Boys will be boys


I went around to see my friend and when I got there he was in his bedroom jackin himself off. We had done it before and as soon as I saw him I dropped my pants and joined him.
After a couple of minutes of jackin he asked me if I would like to fuck him. I had never seen it done or even thought about it before, jackin off was our favourite sport.
I said you mean fuck you up the bum and he said yeah – I really feel like I want to, I have this real urge to have it done to me.
As we talked we continued to wank ourselves.
I said if you like I will, but I don’t know if I want to have it done to me. He said that’s ok I just want to try it. I watched some porn last night and saw a couple of girls get it done and one guy actually had it done to him by one of them with a plastic strap on cock by one of the girls.
I said Ok if you really want me to, what happens if I cum. He said I want you to cum in my bum I want to see what it feels like.
We stopped wanking and got completely undressed like him. He had a bottle of baby oil which he told me to rub over my cock and around his ass hole.
Once he was all oily and my cock was covered in it he bent over and put his bum in the air for me to shove my cock into.
I got behind him and got my hands on the cheeks of his ass and pulled them apart and

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