Sean And I At A Friend's House


I was 16 at the time this story took place. Sean and I had been fucking for about 3 months now. Whenever our group of friends would get fucked up and crash at one of our houses, Sean and I would share a bed, usually in a seperate room. No one became suspicious of this because no one could remember the next morning who passed out where. Everytime we did this, we would jerk each other and suck each other off. We made a really fun game out of it called "Don't Spill the Cum". The point of the game was to get each other to cum and swallow it all and see who could swallow more so it wouldn't stain the sheets and give us away. I would always win. . . ;)
By this point in my life there was no doubt that I was gay. Gay is an understatement, cock-hungry homosexual slut was more like it. I would try to suck Sean's dick at any given chance, and I was really good at sucking cock by the time I was 16.  
Back to the story. So one day we spend the night at one of our friend's summer house. The house has an attic bedroom that is soundproof, so obviously Sean and I shared that one.

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   After plenty of drinking and smoking weed, we were all pretty fucked up by the time we got to the house. Everyone instinctively went their ways, and we went to the attic shower. Sean stripped me naked and then stripped himself and we both stepped into the shower. We started making out and stroking each other's cocks. Then Sean slowly worked kisses down my neck, nipples, naval and finally the grand prize. He kisses the head of my cock and licks the underside with the tip of his tongue. This drives me wild and he knows it! 
Sean then starts sucking the head very slowly, swirling his slick tongue around. Then he starts moving his head back and forth, his lips and mouth encircling and engulfing my cock and slowly releasing it. With each action, his lips form and close around my velvety wet head, which I love to see. He simultaneously is stroking his own hard cock. I can't take this anymore! I tell Sean to stand up and stick his ass up in the air. He grins seductively and obeys without a moment's waste. I start milking his cock and rimming his asshole. He twitches ever so slightly from the pleasure of a man's tongue. I then turn the shower off and prod his ass hole with my cock.

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   He takes the hint and moves to the bedroom while massaging my dickhead with his buttocks (I explained in my first adventure how he was very skilled at doing this). We reach the bed and Sean gets on all fours on top of the sheets and sticks his ass out seductively, swaying his luscious bottom ever so slightly. I then mount the bed as well and stick my now very sensitive cock slowly into his hole. Then I easily slide in, as after 3 months of ass fucking, his hole is much looser. I start to fuck him at a fast pace immediately. He loves and starts stroking his cock and saying sexy dirty things to me.
Sean starts yelling, "Yea, Jake! Fuck me with your hard cock!". He always starts yelling this when I'm hitting his g-spot. So I always fuck him faster and this time is no exception. I fuck and fuck until I push all the way into his ass and poke his prostate and he cums on the spot all over the bed sheets! I then pull out of his slippery rosebud and tell him to turn around. He does so and starts to deepthroat my cock like a sex-starved gay nymph! Then he sticks his finger into my ass and massages my prostate. This sends me over the edge and I cum so hard that I was afraid I bruised his throat. And I cum and cum and cum! He keeps wiggling his finger in my asspussy and sucking hard on my dickhead and swirling his tongue on the underside. I collapse and pass out just as he sucks the last of my sperm from my penis.  
I wake up the next morning with Sean's morning wood right in my face.

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   I somehow ended up at the foot of the bed, with Seans dick staring me in the sucker. So I lick all up and down his shaft and start stroking it. Sean is still asleep despite this. So I start pressure sucking his dick, and I push down extra hard with my tongue. He wakes up immediately and starts moaning like a man being pleasured right. I then suck his cock some more and deepthroat him like a pussy and fondle his balls while doing so. He starts to come in my mouth so I pull his cock out and let him spray his thick creamy ejaculation all over my face while catching some more with my mouth. He finally stops and I deepthroat him one moretime for good measure and start eating the cum on my face.  
Now that's a good healthy breakfast!