Treated Like a Dog


Topic: Melissa headed towards the showers of the school after doing her gymnastics workout.   Even though she had just turned 18, she was still very limber and was the best on her team.   It was only natural that the school would agree to let her use the gym on the weekend to practice.   It was kind of nice having the place all to herself, since she was usually shy about showering around other people.   She opened her locker and started stripping off her sweaty leotard and tights.   Her breasts were a little larger than your usual gymnast but she kept them taped down during exercise.   Removing the tape, she examined them in the mirror.   They were perky and getting larger by the day.   She was starting to like the way the boys looked at her.   She finished undressing and put her clothes in the locker before heading over to a hamper with clean towels in it.   As she bent over, she heard someone coming up behind her.   She turned to look but was met by a fist in her face, knocking her into the wall and unconscious. Melissa came to in the back of a van, resting on her side with her wrists and ankles tied together behind her back.   She was still naked and all of her clothes had been left behind.   She struggled against the ropes but could not get free.   The van had cleaning supplies and brooms, so she could only assume it belonged to one of the custodial staff at the school.

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    Who else would have been lurking around the school on the weekend?  It did not matter in any case who did it, as it was not likely she would get free to tell anyone.   Her parents were not wealthy, so it was unlikely the person was doing this for money.   It was more likely in her mind that the person would kill her. The van eventually came to a stop and she heard the front cab door open and slam shut.   Not long after that the back doors of the van opened.   When she saw the man, it was as she suspected; he had recently been hired to work as a janitor at the school.   She screamed at the top of her lungs, but to no avail.   Wherever she was, there were either no neighbors or they just didn't care what he did.   Either way she was not getting any help.   He leaned in and slapped her for her trouble, though.   "Bad dog!" he yelled, even as he pulled her forcefully out of the back of the van, picking her up over his shoulder and taking her into a yard with tall fences so that no one could see in.   She struggled against him until he just dropped her to the ground hard.   she began trying to scoot across the ground towards the gate, for which he kicked her hard in the stomach.   She keeled over and lay there in agony as he went over and locked the gate with a large padlock.   He then went into the house.

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    Since she was in pain, she did not know how long it took him to return with the locking dog collar he put on her.   He slapped it on her painfully and attached a chain to it, the other end of the chain attached to a tree.   He then cut the ropes off of her wrists and ankles before going back in the house,leaving her laying there naked in the yard. She did not know how long she lay there.   It was only when it started to rain she began to wake up.   She tugged on the chain, trying to reach the door to the house but falling short.   The chain was only long enough to reach a doghouse which was big enough for her to fit in.   She crawled into it to get out of the rain, falling asleep crying. She woke to the man kicking the side of the doghouse and setting down a bowl of wet dog food.   She was starving at that point, so she ate what she was given, and since there was no fork, she had to scoop it up in her hands and eat it.   Satisfied when she had started eating, the man went back in the house.   Feeling vulnerable, she went back into the doghouse after she finished eating.   It was only a matter of time, though, until she had to use the bathroom.   She tried getting the man's attention to let her use the bathroom, but he didn't answer.   Finally she just decided to go up by the tree and poop. 

    She tried to hide from the view of the house as best as she could before squatting and pooping in the yard.   Her ass was still covered in poop, however.   Being limber enough to have successfully have licked her own pussy in the past, she knew that the only way to get clean was to lick herself clean.   So she spent the next several minutes licking her ass clean.   It felt so good, though, that she licked out her pussy as well, lapping up juices that came out as she did so. It was then that the man came out of the house.   She straightened up and ran up to him, begging to be able to be allowed in the house.   The man just shoved her back and to the ground.   "You have to earn privileges like that," the man said.   "Please, I'll do anything," she replied, crying hard. The man reached down and grabbed her hair, pulling her up hard.   It hurt, making her cry.   The man shoved her forward, making her land on her hands and knees.   He kicked her legs apart and forced her down on her forearms so that her pussy was up in the air. "Please, no," she cried, being a virgin.

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    With her schedule, she had not had much time for  boys. "You said you would do anything," he said, "and a good dog obeys her master. "She started crying until he hit her. She straightened up after that, not wanting to be hit again. "Good girl," he said.   He began unbuckling his pants and let them drop around his ankles.   She held totally still as he pressed into her pussy.   She winced as his cock tore through her hymen and he began fucking her.   He pressed forward, pulling her hair back hard and sinking his cock in even deeper.   Her pussy was so hot and wet that she hardly could control it, and it seemed to be liking him inside her.   She leaned into him to press him further in and he began pounding her harder.   He fucked her hard for a good twenty minutes, causing her pussy to spasm and tingle and orgasm repeatedly, before finally cumming into her.   "Good girl," he said. Tired and strangely blissful, she just lay there in the yard when he finished and did not even remember she had now earned the right to go in the house. .

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