My Best Friend


My best friend’s parents went on holiday for three weeks, but he didn’t want to go with them, so he stayed with me during the whole time.
After a few days of fun, at night he asked if he could use the shower. Sure, I said, but make it quick ‘cause I also want to shower.
After ten minutes I undressed in my room ‘till I was only wearing boxers and I walked inside the bathroom, where my friend was just coming out of the shower, seeming surprised to see me, but not a bit embarrassed when he noticed me looking at his dick.
I took my boxers off and walk past him into the shower cabin, he started toweling himself dry, and went back to my room.
When I was finished I walked back to where he was, with only a towel. He was lying on my bed, smiling as I entered the room. Drop the towel, he ordered, feeling uncertain what was going to happen, I decided to let him take the lead, and dropped my towel, unveiling my half-hard cock.
He pulled me towards him and started sucking me until his mouth was filled with my cum. Then I bent over leaning against the wall, and he frisked me, and finally inserted his 7” tool in my darkest regions, and pushed hard, so hard I felt like I was bursting, but then the pain turned to pleasure and just before he came, he pulled out of me and forced me to suck him off.
The next morning I woke up with my best friend lying against me and I French-kissed him to make sure he was awake, than I touched his dick and said he was the best friend I could ever have. He said he wasn’t sure, because he had another friend who was also very nice and pretty, he’d call him over tonight.
When his friend arrived, they kissed each other for a minute, so I felt excluded, but they walked towards the couch and started undressing, inviting me to do the same.
Then, I kissed my friend on the mouth and together we sucked his friend’s dick and swallowed his pearly white cum. His friend then leaned over on the couch and fucked him from behind, and my friend went in my ass again. We fucked around like this the rest of the night, and the rest of the three weeks.

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