Turning Teen Runaways Into Harem Slaves Part 7 - Teaching Little Ashley


Turning Teen Runaways Into Harem Slaves Part 7 - Teaching Little Ashley

Thanks again for the great comments and for the suggestions. They are all good ones and I will try to work them in. I think he's gonna have to go out for another batch of slaves soon, I'm running out of bodies LOL

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I will be out of town after tonight for a long weekend, so probably no new chapters until Sunday night at earliest. But the next one after this is half written and already very intense, even for me.

Before retiring for the night after my friend Dr. Collins and I had savagely raped and tortured shy big titted Delilah, I had given orders to the servants to stop feeding my other slave Ashley, and to double the dose of the sedative I had had administered to her every day. Collins had advised that I move forward quickly to consummate my relationship with Ashley while she was still in a comfortable, dreamlike state, and her psyche easily manipulated.

I had treated Ashley very differently than her sister slaves. She lived in a comfortable cell decorated like a young girl's room, where she could neither hear nor see the horrific tortures I had been inflicting on the other virgin girls I'd kidnapped.

But this wasn't because I felt any compassion for Ashley. It was because my ultimate plan was to brainwash Ashley permanently into having a 13 year old's mind as well as a 13 year old's body. Although 18 years old, Ashley had the small breasts, the barely curved hips and ass of a preteen. Before the year was out, I planned to have Ashley believing she really was a young girl. A young girl who was being constantly raped and molested by her father.

When I woke up the next morning Collins had had something else delivered--a hormone cocktail that would act as a powerful aphrodesiac.

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   He included a note advising that it be administered to Ashley an hour or two before I visited her cell for the first time since her capitivity.

I directed my servants to give her the cocktail with a glass of milk at 6pm. I planned to visit my pretty little girl around 8pm.

I spent the day on business and at 8pm sharp, I stepped into Ashley's cell. I had had the lights in her cell dimmed to a low glow. In the half light, I could see that the alert and wary look she had had on her first day was gone. Now she look puzzled, as if she remembered my face but not where she had met me. I smiled kindly at her and asked if I could sit down. She agreed and I sat down next to her on her twin canopy bed. She was wearing one of the pretty blouses and demure (but short) plaid skirts she'd been given to wear. Her straight strawberry blond hair was held back with a ribbon. She wore no makeup and didn't need it--even her facial features looked childlike and half grown. She even had freckles on her nose.

I took her hand gently and said, "First Ashley, I want you to know that you are safe. I know about that youth home you were at, and I am sure you haven't felt safe since your parents died and you were sent to that awful place.

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Her mouth puckered and her eyes grew moist as she listened. "But I am here to tell you that that what happened there will never happen again. I promise you'll be as safe here, and as well taken care of as if you were my own daughter. And I hope you don't mind if that is how I think of you, since I've never had a little girl of my own. "

She smiled shyly and whispered a thank you.

"There's just one problem, Ashley," I said just a little sternly. "The whole time you've been here, you haven't asked about who brought you here, who is keeping you warm and clothed and fed, and protecting you from all the evil in the world. It makes me wonder whether you are taking all of that for granted. You don't seem grateful at all. "

Ashley looked distressed and confused. Why hadn't she asked about it, she was wondering, not realizing she had been too sedated to think that hard.

I put my arm around her and lifted her chin as I said, "Now honey, I'm sure you are grateful, you are just a little immature and selfish, which is normal as young as you are. I hope you'll let me guide you to be more giving, to show people you're grateful for what they've done for you. "

"I've had people around me saying you're spoiled, that I should just throw you out on the street, but I want to give you a second chance. " I had begun to rub her back as I let my hand drop down from her chin, brushing against her chest.

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   I could feel her sharp intake of breath, and her face flushing. I kept my hand there, gently brushing back and forth against tiny breast, feeling her tight little nipple grow hard. "That's why they wouldn't let me feed you for awhile, Ashley. They want you to show me you are grateful for my taking care of you, then I can start up your meals again. "

For the first time Ashley looked frightened. I was basically threatening to starve her to death, but in her addled mind, she thought that was her fault. She whispered, "But I am grateful for you taking care of me. How can I convince you, Mister--Mister--"

"Ashley," I murmured, "The first way you can make me happy is to just call me Daddy. " As I talked I had lain down on her bed, pulling her down with me. I lay her on her back and lay next to her on my side. I slid one leg over hers and continued my slow massaging of her childish breasts.

"OK, D-Daddy. " Even in the dim light I could see her all her emotions in her eyes--she was getting frightened, but the drugs I'd given her also made her feel aroused. The sedative was keeping her compliant, unable to fight my superior will. I gently took her wrists and lifted them over her head, and held them there with one hand, my weight keeping her pinned down.

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My slow taking of her body was gentle but relentless. You would think I would be impatient but it was perfect to me--this is how a father would molest his daughter. It starts with gentle necking and petting, and a year from now I'll have her bent over a BDSM cage getting assfucked by three of my fellow "Daddies", and she'll think she caused it all to happen.

With the other hand I unbuttoned her blouse and opened it. I ran my hand up her bare belly and unsnapped the front clasp on her trainer bra. As I pulled it open and exposed her tiny breasts she whimpered and tried to turn away, to pull her wrists free.

I easily held her wrists and rolled on top of her, as I felt my lust rising from a slow controlled burn. Soon she would find out what being my slave meant, but first I wanted her fully aroused--then I could spend the rest of her slut life blaming her for everything I did to her, saying she wanted me to do it.

I pulled a long strip of silk from my pocket and slipped it around her wrists, binding them to the wooden slats in the headboard. I moved down and gazed at her tiny childish breasts framed in the thrown open blouse and bra, and felt my lust intensify. I straddled her as I lay down on top of her, pushing her legs together as I began to lick and suck and lightly pinch her tiny bright red nipples. She whined quietly and I moved back up, covering her mouth with mine, slowly opening her lips with my tongue as I continued massaging her tiny tits, rolling her nipples between my finger and thumb. I felt her responding and fighting her response at the same time. I deepened my kiss and felt her moan. Then I broke the kiss and took one of the tiny teddy bears on her night stand and pushed it into her mouth.

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I moved back down to suck on her tits as I shifted my knees between hers and slowly pushed open her legs. I sat up and ran my hands slowly up her trembling inner thighs and under her short skirt. I pulled off her white cotton panties and lifted her skirt back, fully exposing her pussy, covered in fine barely visible ginger hair. Looking up the length of her bound exposed body, it took all of my will not lift up her ass and ram into the pretty virgin cunt then and there. I got up and quickly undressed, then lay back down between her thighs.

I moved down and began licking her sweet slit, pushing it open gently with my fingers and tonguing her tender virgin hole. she moaned into her gag and she grew wetter. I took her clit in my mouth as I began playing with her glistening hole with my thumb. As I felt her clit swell in my mouth, I sucked it hard as I pushed my thumb deep inside her.

She cried out and was jerked out of her dazed pleasurable dream, and began to struggle under me. I moved back up to her face and lay on top of her, my rock hard eight inch cock pressed against her inner thigh.

"It's too late, sweetheart," I cooed in her ear. "You got Daddy all excited, getting all wet and making him think you want him. Daddy won't let you grow up to be a cocktease. "

I shoved her thighs open wide and began pushing my huge cockhead into her moist slit, forcing open her virgin cunt.

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   She began to scream and I put a pillow over her head, holding it down as I thrust deep into her. tearing apart her delicate hymen. She screamed in agony as I took her innocence, and my full sadistic lust was unleashed. I fell on top of her tiny body, lifting her thighs around my hips as I pinned her virgin cunt to the blood soaked bedspread. I ripped the pillow back off her face so that I could see her, arms tied back, blouse torn open, little teeny bopper mouth gagged as she was brutally raped by her father.

After all the time I'd taken getting this little cunt ready for this I took my time now. I reveled in her tight walls being savagely torn apart by my thick long cock, rutting into her for 15, 20, 30 minutes. I had never held back this long from fucking any of my other slaves. Because of that my dominant sadistic nature now demanded that she suffer in this first encounter all the terror and pain that her sister slaves had felt for weeks. I rammed into her as I roared and hissed in her face, her body slamming into the headboard from my vicious thrusts.

When I finally came deep inside her little cunt, almost 40 minutes had passed. Her face was numb, her eyes blankly staring at the ceiling. I rolled off of her as I caught my breath, and I didn't touch her right away. I got up and got a warm wet washcloth from the bathroom and gently bathed her bloodied and bruised pussy and thighs. She jerked and moaned as I did so, then lay limply.

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   I moved back down and gently licked and ate her delicious cunt until I felt her respond again, then I got up and released her wrists.

I explained how it was all her fault that Daddy had gotten carried away, being sexy and getting wet and hot when he touched her. But I told her she had shown Daddy that she deserved his love and protection. I fed her her dinner right in bed, sometimes smearing teriyaki sauce on her nipples and sucking it off. She was dazed but responsive. I poured more sauce on her clit and got her wet again, then turned her over and started licking her puckered pink asshole. She may have tried to say no but her face was buried in a pillow, and I could feel she was still wet. So Daddy shoved a pillow under her and fucked her virgin ass that night too, using sticky teriyaki sauce as a lube.

We ended up in her shower, where I soaped her down and fucked her one more time, then pushed her to her knees and started teaching her how to suck Daddy's cock. I finally put her to bed at dawn, after shooting her up with a strong sedative.

To be continued


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