Turning Teen Runaways Into Harem Slaves Part 3: Cassie, Kimmie and Ashley


Turning Teen Runaways Into Harem Slaves Part 3: Cassie, Kimmie and Ashley

Thanks again for the positive comments, glad you are enjoying reading them as much as I am writing them. Keep commenting and I will keep writing!

This chapter starts outlining what will be done with the other six slaves he's keeping in his dungeon.

Want to make a special point (also written into the story) that Ashley's section is about sex with a young adult woman who LOOKS like a preteen, not an actual young girl. Pedophiles and wannabe pedophiles are assholes. But playing Daddy-Daughter is a fun game I've played with many an (adult) lady.

After a very pleasant afternoon branding and decorating my three new ponygirls, I had a hearty appetite for my dinner. This would start with an excellent steak by my French chef, and end with my rock hard cock fucking my new slave Isabelle.

I was sure her tiny pussy was still wounded and sore from my taking her virginity in the morning, and that having to take another raping from me would be agonizing. The thought of that almost made me skip dinner and take her right now, but I restrained myself. Besides, before my evening started I wanted to make a tour of my dungeon to check on my other six new virgin slaves.

After a quick shower to clean up from my visit to the stables, I went downstairs to a heavy steel vault door. It was almost a foot thick and was quite soundproof. It was guarded by two of my security detail, who immediately stood up when I approached. Parker, the more senior guard, tapped in a code in the keypad by the door, and it swung open as they greeted me.

"How are my slaves settling in, Parker?" I asked.

"Fairly well Sir," he replied.

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   "Except for the gagged and hooded ones, the rest have been crying and screaming for most of the day. At this point they seem to have worn themselves out. "

"And they've all been continued on birth control?" I planned to only impregnate Isabelle until I had had time to assess the other slaves, and decide which others would have the privilege of bearing me children.

"Yes Sir, of course. Most of them should be completely protected within a week or 10 days. "

"Excellent. Parker please come with me, as I check on them I may have some new instructions for their care. " Parker picked up a tablet PC and fell in behind me as the other guard closed the vault door.

In the first cell on the left was a 17 year old named Cassie. She was very striking, with jet black hair, green eyes, very white skin and a cute pouty little mouth. She was one of those girls that you knew was a bitchy little hellion as soon as she walked in the room. She had been quite flirtatious and saucy with me when I took her to dinner at a diner near the youth shelter I found her at, even flashing me a little look at her round creamy tits when she leaned over for the salt shaker. I'm sure she planned to talk me into giving her some money, then ditch me before she had to come across for a foolish old man. Twenty minutes later when I had her naked and drugged in my truck, I was surprised to find she was a virgin. So clearly she was a very pretty, well-endowed little cocktease, and by the time we arrived back at my compound, I had decided to turn the tables on her.

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Since she was put in her cell about 10 hours ago, she had been strapped onto a large metal oil drum hanging on chains from the ceiling. Her body was wrapped around the side of the drum with her wrists and ankles cuffed together in the back. Her legs were spread so wide that her hips cracked when they cuffed her, and her tits and cunt were thrust out and exposed on the front side of the drum.

I had personally directed the placement of a vibrator on her clit, two small suction cups that fit perfectly over her nipples, and a fucking machine with a small dildo that rhythmically thrust exactly one inch in and out of her little cocktease virgin cunt.

All of these devices had been coded not to run continuously, which would have quickly numbed her sensitive skin, but at regular intervals to keep her in a state of constant arousal.

There were also small devices attached to her chest monitoring her breathing, blood pressure and heart rate. Whenever they detected her entering the beginning stages of an orgasm, all of the devices would stop until her vital signs dropped again.

I turned to Parker and asked, "How many times has Cassie started to orgasm?" Parker tapped a few times onto the tablet. "43 times since 8am Sir. She has had 20 of those episodes in the last two hours. "

I did the calculation in my head. "So Cocktease Cassie has been driven to the edge of orgasm but not allowed to cum about 3 times an hour all day, and 10 times an hour this evening?" I asked.

"Yes Sir. She spent most of the day moaning and crying, but about 5 o clock she started screaming almost nonstop, begging someone to come fuck her and let her cum. " He grinned.

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   "When Jenkins did the hourly walkthrough, she told him all the things she would let him do to her if he would just help her cum one time. She stopped screaming about 20 minutes ago--I think she must have lost her voice finally. "

When we walked into her line of sight, she was bathed in sweat, her pouty full lips stretched into a thin line as she gritted her teeth and sobbed at the same time. Her eyes were puffy from hours of crying with frustration. Peering at her round D-cup tits, I could see that her pert little nipples were now about an inch long, as they were rhythmically pulled and released by the suction cups, just like a machine milks a cow's udders. The vibrator thrummed loudly against her clit, now purple and swollen to the size of a peach slice. The dildo was covered in her pussy juices, dripping down from her swollen little hole. When she saw me, she immediately started to wordlessly cry out--her voice totally gone from screaming.

I signed to Parker to open her cell, and stepped up close to her face. "Well my little cocktease cunt," I smiled at her. "Are you ready to lay down and spread your thighs for a dirty old man like me?"

"Yes, yes, please Mister, I'm sorry," she begged in a barely audible, rapsy whisper. Her bleary eyes filled with tears again. "Please fuck me now. I'll do anything you like, just please let me cum!!!"

I chuckled. "How about if I bring in about 30 other men? That's probably how many guys you've pulled your little act on since you were 12 or 13, isn't it? Would you let them all fuck you tonight, to make up for your shitty little tricks in the past?"

"Yes, yes, I'll fuck anyone you say, I'll let them fuck my pussy and my ass, I'll suck their cocks, just please let me cum, I'm begging you.

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  . . "

"Well I could arrange that, Cunt Cassie," I said. "But unfortunately I would have to be the first man to fuck you, and enjoy your virgin snatch. And I am not going to be wasting my seed on any little whore like you until I've got your sister slave Isabelle pregnant with my child. That will take at least another two weeks to be sure. "

Cassie began to scream again, although no words came out. It was clear she was on the edge of a nervous breakdown. And that wasn't what I wanted--I wanted to keep my slaves sane and having to endure what I dealt out to them, not numb to it because they were in some fantasyland.

I reached out and slapped Cassie hard. (I was really enjoying all my slaves giving me reasons to slap them today. ) She stopped screaming with a jerk, looking up at me with dazed, scared eyes. "I can't fuck you yet, Cassie," I told her. "But I am a merciful master. I will make a deal with you.

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   But tell me first, and don't lie, because I will be able to tell. Have you ever sucked a man's cock before?"

Cassie blushed and said, "Y-y-yes. Just twice. Once for a boy at school, and once last year my uncle made me. "

I laughed out loud. "I wish I could meet your uncle, he sounds like my kind of guy. Very well then, it sounds like you need to be trained to suck cock properly. Here is what you will do to satisfy your master, and make him feel like being merciful to a shameless, worthless little cunt like you. "

"You will be on these machines from 8am until 5pm each day. I will be sending my butler, Winston, down to your cell every day at 5 o clock. He has many talents--before he came to work for me, he was the butler at a very exclusive slave club, and he trained many young slaves like you to suck and fuck properly, before they were handed over to serve clients. "

"Each day you will suck Winston's cock, and he will decide whether you've earned the right to cum one time before you are chained to the wall for the night. You look like one of those girls who never listened in school, but was a smart and sneaky little bitch outside of school. So I hope you are a good student for Winston, or you will not get your chance to cum very often. Are you willing to obey me in this matter, slave?" I asked her.

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"Yes, yes Master, I'll do what you want, I'll learn to suck Winston's cock good," she rasped.

"Very well. He is busy now, preparing for my dinner. When he is finished there, I will send him down. Until then you will just have to keep trying to survive this little torture, Cocktease Cassie. " She began to scream soundlessly again, but I shoved a dirty rag from the floor of her cell into her mouth anyway. She needed to know that I was tired of her bitching. I walked out of the cell and Parker locked it behind me.

I went through the rest of my dungeon, checking on my other slaves. Most of them had been set up in a particular way, to prepare them to satisfy a specfic fantasy or fetish of mine. I checked on the others first, then finally looked in on two very special cases.

In one cell, a beautiful and very petite brunette named Kimmie had been locked in a small cage that hung from the ceiling. There was just enough room for Kimmie to sit or lay down on her side, with no room to stand up. I had a TV playing to keep her mind occupied. I planned to have Kimmie living in that cage most of the time, although I would probably move it up to my library or living room in a few weeks.

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   I reached in and stroked Kimmie's thigh. At first she shrunk away with a little cry, but she saw the look in my eyes and moved back closer to me. I stroked her thigh for about a minute more, holding her gaze the whole time. She looked very sad and quite frightened, but almost resigned, and definitely not defiant. I was very pleased--this one had the true heart of a slave, naturally submitting to a master's will.

On the night I took her Kimmie had told me how much she loved the movies, that she would watch them every day if she had the money. I planned to make sure she could watch all the movies she wanted, maybe even give her some books on film history, so that she would not go mad from living as a bird in a cage for the rest of her life, when she wasn't being exercised or trained in all kinds of sexual acts. She would be one of the slaves I gave to special guests visiting so she would need to be able to answer any perverse request. She would be on display in her little bird cage at all times. I also had some plans for her for special dinner parties.

In a cell set away from the other slaves was an 18 year old named Ashley. Although I usually preferred girls with nice big tits and round asses, I did enjoy indulging in Daddy fantasies from time to time. But whatever my other fetishes I had no tolerance for pedophiles, and in fact had anonymously tipped off authorities to several I had run across in my BDSM adventures over the years. So in order to indulge the fantasy of fucking a young girl, I needed a young woman like Ashley.

She was definitely 18, since I had taken her state ID when I put her in one of my truck compartments.

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   But she was very slim and barely developed, with small A cup breasts, just a slight curving of her hips and a barely rounded ass. She could easily pass for a 13 year old.

And I was treating her like one. Ashley's cell did not have bars like the other slaves. Instead it had a full wall of thick plexiglass, the kind where I could see in but she could not see out, with the cell door in the stone wall next to it. The cell was also carpeted and soundproof, so she could not hear her fellow slaves' screams and moans. Her bed was one of those twin canopy beds that preteen girls like, with a pastel coverlet and a matching chair. There were a number of young teen books and magazines in the room, and a TV playing a bunch of the movies young girls liked these days. She was not naked like my other slaves, but had been given some demure little blouses and skirts to wear, and sweet cotton panties with bows.

The only slightly cruel thing Ashley was experiencing was very small meals. I wanted her slight frame even slimmer, and her tits a bit smaller. And when it was time for her to be fucked, I planned to outright starve her for a couple of days. That would help make her willing to be Daddy's little fucktoy, and play his little games.

I didn't speak to her, but watched her through the glass. She was calm, but very wary and alert.

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   That didn't suit me--she wouldn't give in to becoming a preteen again (and staying one for good) if she was too alert and attentive.

I told Parker to start her on a small daily dose of sedative. I wanted her a bit more fuzzy and compliant when she began her lifelong service to my cock. Remolding a slave's will takes time and patience--it would probably take a year of sedatives and constant reinforcement of her new identity as a molested young teen, before she would forget everything else and actually become one in her own mind. Since she was 18, I hoped that meant she was through puberty and done developing, and I could keep her mind stuck in early puberty just like her body.

After that Parker went back out to the security desk and I went upstairs to have dinner. Winston met me on my way, to inform me in his crisp British accent that both my dinner and my slave awaited me in the main dining room. I told him of my plans for him and Cassie. He smiled knowingly and said he would be happy to assist in the young lady's education, and assured me I would be pleased with the results. I thanked him and walked on to the dining room, more than ready to eat and to enjoy myself raping young Isabelle again.

To be continued


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