Vicky, Taken On The Roof


He doesn't, but continues to breathe evenly. He is leaning on me, pushing me against the window and his head becomes increasingly heavy on my shoulder. I look around and am relieved that no one seems to notice my rather embarrassing predicament for I am sitting on the last row of seats and Irene has just vacated the single seat across the aisle. I take a closer look at him. He has a hard face, in his mid twenties. I have seen him before. He is a regular on this bus but I think this is the only time I sit next to him, as there were no other seats available when Irene and I got on the PLB. The road ahead is a bit bumpy and his head begins to slide from my shoulder. But he doesn't seem to notice a thing. All of a sudden, I feel his hot breath on my chest. This sends a tingle down between my thighs. Now his lips are dangerously close to brushing against my breast. Just that thought makes my nipples perky and I sense that they are poking through the pale blue and white chequered school dress. I must wake him. I tap lightly on his shoulder but he doesn't move. Then I feel his hot cheek pressing on my left breast, as if he's checking on my now galloping heartbeats.

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   I can't wait any longer as I try to push him away. Instantly, I feel a hard object on my left. When I look down, I'm shocked to see that he is holding a dagger against my ribcage. "Keep still and don't make a sound kid. I can drive this through your heart before you make a move. So don't even think!" He whispers into my ears and gives the knife a little nudge. Sitting up, he quietly puts his right arm round my back and rests a heavy hand on my shoulder. He checks that no one is paying us attention then casually slides his palm down the front of my school dress when he squeezes roughly on my right breasts. My heart hammers madly and I almost die with shame!"Your tit is kind of small, isn't it?"My face is suddenly on fire. I've always been embarrassed by the inadequacy of my physique. At 16, I should look kind of more feminine like my friends at school, but I'm not. Just last week, I heard my mum's friends commented to her over a game of mahjong that I look like an 11, 12 year-old. I try to push his hand away but he suddenly pinches my nipple. A sharp wave of pain shoots through my body bringing tears to my eyes. "Don't move.

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   In a moment, we shall get off the PLB together. Don't try anything stupid. I know where you live. " He whispers menacingly into my ear. Then he says aloud, "Getting off at the next traffic light, please!"The driver raises his left hand in acknowledgement. The PLB comes to a stop and he grabs my schoolbag, along with all my things. "Hey Vicky, let me take this for you. " He says, just loud enough for the others to hear, as he wraps his right arm tightly round my hips and guides me off the PLB. A few passengers frown at us, as if they disapprove such intimacy between a little Chinese schoolgirl and a grown man. The door slides close and I watch helplessly as the PLB speeds off, just before the light changes. Suddenly, I am alone in a deserted stretch of Jordan Road, at the mercy of this sex fiend. He is very tall. However, since I stand a fraction under 5' in my black pump, all men kind of look towering over me. "Please let me go sir," I look up at him and plead. "I shall.

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   But right now you come with me. "I try to free myself but he grabs my left hand and squeezes, causing a wave of pain on my knuckles. Abruptly, he pulls me into an old building. I didn't know such derelict exists in the heart of Kowloon. There is no light on the staircase as the bulbs are either broken or have been stolen from the sockets. There is no lift and he begins to drag me up the staircase. The wooden steps feel soft under my feet, as though they are in their final stage of decomposition, like the rest of the building. On my way up, I notice the flat on first floor is sealed by tapes. I strain my eyes and can just make out from a torn notice that the building is scheduled for demolition in a couple of months. My heart sinks and I struggle to free myself but the grip on my hand tightens. It seems to take forever but he finally drags me up seven floors to the roof. Now, I know that all flats have been taped except for the one on the third floor, which is still being occupied by a trading company. It's after 6 p. m. and I have no doubt the whole building is deserted, except for the two of us!He kicks open the door at the rooftop and pushes me out there.

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   I'm so scared that my legs give and I stumble onto dusty brick tiles. As I get back on my feet, I find that dusk has set in completely and I'm now standing under an over-sized awning of a tin shed. "Take off your clothes kid. "My head starts spinning. This is what I have been dreading for, since I first saw his dagger. My knees turn to jelly and I have a sudden urge to pee. I shake my head in fear but I wonder if he can see me in the dark. Then of course he can, very clearly. For he steps closer, grabs the butterfly ribbon at the collar of my uniform and cuts it off in one swift motion with the knife. "Next time you shake your head, I am going shred your school dress into pieces. Now strip, Fast!"I look around, the nearest wall of windows overlooking us is some 80 feet across the side street and most of the windows are closed. I know that even if I shout, help won't arrive in time. Trembling with fear and anticipation, I begin to unzip the school dress at my back. "Take it off quickly!" And I comply, feeling the chill of the autumn night air on the rooftop. "Now the rest of your clothes.

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  "I'm going to shake my head again but remember what he said earlier. Reluctantly, my hands go behind my back again as I fumble clumsily with the bra clasp. Now my hands are shaking and my chin is quivering visibly with fear. I cannot believe this is happening to me!"I said do it quickly, we haven't got all night here kid. "Again, I comply. When I remove the bra and pull down the knickers, my palms instinctively reach up to shield my breasts, as I'm so embarrassed by their smallness. "Hold this for me kid. " He pulls my hands away one by one and puts the dagger in them. I look up incredibly with the weapon in my palms to find that he has begun to strip. The cold steel weighs so heavy in my small hands I become worried that I might drop and break it. As he peels away layers of his clothing, I'm stunned by what I see. I know he is not Arnold Schwarzenegger but his body is just as muscle-packed and they quiver at each twist and turn of his now naked body. My heart thumps wildly, my face burns scarlet and I feel a sudden constriction at the back of my throat when I see his semi-erect penis, looking heavy from a hairless pubes. He could kill me with that thing of his! I tighten my grip on the dagger. "Pass the knife back before you cut yourself kid.

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  "I take a deep breath and extend my arms but surrender the knife at a last second. He just drops it on top of the pile of our clothing. "Down on your knees and suck my dick, kid. "A powerful hand presses me down. My jaws crack open under the pressure of a painful squeeze on my cheeks. Then he just shoves his flesh pole into my mouth. It feels hot and smells of sweat; it gags me and it is growing. Reflexively, I close my lips tightly around it when he begins to slip it in and out of my mouth until it is rock hard. "Get up, spread your legs and bend over. ""No sir, please don't!" I plead, as tears of anxiety roll down my cheeks. "What's the matter kid? Sooner or later you're going to lose it. Why make a fuss?"He pulls me up by the hair and swings me around with force. My arms reach out just in time to prevent my face from smashing against the cold tin wall. His big hands grip painfully at my inner thighs and yank them apart. I shudder as I feel the tip of his hard penis rubbing along my slit down there.

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   Again, I am so ashamed of myself. "You little slut! Your cunt is soaking wet. Is that because of me or did you get wet from reading that dirty book of yours, eh?"A scorching sensation shots through my vagina as he suddenly pierces into me. "Aaarh. . . mmm. . . " I feel the hot wedge spreading me and I begin to feel dizzy. "Well, well. You've been a very naughty girl, haven't you?" God, how long has it been? Six months since I last had a cock in me. When Tom left me after three weeks of frenzied lovemaking, I thought I would never have sex again. Now the feeling gradually comes back to me. Instinctively, I contract my vagina around his big pole and brace myself for the powerful pistoning.

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   "You dirty little slut. Now, you must be punished!"The first slap of his big palm lands painfully on my right butt cheek, then on the left and. . . Each smack is harsher than the one before. I can't dodge the blow as his stiff cock has me firmly impaled. "Aaah. . . stop sir, oh please stop, it hurts!" I whimper in pain as tears come running down my face. Soon, my butt cheeks are burning just as his hot iron of a cock continues to stroke, turning my pussy into a furnace. He doesn't care, but keeps slamming noisily against my backside. I already stretch my legs and am standing on tiptoes to accommodate him. But with each thrust, he seems to push me right off the floor. "You dirty little slut! You're enjoying it, are you?"With deep shame and despite the fear and pain, I must admit that I am!His strokes become more and more forceful, now lifting me clear off the floor, as I'm practically impaled in mid air by his cock.

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   I feel the big plum head of his cock stretching me as it pistons deeply through my vagina, knocking painfully against the cervix at each thrust. I can hear the rattling of the tin wall as my face and my breasts keep crushing against it at each onslaught. I must be going crazy. I can only grab the one thing that holds my sanity together, as I contract my pussy tightly around his cock. I don't think I can take this much longer and I don't care anymore!Oh yes, Fuck Me! I begin to rock back against him. "You dirty little slut! I'm going to rip your tight little cunt out. " With that he grabs my now throbbing and burning butt cheeks when he triples the speed of the pistoning. "Aaah. . . oh, hmmm. . . " I gasp in a confusion of pain and pleasure. Suddenly, my pussy convulses around his cock as I'm hit by a colossal and much awaited ecstasy.

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   I tremble and arch my back until I feel the pain of muscles cramping all over me. I almost pass out. First my arms give then my whole body slackens as my weight rests painfully at one point, his Big Cock!I nearly smash my face against the tin wall but he catches me in time. Suddenly, his hot palms are cupping my breasts; his fingers begin tweaking my nipples, sending a weird tingling feeling all over my body; while he continues to ram into me. "Mmm. . . mmm. . . "I grit my teeth to stifle the moaning. It's so embarrassing. I don't know how it happened but somehow, with me still impaled, he swings me about like a windmill to face him. Now he has a hand cupping under my butt and the other round my back as he cradles me in mid-air and continues to bang into me. I can feel his lecherous gaze burning into my perky twin mounts, as they jiggle to the rhythm of his thrusts.


   I try but I no longer have the strength to shield my naked breasts. The continuous banging leaves a numbing pain on my now swollen and throbbing clit. I try to wrap my legs around his back, to give me some control, to lessen the impact of his assault. But I am too exhausted to even raise my knees. All I can do is to watch my slim thighs and legs swaying uselessly either side of his hips. My pussy keeps quivering around his cock that goes in and out of me with long and decisive strokes. My mind goes blank as I lose myself in waves after waves of beastly pleasure. I open my eyes a crack in the midst of our frenzied coupling and see the silhouette of his hard jaw line and the bulging muscles on his shoulders. In the dark shadow, he looks most menacing, like a Terminator sent to kill me, to fuck me to death!I look beyond him and see a few spots of light. When my eyes become focused I suddenly realise that there are people inside these windows across the side street. Oh my god, am I putting up a show? The excitement of getting fucked in public view, in front of an audience of strangers hit me with another massive orgasm. "AAARRRHHH!"I squeal aloud. All of a sudden, a few heads crane out of the windows from the opposite block, as people are searching for the source of my beastly outburst. The danger of discovery sends a shiver down my pussy that continues to convulse rhythmically around his giant cock. To my disappointment, these people turn back into their flat after a few seconds.

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   No, they probably cannot see us under the dark shadow of the awning. I bite hard on my lips to keep myself quiet and concentrate on contracting my vaginal muscles. Then I feel it. His plum head swells suddenly, stretching my vagina and he quickens his strokes. I hear him hiss. Then with one last big bang, he wraps his arms tightly around me, squashing my tiny body against his muscular torso. I feel the first blast of his hot cum shoot straight through my aching cervix, just to explode like dynamite inside my head. He continues to pump his hot load into me, but I am already too far-gone for caring. I feel the back of my head bang against the tin wall in a final massive convulsion. Strangely, I feel no pain, just a tickling sensation inside my pussy. He holds me tightly for ages and when our shuddering finally dies down, he lets me down gently. I feel lost as his cock pops out of me, leaving a big gap in me; an emptiness, almost loneliness!"Suck my. . . "Before he finishes his command, I am already on my knees sucking greedily at his softened though still colossal flesh pole.

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   I savour the taste of his cum mixed with my own juice. The musky smell of my pussy is particularly strong as I came almost non-stop. I use the tip of my tongue to scrape every last drop of our mixed juices round the ridge of his plum head and I suck some more until his cock is squeaky-clean!"See, you really are a dirty little slut!"I must have been devouring his cock for a very long time for I suddenly notice that he has somehow found my student handbook and is reading my details. "Well, well, you're a rich kid, aren't you? It says your dad's a CEO and your mum's a barrister, living in the posh area of Kowloon Tong. . . Do your mum and dad know that you're not a virgin? You want me to tell your dad what a dirty little slut you are, eh?""Don't, sir please! He will kill me!" I shake my head in shame. "So you have a boyfriend, eh?"I feel a twinge and shake my head again. "Ah, he dumped you, didn't he? I wouldn't blame him, you're pathetic. . . "My eyes mist up as I am lost in my painful memory and can longer hear him. I love Tom so much that I gave him the most precious thing that I could give, my virginity! I was so worried that he might get into trouble that I waited until my 16th birthday, the day I became legal. It was painful but I didn't care. Then over the following weeks, Tom subjected me to such humiliation, poking me through the most unthinkable place and I didn't care either.

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   I only wanted him to hold me and to love me. But he didn't! One day he suddenly turned cold and left me without an explanation. I begged him, unashamedly in front of his mates, to take me back. He didn't care either but made fun of me. After that, nobody in the class bat an eye on me, all thinking that I was Tom's Ex. , his Whore! Now when I think about it, I think I know why he did that to me. "You have such a sweet face, I thought you would be a good little virgin. If I had known that you've been whoring around, I wouldn't even bat an eye on you, you fucking dirty little slut!"Suddenly, I hear the sound of paper tearing. I watch in horror as he rips out the first page from my handbook that has my photo, my address and my parents' contact numbers. I try to stop him but it was too late. "Here, grab a biro and write down this down. "In a daze, I take a pen from my schoolbag. "Now write: 'I, Vicky Lam, am a slut! I submit myself willingly to. . .

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  ' hmmm, what shall I call myself? Let me think. . . "Yes, write this down, 'I, Vicky Lam, am a slut! I submit myself willingly to Mr B today, on 2003-11-08, who gives me the best fuck of my life. From now on, I shall obey Mr B; to submit to his command at anytime, in whatever manner and with whoever Mr B wishes. ' Don't forget to sign it, you dirty little slut!"I shudder when I realise what is demanded of me but I have gone past caring. I complete the declaration at the back page torn from my handbook and append a flourished signature at the end. Mr B grabs it, checks it with satisfaction, folds it in halves then slips it into his trousers pocket. He has already put his clothes back on and is now looking down at me with a smirk, as I kneel naked and in total submission before him. Casually, he picks up my bra and knickers. "30 A-Cup? You pretentious little slut! You don't even deserve a AA. "He takes a sniff at my knickers and pulls a grin. Then, to my horror, he suddenly flings my undies over the edge of the building. I run out in the nude and stretch my arms but cannot salvage my undies. I watch helplessly to see them landing in a dirty puddle by a sewer in the back alley.

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  "Listen to me you dirty little slut. From now on, you shall wear no such things. If I catch you in them, then you shall be severely punished. ""Sir, but. . . ""No But! You dirty little slut! One more thing, get rid of that neat little tuft between your thighs. Next time I see you, I want you baby smooth down there. Now get dressed and let's go". I clean myself as best I can. Hurriedly, I pull on the creased school dress, grab my schoolbag and follow Mr B down the staircase. We emerged from the building together and I feel a sudden chillness on my bare bottom. Then I see two police officers heading our way. Mr B is cool. He casually puts his left arm round my back and rests his hand lightly on my shoulder.

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   When the officers are about 15 yards away, he bends down and whispers into my ear. "Vicky, to tell you the truth, your titties are lovely. "Then he gives a light pack on my cheek. I almost cry as no one has kissed me so tenderly. "I shall probably see you tomorrow Vicky. "He gives me a wink and saunters across the road. My heart thumps madly as the two officers, one male and the other female, approach me. Shall I shout for help? Then I see they are staring at me. When they get close I realise that they are gazing down at my small breasts, at my perky nipples that are poking freely underneath my thin school dress. Strangely, I'm no longer embarrassed with my small breasts. I take a deep breath, arch my back, thrusting my twin peaks out proudly and I strut pass the officers. I see the right PLB coming my way and I almost hail it but change my mind. Instead, I turn the corner and walk into a 7-Elevan store where I buy a ladies disposable razor. Out of spite, I slam a packet of Durex on the counter, not caring the lecherous grin on the moustached shop assistance, or the looks from the other customers queuing up impatiently behind me. - END -(P.

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  S. Unless another SSP author is willing to take Vicky's adventure further. In which case, I shall be more than happy to assist by adding a bit of local Hong Kong flavour. )(P. P. S. Anyone interested can find brief references to Vicky in my Heather 2-part series, published in May 2003. ).

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