Americans!” I didn't answer.

We got off the plane and walked into the terminal. It was pretty bare with just a few benches. There weren't any restrooms, just four toilets along one wall, right out in the open.

A group of men came up to the other family that had walked in ahead of us. The men said something to the mother and her daughters which obviously shocked them. The dad just looked away.

There were protests and struggles, but the men weren't there to argue. The women were taken over by the benches and the men began to strip them.

“Oh my God!” Beth gasped, “What is going on?”

The three were stripped naked in an amazingly short time and stood trying to cover themselves, looking shocked and tearful. The same girls who had picked up the luggage gathered up the discarded clothes from the floor.

The men approached us and Beth looked at me fearfully. “It's best to just cooperate,” was all I could say.

Seeing Beth stripped wasn't fun, but I was surprised at my curiosity about Kim's body. I hadn't seen her naked since was a little kid and I was impressed by her developing body.

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   She already had respectable breasts and an almost womanly bush.

I notice that the girls from the other family momentarily forgot their shame and stared as Bart's cock and balls were exposed. He looked like he had a partial erection.

The women and Bart were herded over towards the toilets and told to use them. Because of nervousness and the long flight, the females obeyed and took turns sitting and peeing. Bart took his turn last.

The nude members of the families were taken out to a small bus for the short ride to the resort. The other husband and I were driven by car. When we arrived at the hotel, our car went up to the front entrance while the bus went down a side road.

The room I was given was beautiful and overlooked the beach which had perhaps fifty or sixty men on it of all ages and races. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to see women being fucked on half a dozen beach blankets. Then I saw Beth and the others walking in a straight line towards a low motel-like building at the far end of the beach. All of them were looking at the women being laid on the beach. I guess that if they'd had any doubts, they knew then what they were there for.

I decided to explore the hotel and found it to be luxurious.

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   I wondered what the paying guests shelled out for staying there. I picked up a copy of the rules and found that there weren't very many. The women, girls and a few men and boys who were completely naked around the hotel were available for sex on demand. The topless women were hotel staff and could only be fondled while on duty, but could be fucked when off duty.

As I read the rules, a very pretty blonde girl and a woman who was clearly her mother walked by. Both were naked. On an impulse, I said to the girl, “Honey, I'd like you to suck my cock please. ” The girl looked startled and glanced at her mother who looked concerned. Finally, she said to her daughter, “Just get down on your knees and do like I showed you. ”

The girl nervously knelt in front of me as I pulled out my dick. The thought that I was probably her first blowjob had given me a rock hard boner. She opened her mouth and closed her eyes. I stuck my cock in her mouth, held her head and began gently fucking her face. Her mother stood by trying not to watch. Soon I was pumping my hips harder while trying not to gag the girl.

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   Then I let out a big sigh and began spurting my load down her throat. She swallowed as much as she could but then pulled away and I came in her face and down her front. The mother came over to jack my cock a little and help her daughter out by licking the last of my cum off the tip of my cock. I thanked them, zipped up and walked away.

I went to the bar for a drink and yakked with the bartender, a friendly girl who didn't mind me feeling her tits every now and then.

I should have been prepared when I walked out to take a look at the beach. Still, I was shocked to see my wife laying on a blanket under a chubby Arab-looking guy. He was kind of holding himself in a push-up position so I could see that he was ramming a fat cock in and out of Beth's newly shaven pussy. Her big tits were bouncing from his thrusts but otherwise she lay still with her eyes closed, hands on his hairy shoulders. On the next blanket, the other mother who had been on the plane with us was getting a similar treatment from another Arab. The two men were exchanging comments in a foreign language, probably comparing the merits of the two women.

I wondered what had become of Kim and Bart, but didn't see them. I walked away before Beth noticed me.

Some hours later, after dinner, one of the other husbands told me that the teens were often brought to the lobby in the evening. He said he usually went there to check on his daughter and I decided to do the same.



Kim and Bart were both there. Kim was on one of the couch with a large black guy on top of her. He had her bent nearly double by scooping her up legs. A truly massive cock was being pushed into her cunt. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was open but gentle gasps were the only sounds she made. I was amazed that the black guy was able to get fully half his prick into her.

Bart was bent over the arm of another couch. Behind him, a fat guy with glasses had his cock completely up Bart's ass and was pumping enthusiastically. Bart's young buns jiggled as he was humped. I could see underneath Bart and saw his erect cock swing and bob between his legs. He said something I couldn't hear and ejaculated explosively on the carpet.

The black guy was now fucking my daughter, grinning in appreciation of her youthful beauty. The strain showed on her face but I couldn't see any signs of protest.

I went back up to my room and was surprised to see Beth there, watching TV. “I'm on a break” she said simply, “We're allowed to take one every couple of hours or so.

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“Uh, you Ok?” I asked, knowing how stupid it sounded.

She shrugged. “Nothing to be done now. I hated you when I realized what you'd done, but after three or four men, you sort of give in. ”

“How many men have you had?”

“Five” she said. “Counting the one who did me in the butt. ” Beth had never let me have her anally and I admit to a pang of jealousy. “Oh, and I blew two guys,” she added.

I told her what I'd seen in the lobby. She nodded. “They have this one guy who busts the girls' cherries. He fucked Kim over in that motel. She said it didn't hurt as much as she thought it would. ”

“Is Beth on the pill?” I asked, rather belatedly I guess

“No, but they stuck an IUD up in her right after she was deflowered. ” Beth said.

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   “But one of the Arab guys is offering a lot of money if she'll have a baby for him. We're thinking about it. ”

I don't know why, but the idea of Kim getting impregnated gave me a hell of a boner.

Beth and I both went down to the lobby. As we left the elevator, some guy said something in her ear and she went back upstairs with him.

In the lobby, word had gotten out that Kim and Bart were brother and sister. Three men were watching and playing with themselves as Bart energetically fucked his sister on the same couch where the black guy had had her. Bart was obviously about to cum and the three guys moved closer. Almost in unison, the three men began spewing their loads all over the two teens. I heard Kim squeal excitedly as most of one load hit her in the face. It was one of the most erotic things I'd ever seen.

Other men had gathered around the scene or I probably would have fucked Kim too, but it was clear that she was going to be gang-banged. I saw one of the girls from the other family on the plane standing nearby, looking around shyly. She couldn't have been more than fourteen. I took her wrist and led to an open couch.

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   As I got on top of the nervous girl, I saw her mother leaving the area so she didn't have to watch. The poor girl gasped and fainted as I shoved the entire length of my penis up her cunt in one brutal thrust. I fucked her unconscious body, quickly squirting her full of my lust. I yanked my cock out of her and walked away quickly, feeling a bit guilty. When I looked back, all I could see were her shapely young legs sticking out from under another man who was already humping her.

The first week or so was the wildest. Everyone had to learn to pace themselves. Beth and Kim could hardly walk after the first day because their pussies were so sore. The staff gave them arm bands to wear for a day or two, indicating that they were only available for oral sex. Bart only got fucked in ass once or twice a day and seemed in better shape.

Beth, Kim and Bart got every other weekend off and we went to another, more secluded resort area. It was nice being so relaxed about nudity. By the time of our first weekend, Bart had fucked Beth and I had screwed Kim so we had no secrets from each other.

The Arab guy offered even more money and we decided to let him impregnate Kim. She was his exclusively for a while and, by the end of July, she'd missed a period and the resort doctor confirmed that she was pregnant.

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   It turned out that the Arab also knocked up one of the other girls we'd flown down with. Both girls would be flown to the guy's country to have the babies.

Now the summer is over and we're back home. Of course, friends and relatives were surprised by Kim's condition, but soon accepted it. No one knew where we'd been and accepted the story of me having a foreign assignment.

The main problem that has resulted from all this is that Bart and I really can't keep Kim and Beth satisfied. The summer at the resort got them used to getting fucked at least three or four times a day. Beth now has two boyfriends that she and Kim see regularly. Kim also has a boyfriend of her own that she fucks regularly. Occasionally taking it up the ass from me or this one family friend seems to keep Bart happy.

We'll be going back again next summer. Wouldn't miss it for the world. . . .




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