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I was 18 the first time I had been with a man. Some dont have as good of experiences but I decided that I wanted to tell mine. First things first a little about me. I am about 5 ft 7 and 120 lbs. So you can imagine I am a bit on the small size in stature, but not in other areas. But that I will get to later. I am nothing special, blonde hair a couple of inches long, baby blue eyes, and a nice rounded ass. But this is not what you are here to read. My first time, it couldnt have been any better. It was my freshman year in college and I was in my sexual studies class. I was placed into a group with a few other students so we had different points of views in our work. Now I come from a family where you grow up, get married (to a nice girl), and have babies. So all I knew was that point of view. THere was another boy in our class. A junior. He was openly gay and I found myself hanging on his every word when we started talking about our experiences and what sex was to us.

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   He was beautiful. Tall with chestnut colored hair and the steel grey eyes that could make someone blush if you were to be caught staring at them. Over the next few weeks I got caught with my cheeks motled many times. I found myself attracted to him, but in my mind it was wrong. As I said I came from you grow up, marry a nice girl, have babies. I found myself seated next to him one day. At one point I had leaned closer to hear what he was saying and our thighs brushed together. My cock hardened instantly and I jumped a bit. As he was speaking he turned to me and winked before he turned back to the others. After class just as I was packing my bag up he leaned close to my ear and asked if I would like to grab something to eat after class.   I was so stunned all I could do was nod my head. He said to meet him down by the parking lot after my last class and we would figure out where we were going. I spent most of my next class on edge and day dreaming. More than once a friend of mine in the same class would elbow me in the side and tell me to pay attention. It was just so hard.

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   I was so nervous. I ran many senario's through my head about what would happen. All with me chickening out and catching a bus home for the night and retrieving my car the next day. Class was over and I met him in the parking lot. . . so far so good no chickening out. He asked if I wanted him to drive or if I just wanted to follow. I said I would ride with him, no way to chicken out then. I got in his car and he headed out of the parking lot. We turned on some music and I found out he and I had similar tastes. We started talking about music. I noticed him driving away from town where all the resteraunts were and twards a residential area. I asked where we were going and he said his place, we could order in. He knew how I was raised and didnt want me to feel embarassed in public the first time out with a man. 

   I promptly turned bright pink and thanked him. We pulled into a set of apartment buildings and he parked his car. I got out wriging my hands in the pocket of my hoodie and steped up on the sidewalk close to him. He opened the main door of the building for me, I blushed again and he winked at me. Then he opened the second door and we headed for the elevator. The doors opened and we went in. He pressed the button for the 2nd floor and a moment later the doors closed. I was standing in the corner and he moved infront of me dipping his face down twards mine and placed a soft kiss on my lips. My heart skipped a beat when I felt the heat from his lips against mine. This was not my first kiss, but it was nothing like the girl I had been dating in high school. The kisses with her were forced and there was no reaction in my body. Come to think of it there were no reactions with her at all. I always had to think of other things when we were having sex. There was no enjoyment at all. Even the orgasms were some how cheapened.

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   But here with his lips pressed to mine, coaxing mine into a dance like none other I felt my body straining twards his. My cock lengthening and hardening in my jeans. It was amazing. My arms came up around his neck and I pressed my lips to his. Then I felt the elevator come to a shuddering stop. He broke the kiss grabbing my hands and leading me twards his apartment. We took a right out of the elevator and started down the hallway. Wow it seemed like it took forever to get to his doorway. He pulled his keys out and unlocked the door. He swung it open and pulled me through. He closed the door behind me and pushed me against it. He was a hairs breath away from my lips when he spoke. "I have dreamed of doing this to you since that first day in class. " His lips came against mine again this time with more ferver. My body lit up like a flame to the wick of a candle.

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   His hands came up to grab my cheeks for a moment before they moved downwards to my sides. He kneaded the flesh there then moved across my stomach. Every so often his hands would move teasingly lower making me suck in a breath. Each one of those audible gasps making him smile as he kissed me. His hand finaly found its way to my hardened cock. He pulled his lips back "Well now what do we have here?" He moved his hand over my cock a few times making my entire body shiver. Then he suprised me. He moved his body back and brought his arms around my mid section and lifted me up pushing my legs around his waist. He held me against the wall still ravashing my lips for a few more moments before carrying me with my legs around his waist down a small hallway and into his room. He laid me down on the bed. He laid himself out along my side and leaned his head down to nibble on my ear. He began to whisper "I know this is new to you so if I do anything you dont like tell me and I will stop,"  He had moved his head to look into my eyes as he said this. All I could do is nod. He smiled and rubbed a finger down his cheek. He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine again, this time while doing so he coaxed my lips apart and gently touched his tongue to mine, then began making lazy circles against mine with his as he brought a hand down to the waist band of my pants.

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   He unbuttoned them and then brought the zipper down. But instead of continuing on the path he was on he brought his hand up to lift my shirt. Kissing a trail up the flesh there til he lifted me to take the shirt off. He began kissing back down my chest til he moved from one nipple to the other. My cock was so hard it strained against my boxers begging to come out. His hand headed back down to running a knuckle across my cock. A moan escaped my lips. "That is it baby let me hear that you like what I am doing to you. Show me that you are enjoying my attention. " Another moan escaped my lips as where his hand was was replaced by his lips. Kissing and teasing me as moans escaped from my lips. My hips began moving up against him. He shifted so he was between my legs and he pulled my pants and boxers off. My cocking springing to attention as it was freed from its confinement. "How tasty you look baby.

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   Shal we see if you are or if it is all an illusion. " His left hand came up to wrap around my sensative balls. He then tugged me down til the tip was pressed against his lips. His tongue came out and licked the tip. He groaned low in his throat. "MMM you are tasty"  He then began sucking the tip in and out of his mouth like a popcicle. My hands moved to his hair as I began to grind up against him, my teeth grinding together. His arms came up under my thighs and held me in places as he slid up and down my thick shaft. He would take me all the way to the back of his throat and then groan against me. I was doing everything I could to move but he held me in place. Just when I thought I couldt take any more I felt my balls tighten and a rush of hot sticky cum was released into his mouth. He didnt miss a beat as he swollowed each and every drop. Groans spilling foreward, my hips pressed as far up as I could with his arms holding me in place. My breaths coming out ragged and harsh as he moved up my body to kiss my lips. " Like that did you?  You do taste as sweet as you look.

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    Are you ready for what comes next?"I looked him in the eyes, "I think I need a minute to recover from that. That was the most amazing thing I have ever felt. " He pulled me close as we lay there his hands roaming my body. I got brave and reached a hand out to touch him. I had never touched another man like this before. My stomach was all in knots as I used one finger to trail circles over his body. I moved my hand lower and lower til I reached his cock. Now I am no slouch but he was huge. I ran one finger down the length before I wrapped my hand around it as I would my own when masturbating. I began to move it up and down the way I liked. I looked up into his eyes, "Yes baby that is good, just like that. But let me show you another way since I am uncircumcised"  Be brought his hand down and moved mine to the head, the foreskin still covering it, then he slowly began moving it down but not as tight so the forskin moved right along with it. "See how the foreskin moves with your hand, that feels even better. "  I continued moving my hand up and down tugging the forskin as I went. I watched his face, a look of pure desire came into his eyes and showed in his features as I continued.

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   I moved my hand all the way down and it tugged the skin down far enough the head came out all the way. He sucked in his breath and laughed. I stopped. He placed his hand over mine and continued. "Its ok baby, just more sensative at the tip then you are, more tickelish. Your head is always exposed where as mine is always in its cave. "  He smiled and leaned down to kiss me again. His hand moved to my cock again and we were moving together as we ran our hands over each other. My head was swimming with extacy. But then he released me and moved down my body again. He slowly pushed at my hip pushing me over onto my stomach. He straddled my legs and began working my skin, massaging it. Up and down my back my buttocks, the tops of my legs. I was relaxing little by little. Then I felt his breath against my ass cheeks.

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   Slowly parting them and breathing against my tight anus before going back to massaging them again. Each time I felt the warmth of his breath I moaned. And then he parted them and I felt his tongue against the puckerd skin. I drew in a deep breath and let out a long moan. Shivers going up and down my spine. His tongue circling the flesh there and then going across it. Over and over again. I had never felt anything so good. It was all so amazing. I felt him move his arm between the bed and the wall and grasp something. I then heard a cap opening and he squirted someting onto his fingers. I felt him press his fingers against me and around my anus again. "Now baby if you want me to stop just tell me. I will go slow. " I rested my head on my arms and he continued.


   Slowly he massaged my anus and then I felt him slide one finger in. I felt my ass shifting to allow his finger. He got it all the way in and moved it around and around. Then he slid in a second finger. My cock was so hard, I began to move against the bed to relieve some of the pressure building in my cock. Then he pulled his fingers out and I felt something cold and hard pressing into me. Sliding in as his fingers did. He whispered softly to me telling me to let him know if it hurt if I wanted him to stop. But nothing could make me say stop. I was speachless from the pleasure. He continued moving the slim toy into my ass til it was all the way in. Then he turned it on. My whole body stiffened and I moved my ass up against the toy. I could feel the vibrations through out my ass and my cock. It was amazing.

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   I couldnt stop the sounds spilling from inside me. He moved the toy in and out. I began to pump myself meeting his thrusts. And then all of a sudden he stopped and he had me turn onto my back. That way he could see my face. He lowered himself as the toy was buzzing happily inside me and took my cock into his mouth and began making love to me with his mouth. Just when I thought I was gonna lose myself he stopped again and pulled the toy out. He grabbed the lube and added more to my sensative ass and then some to the tip of his penis. I lifted up on my elbows to watch. He brought my legs up and onto his shoulders. Then he parted my ass cheeks and pressed the tip to the fleshy opening. "Are you sure you are ready for this baby?"  "Yes please. I want you inside me. Please dont stop!"  He pressed the head in and my ass now used to something being inside accepted him right in. He moaned as he slowly pressed into me till he was all the way in.

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   He brought my legs around his mid torso so he could stay inside me as he leaned down to kiss me. Then leaned his lips to my ear. "Feel me inside you baby. Feel how you strech to accept my cock like it was made for you. Feel how we fit together, how perfect for me your body thinks I am. "  He grabbed one of my hands and brought it between us and pressed it against my cock. I wrapped my hand around it and began slowly pumping it up and down with his thrusts. "You feel so good around my cock baby. Like a glove of pure extasy. "  As he continued whispering in my ear I continued masturbating. It didnt take long and I was cumming but I noticed my ass spasming against the cock moving in and out of me. As my muscles spasmed against him I felt him beging to cum. His breathing got harder in my ear and moans came out with each spurt of sticky cum spraying inside me. When he was spent he pulled out of me and layed next to me gathering me close. I could feel his cum start coming out of me. 

   I closed my eyes my arms around him. "And that baby is how sex should feel. "   I fell for him right then and there. . . . .

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