best mate fucked


this is a short stort bit of it are true so enjoyit was like any other day my mate rang me and asked if i wanted to come up and chill so we did when i got their o one was home just him her shouted just takin a piss b out in a min so i went into his room and a mag was stickin out from unto his bed so i pulled it out and iside was gay pictures and men fucking small men with speach bubles sayin your my bitch and good boy my mate then walked in and said wat u doin i turned around and he said "o it aint mine its a mates im not gay i like girls" he was sweating and was bright red so i went over to him and said do u wanna fuck me he looked shocked we hav been mate for years and i am bi but nevr realy talked to him about lad only girls so when i said this it shocked him but the thing i was looking at was his bulge in his jeans so i cupped it and kissed him and at first he pulled away but after a when he ramed his toung down my throat then pushed me onto his bed and unziped his trousers so i took his dick into my mouth and sucked it dry the he said turn around so i did and he ripped my closes off and fucked my ass untill it was red then out of know were he pulled out and shot his load into my back then licked it off after he did this he said fuck my ass so i did untill i was about to come then he turned around and sucked my dick so i shot my load into his mouth and we swolloed it all down after that day we fuck on and off for month we did different thing like 69's and rimming but that first time was the best