The Teacher 3


I headed to my classroom with my brief case in hand. I felt so tired from last night. My latest conquest had me worn out from last night. My dick twitched just thinking about the things we did last night. I hadn't worked on any other boys since i won him over. I yawned deeply as i placed my brief case on my desk. As i flicked the latches of my briefcase open i heard someone clear their throat. I looked up to find Demetrius (one of my math students) sitting in a desk in the middle of the classroom. "A little early for class aren't we Demetrius" he smiled as i traced his lips with my eyes.
He was a good looking boy despite all his peircings and crazy hair. He was an average build his hair was died blonde at the top leaving the bottom his natural brunette. He had a labret peircing and when he laughed his tounge piercing could be seen as well. He also had three eyebrow peicings on his left eyebrow. Below his peirced brow he had hazel eyes that made him look so much sweeter then his "look" implied. He chuckled and replied to me " only for you, you know your my favorite teacher!" i shook my head, chuckled and said "since when? you barely come to class and when you do, you sleep through my entire lesson!" at this comment he looked down at his desk fiddling with his notebook, " I. .

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  . . I know i havent been the best student in the world but im gonna try now" i looked at him a smirked then commented " dont try that pity bullshit on me cause it definitely doesnt work.
It's almost the end of the year why are you just coming to me now! i can see right through you, you dont really wanna learn, you are simply wasting my time!" I took a deep breathe so alleviate my anger. He rose up out of his seat and began walking in my direction. He licked his dry pierced lip and said " Okay, so maybe i dont really have the intention of being a model student, honestly i just wanted to get a little closer to you. " i was a little taken aback and by this time Demetrius was directly in front of me. His body was so close to mine and i could feel my body begin to react to his sweet smell. He carressed my chest and continued speaking" you know i heard about some of the things you have been doing with the other boys and i must say im kind of jealous.
I have always had the hots for you and until now figured i had no chance in hell to get with you. But now that i know your interested in guys i wont stop until i feel you inside me. " With this his hand slid from my chest to my hardening cock. I wasn't used to boys coming on to me this strongly. I blushed a little and pulled myself away from him a bit. I asked him "what exactly did you hear about me and the other boys and how many people know?" He stepped closer to me again still groping my dick through my pants.

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   He began kissing and nibbling on my neck the making his way to my ear. He whispered " I over heard another classmate talking about how you broke him in. How he confessed to you and you fucked his brains out, now he is addicted to the cock. I figured if you fucked him so good then i definitely want to give you a shot!" I was more arroused then every by him simply mentioning my past conquest. I finally gave into him when his hand slid my zipper down and pulled my cock out through my boxers.
He swiftly slid to his knees taking my cock into his mouth I gasped and let my head fall back as i leaned against my desk. His pierced tounge gently worked its way up and down my hard cock. He took more of me inside his mouth with each stroke of his hand. He slowly slid my entire cock down his throat and while rubbing my balls with his hand he slowly slid off, stopping at the head. He twirled his tongue around my dick head forcing precum to layer his tongue. I gripped the edges of the desk overtaken with pleasure. I never thought how good a peirced tongue could feel. My hands slid to the back of his head pushing my dick further down his throat.
Groaning, i began to fuck his face hitting the back of his throat. After many strokes he began to gag.


   I pulled out and pulled him to his feet. I kissed him deeply sliding my tounge into his youthful mouth. I undid his pants as he unbuckled mine. We both stepped out of our pants and then his shirt. I began to suck on his nipples while stroking his cock. He moaned and mumbled "mmmm yes thats it play with my cock teach" It turned me on the most being called teacher while playing, i turned him around and pushed him face down on the desk. I spread his cheeks and gazed and is cute rosebud. I slid my tongue over it teasing it with light pressure. I trailed my tongue down to his balls, i rubbed and played with them taking each one into my mouth and sucking on them gently. I slid my tounge back up to his anus and put a little more pressure on this time.
He arched his back more groaning as he stroked his cock. I slid my tongue in his hole. I started tounge fucking him, slowly at first but i quickly began to speed up my tongue as i gripped his plump little ass. The classroom was filled with the sound of smacking as he jerked his cock off. My face was burried in his ass and my hand began stroking my own cock.

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   I was so ready to fuck this little punk boy's ass. I continued eating the boys ass until i felt his body stiffen and then shudder. He let out a whimper and i pulled my pace away. I could see from the white smudge on my desk that he had came. I smiled and as i reached for my drawer with my baby oil i said " well dont you have a slutty body! Cumming for me so quickly im flatered" I coated my fingers and my cock in baby oil. I massaged his hole with my fingers fucking him with them untill he was open enough for me to enter.
I take my slick oily cock in hand and began pushing it into his whole. It slides in rather easily and quickly. He definitely wasn't a virgin. I smiled because with this one i didnt have to be gentle. I shoved my cock in his ass fucking him roughly, he groaned fucking back jsut as hard, i knew he was going to be a good fuck. I was fucking him as hard as i could as we collided i was getting closer and closer to cumming. I gripped his shoulders and closed my eyes. Just as i was about to peak i was rudely interrupted by the bell. I quickly pulled out of him and we both scrambled to get our clothing back on.

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   With my sleave i wiped his cum off the desk. Slightly fustrated i looked up at him and commented "Shit at least one of us got to cum" i frowned and he smiled he gave me a quick kiss on the lips and began to head for the door, i yelled out " what, your not staying for math class" he turned around and winked then said, " maybe next time teach" He pushed the door open and was gone. I grabbed a napkin out my desk and wiped the sweat from my forehead as students began to fill the class. Upset because i wasnt able to release my cum, i slowly and begrudgingly made my way to my car.
Waiting there for me was Demetrius. He had changed his clothing and was wearing a tight band shirt and some relaxed fitted jeans. He had on a couple wristbands and i could see a hint of his peirced belly button. I was more then happy to see him again. He leaned off my car as i approached and said " would you like to finish what we started earlier?" i nearly jumped out my pants this boy had some kinda spell on me. He wasnt my usual type and yet some how i want him more and more . I pull him to me and kiss him deeply, i tell him to get into the car as i walk around the other side. I back out of the parking spot and head to a nearby motel. I get a room and take him upstairs. The moment i open the door he is all over me. He kisses me on my neck and down my chest as he unbuttons my shirt.

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   He licks and sucks on my nipples as he pulls my shirt away from me.
Next he takes off my pants, turns me around and pushes me on the bed. He strips in front of me and from here i get a better look at his body. His nipples are a bright pink and his skin is very pale. Tatoos decorate his chest and arms and right below his navel. He takes off his pants and his 7 in. penis pops out. His cock was rock hard and bright pink at its tip. He climbes ontop of me and begins to kiss me deeply. He slides his tongue in my mouth as he rotates his hips grinding our cocks together. I moan into his mouth as he continues to kiss me. His fingertips gently massage my earlobes. I close my eyes as i gyrate my hips to match his. I feel overwhelmingly good and enveloped in pleasure.
He breaks the kiss and asks me " You wanna fuck this tight as dont you teach" I eagerly nod as he positions my dick between his ass cheeks.

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   He spreads his cheeks and slowly pushing my cock inside him. After he gets all of me inside is anus he slowly begins to fuck himself on my cock. Soon his slow movements get quicker. My hands grip and smack his ass as he bounces up and down on my cock. My toes curl as i thrust upwards meeting his movements. He bends over and slides his tongue in my mouth again while i thrust into him more urgently. I get faster and faster as his tongue explores every part of my mouth untill im overcome with a wave of pleaser. I give him one more good thrust untill i finally fill his ass with my cum. He gives his dick a few good jerks and then cums on my chest,chin and face.
He collapses ontop of me and we remain that way for what seems like forever. My soft cock slides gently from his as as he rolls over and curls up next to me. He looks up at me with those innocent hazel eyes and says " you are as good of a fuck as  they say you are teach" with that he closes his eyes and we both drift off to sleep.