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       I was 19yo, 5'7", 155lbs. I kept myself in really good shape. I had always enjoyed sex with girls but had always wanted to get fucked in the ass. It was strange because I did not find guys sexy. But seeing so many nice cocks in the boys lockerroom. I wanted one.
        I found the wonderful world of adult bookstores. Horny older men. Just wanting their cocks serviced. No hugging, kissing, game playing. Just service them, After acouple of mouth full of cum. Do to chickening out of taking it up the ass. I decide to just do it.
        Well. tonight  was the night. No matter what.

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   I made a quick round in the store when Mike walked in. Early 30ies, 6" slim. I knew he would be the lucky guy to pop my cherry. We quickly found booths that had the window where you can see one another. He had his 7" cock  out for my enjoyment. And before I knew it we were parked at a near by park. Leaning his seat back almost as fast as he took out his cock. He jacked off slowly as he made out that I was still new to this scene. Once I was ready I leaned down and took his cock into my mouth. I was working his cock pretty good wanting him to cum in my mouth. Man, I wanted to swollow his load so bad I could hardly wait. Then he pulled me away. He then asked if this is what I wanted. I just stayed quiet. My heart was pounding.

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    Scared to say anything. I heard him ask "Want me to fuck you up the ass?" I just looked at him. Then he sat up and started his car. " I know a nice place I can fuck you for your first time, O. K. ?'. "yes" was all I could say.
       He took me to a park outside of city limits. Led me down a path to a park bench. Now I was just on cruise control. Whatever he wanted I was going to do. "Here we are" he said "Take your clothes off" . My shirt was no problem but as I was pulling down my shorts and underwear. I felt like , sexy. Proud to show off my ass.

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   As I stood there naked for him. I felt like a scared schoolgirl. Mike just walked up to me. Reaching behind me and squeezing both of my ass cheeks. "Nice ass".   He then lowered me down to my knees. The cool breeze against my asshole encourged me to take all of his soft cock into my mouth. With in seconds he was rock hard again. Now, I was getting scared. His cock was more like 9" long and it seemed thicker than earlier.   "O. K. I'm ready" he said. He than led me to the table. I just bend over it.

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   "No, I want you to lay on top of it" Mike instructed me. So, I laid on my back on top of the tabled. Mike spread my legs opened and placed them over his shoulders. Man I really felt like alittle whore. Horny as hell.   Mike took his finger  and started to finger fucking me. Now this was a surprise. It did not feel good at all. It hurt and it was just 1 finger. Man, he just dug it deep inside of me. I just trying to relax. Thinking that it will feel good very soon. But it didn't. I was relieved when the took it out. He pulled me further off the table and pushed my knees to my chest.


   Just relax I said over and over to myself. As I felt his warm cockhead pressing against my asshole, to my delight my cock started getting hard. Harder and harder he pushed down. Man. it felt like a baseball was being shoved into my ass, Then there was a pop and the pain. My God it hurt like hell. And he was barely in. Man the pain was too much. "Please stop, please it hurts too much" I repeated over and over. Luckly he lowered my legs to ease the pain. But it hurt still and did not feel good at all. I just laid there stuck on this mans cock. Then I realized,  that this is what I wanted. A cock in my asshole. And now I have a nice big one in me.

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   I kept thinking about how bad I wanted it. I guess Mike could sense this and started slowly moving in and out. Going deeper and deeper with each stroke. Then I heard him groan as he finally got all of is cock in me. How, It still hurt but it also felt good. Mike some how manged to get on top on me. He was now driving his cock all the way in and all the way out. Man, it hust when he drove in.  It sent a very sharp pian into me. But felt so good when he was pulling out. Just as I was getting to enjoy his hot cock banging into me. His cock began to get bigger and bigger has he drove in harder and  harder. It was now too big for me to handle. With his last stroke he buried himself deep in me. That forced my first scream out of my mouth.

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   I could feel him cumming deep inside my stomach. It was nice and warm. The feeling of his laod made it all worth it. As he continued to release himself in me, I loved it. One last push and he was done.

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