1st Time Sleepover Games


It Was One Time In Spring, And My Family Were Getting Ready For There Yearly Camping Trip With There Friends, This Year I Didnt Want To Go, I Got Sick Of Camping, So I Stayed At My Mates House For The Week, Before I Go Any Further My Name Is Ray, About 6ft, Skinny But Fit Blonde Hair, My Friends Name Was Josh, He Was Just About The Same Height Body Build, But With Brownish Gold Hair, Now Back To The StoryI Got The Useal Stuff That I Needed, Clothes, Toothbrush, Phone And Wallet, I Left And Said Bye To My Parents And Headed Off To My Josh's Place, When I Got There I Put Myself In His Room, We Watched Movies, Talked And Played Super Mario Bros 3 On SNES Which He Always Played, That Night We Were Playing Super Mario Bros 3 Verses Mode, He Was Pretty Good, But Sometimes Id Sneak In And Get In The Win, We Started To Get Bored So We Started Making BetsAfter Awhile The Bets Were Getting Boring, So We Turned Up The Heat And Josh Asked"How About This Bud, 1st Person Win 5 Rounds Wins And The Loser Must Do Something To The Winner"I Was Thinking If It Would Turn Stupid Or Fun, But I Was Bored As Shit So The Bet Was On And Made It Anything Goes, Within Reason Ofcourse, He Won 1st, He Sat There Thinking For Awhile, Minutes Later, He Says To Me"You Have Rub My Cock For 30 Seconds, But Outside My Pants"I Turned To Him Shocked "Fuck You Serious!" He Turns To Me And Nods Yes, I Look At Him, Then His Pants, Then Thought To Myself "Fuck Bets A Bet I Guess" So I Sat Next To Him And Rubbed His Soft Cock, He Seem To Enjoy It A Bit, He Started To Get A Hard On But Time Had Run Out, So The Next Bet Was On, But Before We Started, I Told Him That Whoever Loses Has To Give The Winner A Handjob For 30 Seconds, He Laughed And Said Your OnHe Won Again, I Knew He Was Good At This But Not This Good, So I Told Him To Lay Down And Pull It Out, So Josh Pulls It His Still Semi Hard Cock Out, I Shake My Head At Him And Slowly Move My Hand On His Penis, Id Watched And Wanked To Gay Porn But Never Thought Id Give Another Guy A Handjob, So I Gave Him His Prize, He Seemed To Enjoy It, Because He Became Full Erect To 7 Inches Of Hard CockI Kept On Losing And Continued To Give Him Handjobs And Rubbing His Balls, But This Time Was My Turn, I Knew I Was Gunna Win, I Told Him The Bet Was That The Loser Must Give A Nice, Wet Blowjob Until The Winner Says Stop, He Turned To Me And Said"You Havnt One A Single Bet, Are You Sure You Wanna Do This"No I Wasnt Sure, But The Thought Of Him Getting A Blowjob Would Hopefully Put Him Off, It Was A Close One, But I Finally Did It, I Fucking Beat Him, And Now He Would Have To Give Me A Blowjob Until I Was Told Him To Stop, He Dropped The Controller And Froze, He Was In Shock That I Beat Him, I Stood Up And Had My Crotch In His Face"A Win, And You Know The Bet Mate" I Said As I Was Dropping My Jeans As He Looks At My Bludge, I Was Only Semi Hard From The Excitement Of Getting A Blowjob, So He Pulls Down My Boxers And Stares At My Cock, Then He Slowly Opens His Mouth And Guides My Cock Into His Mouth, As Soon As My Cock Got In There Straight Away I Got Hard, My Nice 7 And A Half Inches Of Cock In My Mates Mouth, I Slowly Fucked His Face Thrustin My Cock In His Mouth, 5 Minutes Later, I Thought Id Let Him Breath And Try To Win The Last Round, We Each Thought Of A Bet And Decided We Would Tell After The GameI Knew He Was Playing His Hardest Cause He Went To The Kitchen And Got A Towel, It Was The Last Part Of The Game, And So Far It Was A Tie, Then Out Of Nowhere, He Gets Me, I Lost, I Dropped The Controller And Asked Him What His Bet Was, He Said Nothing, He Got Up Layed The Towel On The Bed And Told Me To Strip Naked, At 1st I Thought Is This Going To Be A Good Thing For Me, But I Was Wrong, Yet I Was Right The Same Time, He Layed Down Next To Me We Were Head To ToeThen He Started Sucking My Cock, While He Was Thrusting His Cock In My Mouth, I Didnt Expect It But I Enjoyed It, As His Saliva Dripped From My Cock, My Tounge Was Dancing With His Cock, We Both Sucked Each Other Off For So Long We Lost Track Of Time, He Stopped And Said To Me, 1st Person To Cum Gets To Cum In The Losers Mouth, He Made Another Bet, He Was Sucking My Cock So Good That He Even Sucked My Balls And Went Back To Suckin My Cock, It Felt So GoodI Knew I Was Gunna Win, I Could Feel The Cum Shoot Through My Penis And Just As I Was Bout To Shoot My Load, He Cummed In My Mouth, And Then I Cummed In His Mouth, Then We Collasped Back, Spat The Cum Out And Went To Bed, The Next Night We Did The Same Thing And Great Fun Doing It