Best Friends Turn Intimate Part 1


Hello, I am Brad, and because I know that you are not reading this to know about me, I will make the introductions nice and short.   Please keep in mind that this story is true, the names have been changed, but nothing is exaggerated or anything, its real. First of all, I am a tall guy, 6'2" to be exact, and I have an athletic build.   I have brown hair, brown eyes, and not to be cocky or anything, I look pretty good according to most.   The other person in this story is my friend Nathan, he is about the same build, but he has light hair, almost blond. This story is about a time my friend and I experimented with gay sex.   I had never been curious or anything, never even thought about what it would be like, but apparently he had.   We were about 16 at the time, at least I was, I think he was 17.   He came over to my house for the weekend, we lived far apart so sleep overs often lasted longer than one night. About 1 in the morning, we were both getting kind of tired and he was telling me about this porn site that he knew of where we could watch free videos.   So we decided to give it a try.   We went there, and watched a whole bunch of videos, just fast forwarding through them like any guy does.   I could feel my dick pulsing in my pants and I knew it was about time for me to "go to bed". He told me to let him show me a video and he took over the navigation controls.   He went strait to the gay section of the sight and at first, I thought he was kidding, but he proceeded to show me a video.   It was a guy jacking off to a web-cam and cumming all over his hands.

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    The guy had a pretty big dick, but not like bizarre big, nothing for that to be the reason for him showing me the video.   So I asked him what the deal was and he said "you just watched me jizz on my hand". Again, I thought he was kidding, but I recognized the room after he mentioned it and I knew it was him.   I didn't know what to say.   I knew I kind of liked watching it, but I had to act disgusted.   So I did, but to no effect, he could see the huge bulge in my pants where my cock was begging to be let free. Then he told me I might as well let it out since I already seen his.   I was extremely horny, and in pain, so I could find no fault in that.   I very nervously unbuttoned my pants and let it flop out.   Mine is pretty big also, about 7 inches, but not as big as his.   After it was out, I was surprisingly comfortable. Without hesitation, he pulled his shorts down and then completely off, letting his huge erection just pop out and point directly at me.   I was as horny as I have ever been, and it showed, my dick was pulsating up and down.   I sat down and wrapped my hand around it, trying to hide myself, but also trying to relieve some of the pressure.   He followed, sat down on my bed right next to me and just kept staring at mine.

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  I couldn't blame him, I kept looking at his also.   All kinds of thoughts were going through my head, mostly though was how bad I wanted to just touch it and jack him off.   I wanted to feel its girth in my hands.   "Just grab it" he said, as if he read my mind.   I didn't even think about it, I just did.   It was huge, I could barely get my fingers around it, I began stroking it, up and down, pre-cum flowed out in larger than life loads. I used it as lube, I could tell he liked it, his head went back and arched his back.   Before long, he lifted my hands and stopped me, guess he didn't want to explode that soon.   He grabbed mine and I was immediately in ecstasy.   I laid back on my bed and just let him do it.   It felt so great, his hands were incredibly softer than I imagined and felt hot to the touch. Then, without warning, I felt hips lips wrap around my head and his tongue started twirling around it.   No girl I had ever been with did anything that felt almost that good.   I was about to cum and he knew it.   I tried to warn him, but he just pushed me back down with his hand and put my cock deeper in his mouth.

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    I came in his mouth like never before, filling it completely.   He swallowed as much as possible, but some seeped out the side.   It has to be the most powerful orgasm I have ever experienced. I wasn't finished though, I sat up and pulled him back on the bed and forced him to lie down, it was his turn.   I first licked his cock, the head at first, and then up and down the entire length.   I tried to put it in my mouth but it was too wide.   I was able to get the head in though, and I used my hand to jack him off while his head was in my mouth.   I could feel him coming as he started moaning. He filled my mouth with his hot cum.   It was surprisingly not bad at all.   I swallowed every drop, and kept sucking for more.   By the time he was done coming, my dick was completely hard again, and if possible, harder than the first time.   Our night was long from over, but you will have to read part two for that. . .

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