Vacation with a difference part 3


      Waking up, I glanced around, I was back home, in my own bed. How the hell did I get here? Whatever they gave me to knock me out this time still left my mind sharp. I remembered it all, getting my face spunked by the teens, getting gang banged by six well hung studs, then, getting horse fucked, and to top it all off, the wealthy owner busting open my asshole virginity. The one thing that I had enjoyed at the time were the soft, tender caresses, and the hot eager tongues of the unknown women, eager to clean up my very messy cunt, before I got ass fucked. My pussy felt stretched out, battered, violated, and feeling like a red hot poker had been shoved up me. My ass felt similarly abused, having been forced open and my asshole virginity being fucked away by the wealthy man's cock.  

     I made my way gingerly into my bathroom, filled up the Jacuzzi, started the jets going, and sank into the hot, bubbling water, letting out an "Ahhhhh" as I felt the hot water surround my body. I let the bubbling, hot water ease away the aches and pains. I moved, and felt a jet hit my pussy lips. Normally, I'd be against one of the jets, letting the rushing water pummel my cunt to orgasm, but I pulled away quickly, my cunt opening was still way too tender for that, and sex was not on my mind, soaking away the aches and pains was.

     I got out of the tub, feeling a little less achy, and wrapped myself in a bath towel. On my bedroom table was a package, and a note. On top of the package was the ball gag they had used on me, I could see the clear indentations in the red leather covering where I had been biting down hard on that ball, as I got stretched out like never before. I picked up the note, and started reading.

     "Hello Laurie", I note with some amusement that this was the first time they used my name, "as you can see, you are back at home. We paid your bill at the inn using your credit card, and your car was also driven home, it's in your garage, safe and sound.

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   Now, as our latest one to feel a horse cock fucking, you have a special honor. We want you at our next gathering, not to be fucked, but to be the first one who gets to lick at a slushy pussy filled to the brim with horse spunk. Remember the soft, wet tongues that cleaned out your well filled opening? Those are some of the ladies that took their turn on the horse fucking table. Well, as the latest one, you will get to lick first at our next one. Oh, and by the way, this is NOT a request. We have included a DVD copy of the filming we did of you, and everything that happened. If you refuse, we can easily dub our copy of the DVD, and make it look like it was all your doing, and that everything that happened to you was at your eager insistence. And, if you think you can get the cops on us, well, you were blindfolded, you saw nothing of what was outside the house and the barn, you were unconscious both times, you could have been a hundred miles away in any direction. We will contact you, and give you directions on what to do, when we want you at our next gathering. "

     I took the DVD, and put it into the player. The image filled the screen, and there I was, watching the teens spunk down my face. Then I watched a bit of the rape, fast forwarded to my horse fucking, watching with amazement as the horse rammed me, my whole body shaking as his cock stretched me out, fucking me like I was just another Mare. After a minute or two, I then skipped ahead to the ladies licking me, then another skip, and I saw my asshole rape, as the wealthy man grunted, growled, and dumped his load up my ass, then shooting a few streams over my asshole rim, and my back. I saw the needle get me, then my body slumping into unconsciousness, and the screen went blank. Well, that settled that question, they certainly had the goods on me, and it could be twisted into any scenario they wanted.

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     Two weeks later, and I got the call I'd been expecting.

     "Hello Laurie, so nice to hear your voice again. Do you remember me?"

     I did indeed, he was the man that I'd seen first off, my guide, as it were, to what was going to happen. I told him that I did, and asked him if her had a name I could call him.

     "Laurie, call me Tom, it's wonderful to be remembered so easily. "

     I didn't tell him that the reason I remembered him was because he had the biggest cock, and I remembered how my mouth and my pussy had taken on the extra stretch of him.

     He continued, "Our employer wants to host his next party, a perfect choice for his tastes is here for a few days. So, pack up, come and join us, we have a room reserved for you at the inn where you stayed last time. At 10 AM Saturday morning, drive to the abandoned warehouse just east of town, park around the back, and there will be a blue Ford Taurus waiting for you. We will have to blindfold you, as we are eager to keep our location a secret. Then, it's off to the barn, and you get to watch and then lick the juicy, well fucked pussy of our guest of honor. "

     As they had the video of me, I couldn't exactly say no, so early Friday afternoon, I was checking into the inn where I had stayed last time. It felt a bit surreal to be back, but the owners where friendly, welcoming, and were glad to see me again. Saturday morning, I drove the short distance from the inn and into the lot of the warehouse. Around the back, there was the Ford Taurus waiting for me.

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   I parked along the side of the warehouse building, got out, and there was Tom, smiling at me. He greeted me, and produced the blindfold, I gave him no trouble as he slipped it over my eyes, and he helped me into the back seat, securing my seat belt around me.

     After what felt like 30 minutes, the car pulled up, and stopped. I was helped from the back seat, led inside, and the blindfold was removed. Ah yes, I remember this place, the barn where I had been done not so long ago. We were in shadows, letting my eyes adjust from the darkness the blindfold had kept me in.

     Tom said, "Now, you are going to watch our next lucky lady get horse fucked. Now, after the horse has shot his load, I'll signal to you, and you, being the lucky one, will get first lickings at the cum filled pussy. Now, when you get tapped on the arm you are to pull away, and let the next lady in. There's more than enough horse spunk pumped up there, as you well know, to let everyone have a big taste, no hogging. "

     He led me to the stands, and introduced me to 5 other woman, Donna, Angie, Carole, Brenda and Sasha, all sitting in a group. I sat down with them and we talked, trading our stories of how and when we lost our horse cock virginity.

     I noticed a group of 9 teen boys enter the barn, and take their seats. Ah yes, the same 9 that spunked down my face, I figured that it wouldn't be much longer, now. I could imagine the rape the newest one was getting, I saw the silhouette of the wealthy man in his place, with the best view of the area where the action was soon to take place.

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     After a while, the lights were turned off, and the spotlights flared into brilliance, lighting up the stage area, leaving us hidden in the shadows. The barn door rolled open, and Tom led a group in, the newest woman held tightly, being led to the center of the barn. The blindfold was lifted off, and she looked around wildly, looking at the bleachers, able to see us, but with the bright spotlights trained on her, only as figures hidden in the shade. She was naked, and she had a lush, full figure, her nipples were enormous and her breasts were swollen and stuck out like eggplants, her hips had a wicked, hourglass curve. She had a long mane of jet black hair, as they turned her, I could see that her pussy was clean shaven, smooth and totally bald of any hair. I noticed, with a tinge of amusement, that her hair was done up in a ponytail. My pussy was starting to tingle, I was wondering how much fun it had been to the guys to rape that pussy and that mouth.

     The guys that had done the job on her joined the people sitting in the bleachers, and we cheered, wanting the show to begin.

     The guest of honor was yelling, threatening them with jail, death, murder, trying to put up a brave front, until Tom showed her the . 357 Magnum, and reminded her of what would happen, if she didn't comply.

     The wealthy man's voice came from the speakers, "Excellent, another young lady for some weekend fun! Get her ready, we want to see her suck horse cock. And, young lady, make sure you give my stallion the very best head you can! Now, on your knees, suck that cock, lick his balls, suck that big horse cock, and let my guests enjoy the sight of that horse cock filling your throat, and spewing all over your body!"

     A young stallion was led in, and she slowly sank to her knees. His legs were fitted into the restraining device, and she was ordered to play with his cock. Being that he was a large, horny male animal, his cock throbbed quickly to life, becoming a steel hard pole, eager for more direct stimulation. I watched her lick gingerly at this large cock head, getting her first taste of horse cock.

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   She started to lick more forcefully, apparently finding it not too terrible. I watched her lick down the shaft, her tongue circling and them licking at the stallion's swollen balls, twirling her tongue around the two big balls, swollen and eager to shoot their load.

     I was watching, the tingle in my pussy had turned into an ache, I could feel my juices rising, my inner core was starting to heat up. I looked around, my other female companions were feeling the same way, Donna was gently pressing on the seam of her jeans, Carole was stroking softly at her breasts, Angie had a hand up under her skirt, Sasha had her jeans unzipped, and a hand down the front, and Brenda had one hand running over her breasts, and the other one pressing urgently against her jeans. I took this as an okay, and my hand quickly found its way down, unzipping my shorts, I slipped my fingers down, under my panties, my pussy was hot and slick with my natural lubrication. Watching it had turned us on like crazy, we were letting out lots of sighs and grunts of pleasure. We were in a separate area, no one sat in our section except ourselves, and we pleasured ourselves wantonly as we watched the busty young guest of honor work over the horse cock.

     The horse started to snort, and I could see that massive cock start to pulse with orgasmic contractions. I could see the guest of honor swallowing as much as she could, her mouth quickly overflowing. She pulled her head back, and his cock exploded. I stared in open mouthed wonder, it was squirting like a fire hose.

     That did it, and I growled with pleasure as my cunt exploded, riding a masturbational wave of pleasure, Around me, the other women were similarly engaged, furiously rubbing the horny centers, and jumping aboard that orgasmic wave of pleasure as we watch that massive fuckpole, gushing spunk, our guest of honor getting her face totally plastered with cum, then pointing his cock down, and stroking him, more full force shots spraying all over her face and body. To our amazement, she then wrapped her lips tightly around the cock head, to gulp down the last few spurts, hmm, looks like she's not as averse to sucking animal cock as she led us to believe as we watched her eagerly drink down rest of the thick, creamy horse spunk. The crowd cheered and roared for more.

     Tom helped her to her feet, and said to the wealthy man, "Quiet, or loud?"

     He replied, "This one seems to have some fighting spirit, loud, let her vocalize!"

     She seemed a bit dazed, until they tried to make her kneel on the fucking table.

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   All the guys that had raped her had to jump in to help fit her into the restraints, she was putting up quite a fight. They finally had her secured, legs fitted into the leather loops, strapped into the side, arms cuffed and stretched just above her head, the chain secured to the table. She was again yelling about how the cops were gonna bust their heads, her father would found out who they were, he'd kill them all, and other such weak threats.

     The wealthy man said, "My dear, save your breath. Every one that we've grabbed for my pleasure has taken their turn on this table, including you, and has been fucked wildly. The barn has been filled with screams and shrieks as they lost their horse cock virginity, as your tight cunt is about to lose it to a rock hard horse cock! Enjoy it baby, you're about to get the biggest fuck ever!"

     A young stallion was led into position, that rock hard cock was positioned, and the stallion knew what to do, he thrust forward. Her shriek of pain filled the barn, as the horny stallion drove his rampant hugeness into her. He jammed it up as far as he could go, and started to fuck her just like a breed mare, jack-hammering away at her, her shrieks and screams of pain accompanying his thrusts.

Watching that lush body getting her brains fucked out, listening to her howls of pain, damn, I'd been in that situation 2 weeks ago, and had endured it as best I could. Watching someone else get their horse virginity ended was a totally different "kettle of fish", now, my cunt was again turning into a lust fueled furnace, as I shoved my fingers back into my heat, I noticed the other 5 women were also masturbating furiously, fuck, it drove me crazy to watch it, and we all masturbated crazily to the image we were seeing, I felt my cunt explode, then again, and again, the image of that lush body being raped by a horse was driving me on and on, until the horse snorted, drove it in as deep as possible, and I could imagine the feel of that load of heated horse spunk pumping into her, her howls filling the barn as she got flooded with horse cum.

     Tom signaled to us, and we joined him down on the floor, standing aside as they helped the stallion down, and led him away. I was motioned to take my place, and I saw her fuck-hole, glistening with huge globs of horse cum, ready to spill out of her well fucked pussy. I knelt behind her, and slipped my tongue onto her lips, licking, and was rewarded when I sucked out a huge glob of horse spunk. The taste of horse cum was amazing, and I sucked and licked, her moans, now of pleasure, spurring me on. All too soon, I felt the tapping on my shoulder, and reluctantly gave way for my companions to get their mouths against that just fucked entrance, eager to get their taste of horse cum.

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   My 5 female companions then surrounded her upper body, and I was motioned to get my mouth in there, and lick her to climax. With her clit now throbbing with sexual excitement, and the other 5 women stroking at her, whispering to her to cum, cum hard for us baby, I plastered my mouth against her, my tongue lashing at her hard, stiff, bright pink joy button, she let out squeals of enjoyment, tumbling into climax, her pulsing pussy pushing out a last glut of horse spunk and her mingled juices for my mouth to gratefully accept. We quickly took our seats again, as the wealthy man approached her. He was naked, and his large 9 inch dick was rock hard, lubed up and ready for action.

     Just like with me, I heard the host of the party say, "And now, for the coup de grace. "  

     I saw a finger sliding a numbing agent along her violated pussy lips, then cold lube being spread along her asshole, getting her ass ready for fucking.

     "No, no you bastard, that's not for anybody except my future husband, it's my last bit of virginity!"

     The wealthy man chuckled and said, "Your future husband will just have to be satisfied with sloppy seconds!"

     He pulled apart her cheeks, notched his cock head against her, and shoved hard. More shrieks of pain filled the barn as she lost her last vestige of virginity, the wealthy man driving his 9 inches in, right to the balls. Grabbing her hips he drove it in hard and fast, raping that incredibly tight ass, again lasting maybe a minute before he growled, roared, and his cock exploded, pumping his load deep inside her ass, pulling out to do his signature two spurts over her violated asshole, then shooting a pearly string across her back.

     I heard him say, "Thanks baby, you were great, your tight ass was perfect. "

     She let out one last squeal as a hypodermic plunged into her shoulder, pushing in the knockout drug, and she sagged in the restraints, unconscious.

     After she was taken away, to be returned to her home, Tom told me more. He said that there were 60 women that had taken their turn on the horse fucking table, and 6 of the previous women were contacted to attend at least one of the wealthy man's parties, and always the last one to get their horse virginity busted would not only HAVE to attend the next party, she'd be the lucky one to lick at all the mixed horse spunk and juices in the hot, wet, just fucked cunt of the current guest of honor. He told me that I would be one of the ones that would be called, from time to time, to attend, watch and get my fill of the mingled juices.

     Blindfolded, I was led out, put in the Ford, and soon, I was delivered back to my car at the warehouse.

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   Tom smiled as he removed the blindfold, and told me that he looked forward to seeing me again, in the future.

     Back at my room at the inn, I was so fucking horny, I tore off my clothes, got on my hands and knees, shoved two pillows between my legs, and went at it. My cunt felt like it was on fire, I humped madly at the pillows, my mind replaying every sight, every sound, every little detail of what I had just seen. My orgasm slammed into me, and I was still not done. I kept going, getting my fingers into the fun, and my orgasms really started to roll. I started cumming, cumming, in long, blissful wrenching waves of pleasure, I could see clearly the guest of honor, sucking that cock, having it spray down her body, her screams and shrieks as the stallion impaled her on his cock, fucking her just like a breed Mare, then the taste of the horse cum as I sucked it out of her just fucked cunt. My cunt burst with one last climax before I slumped down, sweaty, gasping like a racehorse, my body shaking from the massive sensory rush. I floated in the afterglow, hoping it wouldn't be too long before they called me back.


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