My Best Friend's Homecoming


The walk from Penn Street to Candle Lane had made me anxious. I noticed that even now, as I waited for someone to answer the door, my hands were shaking. The door opened and I jumped slightly. "Oh, hello, Mrs. Adams. How're you?"The woman stepped aside and allowed me to enter. "I'm doing just wonderfully. It's so nice to see you, Larry," she said as she gave me a hug. I had always been a second son to her, ever since Mike had brought me home when we were sophomores in high school. "Mike is upstairs," she said as she let me go. "Thanks," I said with a smile as I began to make my way up the stairs. "Oh, Larry, would you like to stay for dinner?" Mrs. Adams asked me. "We're having stuffed peppers. I know you're a vegetarian, but I could stuff one with rice, would that be alright?""That would be great, thanks!" I yelled down to her as I continued up the stairs. The radio was blaring and it was easy to tell Mike was home.

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   I knocked on the door. Doubting he would hear my knock, I walked in and shut the door behind me. His room was hot and stuffy. Mike his ceiling fan on as well as another fan going, but I hardly noticed it getting any cooler. No wonder Mike had already taken off his shirt and changed into a pair of gym shorts. "Hey, Mike," I said as I manuvered around the room crowded with boxes. "Larry, what's going on?" Mike asked as he lowered the radio. "Sorry about the mess," He said as he got to his feet and tried his best to clear a space on his bed. "Have a seat. "I sat down and watched Mike scurry around the room in an effort to tidy things up. "Yea, really sorry about the mess," he repeated. "I don't know how I got so much shit. " He laughed and pulled his computer chair around so that he was facing me. "So, what's going on man?"I shrugged. "Same old same," I laughed.

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  "How's the pet store?" He asked. "It's good, I guess. " I shook my head. "Enough about me, how did you like your first year of college?""It fucking sucked," he huffed. "It's good to be home. ""It's good to have you home," I smiled. "Awww," he joked. "You missed me?""Shut up," I said as I rolled my eyes. "I think I am gonna get some ice cream, want some?" Mike asked. "No," I shook my head. "I think your mom is making dinner. . . ""I don't care, I want ice cream. " He said indignantly.

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   "I'll be back," he said as he went downstairs. While he was gone, I started to peek into some of his boxes. "Wow," I said as I opened one of his more private boxes filled with a half empty bottle of lube and a box of unused condoms. "I didn't get a chance to use the condoms," Mike laughed. "but the lube really spiced up my jerk off sessions. ""Oh!" I fumbled to put the lid back on the box. "I am sorry, I was just. . . ""It's cool," Mike said as he sat down in the computer chair again. "Want some?" He offered as he plunged the spoon into the bowl of ice cream. "Nah," I said, still blushing. "C'mon! It's organic, my mom got it from that new store. There's real fruit in here and everything. It's really good.

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  " He stuck his index finger into the ice cream and held it up to me. "Here, try some. "I shook my head, looking at his finger. He had to be joking. "Try it!" He demanded, pressing his finger to my lips now. "Alright," I said as I licked it off his finger. "What do you think?" He grinned. "Strawberry," I smiled. "I like strawberry. ""Yea?" Mike asked as he again put his finger into the ice cream. "Have some more. "I grabbed Mikes hand and slowly took his finger into my mouth, my tongue licking the ice cream off. "Mmm," Mike moaned. "You really like your ice cream, don't you?""Strawberry's my favorite," I shrugged. "I'm beginning to like it too," he grinned.

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   He tipped the bowl slightly so that the ice cream that was starting to melt dripped down his chest and onto his abs. "Fuck," he said with an innocent look in his eye. "I'm such a slob. ""I guess so," I laughed. He licked off some of the ice cream that had landed on his arm, all the while looking at me. "It's really good, Larry, you should try it. " He placed the bowl down on his computer desk. "You should really try it," he repeated. I walked over to where Mike was sitting. I dropped to my knees and began to lick away the ice cream. My tongue flicked around his nipples and I smiled as Mike moaned. "Mmm, make sure you get it all," He said as he folded his hands behind his head. I continued to go lower, lapping the ice cream off of his rock hard abs. "Is it good?""Very," I said as looked up. "All clean," I grinned.

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  Mike nodded, "You did a good job. " He looked down at his throbbing buldge and grabbed the bowl from the desk. "But, I think you missed a few spots. " Mike lowered his shorts slightly and poured some more. I watched as the ice cream dripped down from his navel and began to slowly travel downward, vanishing under his shorts. "I guess I did. "Mike cupped the back of my neck with his hand and pulled me closer. "Make sure you get it all, Larry" he grinned. "Every last bit. "I continued licking away the ice cream, my right hand rubbing his buldge. When I had reached his shorts, I looked up. "Keep going," He moaned. "I think there is still a little more. "Mike lifted himself so that I could pull off his gym shorts, revealing his rock hard cock. He was 7 1/2 inches and cut.

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   I wrapped my hand around his cock, laughing when he jumped. "Your hands are cold," Mike laughed. "I'm nervous," I admitted. "Don't be," he said as he ran his hand through my auburn hair. He rested his hand over mind and began to guide my hand slowly up and down the length of his shaft. "Mmm," he moaned. .